peter bang

  • Peter: I made tea.
  • Tony: I don't want tea.
  • Peter: I didn't make tea for you... This is my tea.
  • Tony: Then why are you telling me?
  • Peter: It's a conversation starter.
  • Tony: That's a lousy conversation starter.
  • Peter: Oh, is it? We're conversing. Checkmate.

Wade: Okay. Oh, boy, we’re just married to a couple of ballbusters, huh, Barnes?

Bucky: That’s my husband and son you’re talking about.

Wade: Great couple of guys.

Bucky: I wouldn’t go that far.

Flash: *throws open the door*

Flash: So you two ARE having sex!

MJ and Peter: *sitting on the bed, reading books*

MJ: We are? Peter, why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve put down my book.

MJ: When you said you’d do ‘magic in bed’, this isn’t exactly what I was ex- 

Peter: *holds up eight of hearts* Is this your card? 

MJ: *softly* Holy shit.

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Quill: So, anyway, there’s this big, uh, rock and mineral show next week in Santa Monica.

Tony: Listen, um, Peter, before you say anything else, I, I have a boyfriend.

Quill: Oh. This is awkward. You thought I was gonna ask you to go with me to the mineral show.

Tony: Weren’t you?

Quill: Yeah.

Tony: That’s very nice of you, but I do have a boyfriend.

Quill: That’s what you all say. You just don’t want to go out with me because I have an off-putting personality.

Tony: No, that’s not true. My boyfriend has an off-putting personality, too. Like, way worse than you.

Quill: Don’t worry. I’m used to it. I mean, I’m big and weird and funny-looking and no one ever wants to do anything with me.

Tony: Don’t say that.

Quill: It’s okay. I know I’m a monster.

Tony: No, Peter, come on. I’d love to go to the mineral show with you.

Quill: Sweet. It’s a date.

Tony: No, it’s not.

Quill: Too late.

hoobert-deactivated20170416  asked:

Since you are sick (and I hope you get better soooon) I thought I should tell you how much I freakin-frack love your art and your art style. Its. All. So. Wonderful. And as a suggestion for what to draw I have literally had this idea FOR EVER. And I don't know if anyone has ever thought of this but in my eyes it's PERFECT. Okay. Okay. But just imagine. Hinata. As Peter Pan. If you hate it that cool but YACHI COULD BE TINKERBELL OR WENDY OR KAGS COULD BE WENDY AND

Thank you very much! And thank you for this suggestion - I was very taken with it <3 Hinata makes the cutest Peter Pan! I was going to draw more of him but then my brain kinda went ASDFGHJKL; SEIJOU MERMAIDS and short-circuited…


@hazirart and I also did a collab together for @bookdancerfics Spideytorch Big Bang Fic The Long Road Home

Each one of us did one lineart and coloured the lineart of the other (hazir’s lineart is the one on top, mine’s bottom) 

As you can see, hazir is just FRIGGIN AMAZING at colouring! Seriously, just take a look at this, the colouring is just so awesome, isn’t it? It’s so vibrant (๑♡⌓♡๑) Also, look at how expressive the faces in hazir’s lineart are!

I’m really so happy I got the chance to do this collab \(^o^)/

Tony: Oh, good, Cap’s here. 

Bucky: [astounded] Good? 

Steve: Tony, what’s going on? 

Tony: What’s going on is you and Bucky are my moving men, and Peter is my new landlord, and I don’t have enough money to pay any of you. 

Steve: Is he suggesting what I think he’s suggesting? 

Quill: Yep. Welcome to the Penthouse Forum! 

Bucky: OK, Show of hands, who’s up for this? 

[Only Quill raises his hand]

Steve: We’ll all be in naked in front of each other. 

Quill: I’m out.