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“Peter”, a (too) short film based to the Regis Loisel’s work. Let’s see Peter Pan in a other way.

I love it. 

why didn’t you say so in the first place

In which Alice and Jasper send Peter and Charlotte to go witness for Renesmee.

Jasper: Hey we need a favor

Jasper: Can you guys run eight hundred miles to our house in Forks?

Jasper: Edward just got married to a human but accidentally got her pregnant and now I have this weird hybrid niece-in-law who was born with a full set of teeth and Irina is mad at us because some werewolves killed her true love so she ran to the Volturi and told them we have an immortal child so now they’re coming to kill us all so we need you to come witness for us that she’s not a monster who needs to be killed. I mean I won’t be there myself since we’ll be vacationing in South America but we need all the help we can get because you gotta admit it looks bad. It’s not like you have to stay and die with the family, just witness, although I would remind you that I’ve saved your butt ten times whereas you’ve only saved mine eight times so please.

Charlotte: … No?

Peter: Good grief the animal blood is driving him crazy faster than I thought.

Jasper: Look I’ll probably be dead in a couple weeks so I’ll bequeath my new Ducati to you guys you do this.

Peter: okay

UR HEAD IS MINE, is a meeting of bodies for nights of revenge.

An intimate summer performance series that brings together [ gay and_or brown and_or fluid ] artists for nights of actions fueled by frustration. This is a takeover of spaces that we have historically been excluded from. We want to create an environment that facilitates the gathering of our communities, and a platform to voice our collective disillusionment with the systems we operate within. This is four (4) intensive weeks with no theoretical parameters, just our bodies at play.





screaming matches


planetary retrogrades




- Gathering in the places that don’t want us

                                            can’t stand us

                                                   can’t take y'all nowhere.


Regarding We're Fucked

Nine months ago I wrote a review of peterbd’s book We’re Fucked for HTMLGiant. I now regret writing that review and want to apologise for it.

When I first read Janey Smith/Steven Trull’s ‘Fuck List’ (which inspired the book) I perceived it as humorous due to the number of people included in it. At that time it seemed to me that Smith/Trull was using ‘I want to fuck this person’ as a metaphor for ‘I admire this person’s art’. I was happy to see my name on the list because I perceived my inclusion as recognition for my writing. I thought that the length of the list was a positive because it showed Smith/Trull was being inclusive in his support of writers.

My reading of the list was entrenched in privilege. Even if it was a metaphor that did not stop it from being harmful. Sure, the list was inclusive but I didn’t consider that what it was including people in was something that they wouldn’t/didn’t want to be included in. I was unaware of Smith/Trull’s history as a sexual abuser and rapist. That knowledge changes my perspective on the list, and the book inspired by it. What’s more, even if Smith/Trull was not an abuser people would be completely justified in not wanting to be included in these documents.

I believe that everyone should have been asked for consent and shown proofs before being included in this book. I was aware that I was being included. I didn’t realise that many of the subjects were not aware of their inclusion. If I had been more vigilant I would have realised. I should have been more vigilant and I should have realised.

In my review I wrote the phrase “Everybody cums” as a way of praising Smith/Trull’s inclusiveness. I am now disgusted by that sentence. I also wrote the sentence “This book is good.” I was wrong. This book is not good. I regret that I promoted it. I am glad that it has been pulled by Plain Wrap. I apologise to the people that my review was insensitive towards and I stand behind the victims of Smith/Trull and others’ abuse.

Currently I am focused on educating myself by reading as much as I can about these issues. I am doing my best to help by being supportive towards the victims of abuse who have come forward and signal boosting their posts.

peter bd says i am his god and emailed me this.

mbt should be your god

mbt is a giving god

mbt is a willing god

mbt is a strong god

mbt is not a paranoid schizophrenic god (can’t really vouch for this one though)

mbt is a fun god

mbt is a tidy god

mbt is an empathetic god

mbt is the type of god who’d roll you a fat one

can’t get more empathetic than that

mbt is an honest god

mbt is a mysterious god

mbt is a stylish god

mbt is a slightly crazy god which is important because everybody knows that slightly crazy muhfucas are the best to hang with

mbt is not a standoffish type god

mbt is not a ‘match his shoes with his socks’ type god

mbt is not an 'even if you did not commit murder, you are still an accessory to murder so i’m calling the cops’ type god

this god aint no snitch

this god aint no sellout

this god aint lame you guys

this god is a very funny god

this god is the kind of god you’d feel save to watch your kids

this god is the kind of god you’d feel save banging your daughter who is over 21

mbt is a god

an awesome god

the supreme god

the god of all gods

he’s the kind of god that would forgive you for your sins via gchat

jesus christ aint never forgave my sins via gchat

see, mbt should be your god. amen 


it’s kind of weird how accurate an anonymous internet presence can be about  everything. 

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girlfriend: i’m the biggest matthew sherling fan in this relationship!

boyfriend: are you kidding me? the only reason i’m still in a relationship with you is because i like to gloat about being a bigger lover of matthew sherling to your friends and family! 
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husband: but why do you always talk down to me? wife: will you stfu. stop standing there and get me my laptop so i can read the cutty spot before i cook dinner 
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boyfriend: i’m sorry for reading your advanced copy of matthew sherling’s new novel without asking first  girlfriend: don’t wanna hear it 
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sister: you’re the one who reblogged something from the cutty spot when i wanted to reblog it first  brother: well you’re the one who didn’t tell me matthew sherling had a tumblr in the first place 
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boyfriend #1: will you ever forgive me for going to matthew sherling’s reading without you? boyfriend #2: never 
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wife: matthew sherling is san francisco’s best poet! husband: i know! i’m the one who bought you his first chapbook! daughter: parents suck lol
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employee: you didn’t have to bash me over the head with a painting boss: that’s what you get for telling me that you don’t know who matthew sherling is!!!!!
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husband: but why were you out on a date with matthew sherling last night? wife: don’t worry about it. i want a divorce kids: does this mean we get to chill with matthew sherling on weekends?
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these two haven’t spoken to each other for days due to matthew sherling turning down appearing at their reading series in georgia. they blame each other 
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girlfriend: it’s not that serious honey  boyfriend: you admiring a picture of matthew sherling on twitter is a big fucking  deal!
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friend #1: how come all these objects are from the past is the best fucking poem of all time  friend #2: ok chill out bro, i actually agree with you
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daughter: i wish matthew sherling was my dad