peter behren

PETER BEHRENS, Eduard-Müller Crematory, Hagen, Germany, 1905-08

PETER BEHRENS, Dome Hall of Farbwerke Hoechst, Frankfurt/ Main, Germany, 1921-24

PETER BEHRENS, National Automobil Community (Peter-Behrens Bau), Berlin-Oberschöneweide, Germany, 1914-17

Y’know how pets also linger on the mortal plane for their owners? Where do they go? Bug the reapers of course. 

Basically, headcanon that Yeo actually has a ton of pets, all with adorable names. (He can remember all of them, no matter how strange). Other headcanons: Shin finds it difficult to befriend others/more unwilling to befriend others due to the expectation that they’ll leave him behind (Yeo is kind of the exception since he’s undead anyway). These kitties kind of want to stick around with Yeo so they’ll stick around with Shin too. Up to them if they decide whether or not to move on with their owners.

The name Shin wrote down is his own btw. The other names in the temple are fake Kim family members (but they’re there in canon). Shin needs friends that can be by his side <3

How do you draw ghost cats

This is a quickie because I’m bored of my essay on Peter Behrens ehuhenvld