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Wade: Okay. Oh, boy, we’re just married to a couple of ballbusters, huh, Barnes?

Bucky: That’s my husband and son you’re talking about.

Wade: Great couple of guys.

Bucky: I wouldn’t go that far.

hoobert-deactivated20170416  asked:

Since you are sick (and I hope you get better soooon) I thought I should tell you how much I freakin-frack love your art and your art style. Its. All. So. Wonderful. And as a suggestion for what to draw I have literally had this idea FOR EVER. And I don't know if anyone has ever thought of this but in my eyes it's PERFECT. Okay. Okay. But just imagine. Hinata. As Peter Pan. If you hate it that cool but YACHI COULD BE TINKERBELL OR WENDY OR KAGS COULD BE WENDY AND

Thank you very much! And thank you for this suggestion - I was very taken with it <3 Hinata makes the cutest Peter Pan! I was going to draw more of him but then my brain kinda went ASDFGHJKL; SEIJOU MERMAIDS and short-circuited…

Quill: So, anyway, there’s this big, uh, rock and mineral show next week in Santa Monica.

Tony: Listen, um, Peter, before you say anything else, I, I have a boyfriend.

Quill: Oh. This is awkward. You thought I was gonna ask you to go with me to the mineral show.

Tony: Weren’t you?

Quill: Yeah.

Tony: That’s very nice of you, but I do have a boyfriend.

Quill: That’s what you all say. You just don’t want to go out with me because I have an off-putting personality.

Tony: No, that’s not true. My boyfriend has an off-putting personality, too. Like, way worse than you.

Quill: Don’t worry. I’m used to it. I mean, I’m big and weird and funny-looking and no one ever wants to do anything with me.

Tony: Don’t say that.

Quill: It’s okay. I know I’m a monster.

Tony: No, Peter, come on. I’d love to go to the mineral show with you.

Quill: Sweet. It’s a date.

Tony: No, it’s not.

Quill: Too late.


AU where the Marauders are in a rock band and Sirius, the spotlight guitarist, is secretly dating Remus, the mysterious bassist.

They’re not a huge band, but they always have a few gigs a month. They perform in pubs and bars. James, the singer, makes the audience swoon with his messy hair, either beautifully loose or in a top knot, and his movements around the small stages, winking at the girls watching. Peter, the drummer, bangs away, offering a backbone to the music. He gets a few solos per night and he always recieves standing ovations. 
But the real chemistry is between Sirius and Remus. Remus, his brownish blond hair covering his eyes, often plays in a corner, but Sirius joins him and the spotlight turns to them, back to back. If they’re not playing a huge audience, they kind of grind together, or Remus holds Sirius’ guitar during a solo and Sirius attempts to play in that weird position. If they’re not in the same spot, they’re always facing each other, Remus looking up from his bass to smirk at Sirius. That makes Sirius miss a note.

Quill: So, other than you taking your relationship to the next level with another guy, this was nice! 

Tony: Yes, well, thanks for seeing me to my door.

Quill: Oh, you’re welcome.

[Knocking from inside Tony’s apartment]

Bucky: Tony! Tony! Tony! Let’s wrap things up out there! 

Tony: Umm… Good night Peter!

Quill: Good night! 

[They hug]

Bucky: Take a hint Star Lord, the fella said good night! 

Spideytorch Big Bang 2017 Signups Open June 1st!

Announcing the second Spideytorch Big Bang! We’re excited and we hope you are too.


The goal of a Big Bang challenge is for authors and artists to team up and collaborate to create a story and a work of art that go together. Authors will write a fic, and artists will claim the work they want to illustrate based on summaries. Authors and artists will then be put into contact with each other and will work together as a team to finish their projects.


This challenge is for works centering around the pairing of Johnny “Human Torch” Storm and Peter “Spider-Man” Parker from Marvel.


Signups for both authors and artists will open on June 1st


Since this is our second year, we’ve updated the rules a little:

  • Our minimum wordcount is 15,000. There is no maximum wordcount.
  • All works must focus on the relationship between Johnny Storm and Peter Parker. Any continuity or setting goes, be it comics, movies, cartoons, or a complete AU. Go wild.
  • We accept both digital and traditional artwork. Artists must complete at least two pieces for their claimed fic, although they are of course welcome to create more than the minimum.
  • You may, if you wish, sign up as both an author and an artist until June 30th, after which we will only be accepting new artist sign-ups.
  • The SpideyTorch Big Bang is for new complete works only. If part of your story has appeared on Ao3 previously, it is not eligible. Using a fic you’ve already started writing is fine, as long as no significant part of it has been published online. You may write a sequel for a pre-existing fic as long as the sequel can be read as a standalone – ie, your artist will not have to read the original work to illustrate the one they claim.
  • To participate, authors must have an Ao3 account. You will be responsible for the posting of your story to the SpideyTorch Big Bang Ao3 collection. If you do not have an Ao3 account, you can request one here.
  • If you claimed a posting date last year but failed to post your work after multiple warnings, you will not be eligible to participate in this year’s Spideytorch Big Bang. There is no penalty for having dropped out before drafts were due.

The Schedule 2017

  • Author signups: June 1-June 30
  • Artist signups: June 1 – October 8
  • Drafts Due: October 8. Drafts must be 80% complete with an ending clearly outlined.
  • Artist Claims: October 14
  • Posting Begins: November 13

There will be more information on how to signup as we get closer to June 1st.

Your mods are @traincat and @titanstogetherr. If you have any questions, shoot us an ask here or e-mail us at

Thank you and have fun!

Lord of Thorns (Chapter Seven)

Wade just doesn’t stand a chance against the sheer amount of charm Peter has. And Peter is falling in love as well. Almost edited most of this out because OH MY GOD it is fluffy enough to choke you, but I LOVE IT!
So I hope you guys do too :)


Enjoy :)
Somehow, breakfast together became a regular thing, and sometimes Wade made pancakes, other times Peter woke up early and had food waiting. At first they didn’t talk at all, sitting on opposite sides of the big table, and Peter always had a book to read, so Wade just watched him as he ate, content to stare at the beautiful boy from under his hood.

But then one day, Peter started reading aloud from the book, his voice soft and full of awe reading whichever story had caught his attention. Wade had shrugged and made a comment about how he saw the hero of the story as selfish, and Peter’s pretty mouth had dropped in shock, and he came back with a scathing retort before realizing what he’d said. Wade had been so surprised at the vehement reply that he all he could do was laugh, and after an awkward moment Peter started laughing as well. It became a habit then, Peter reading from his book and then they would talk about it for a few minutes, comparing their favorite parts, or arguing good naturedly about certain characters.

Every day they talked a little more, every day Peter smiled a little more, and Wade found it harder and harder to keep his distance, harder and harder to keep himself closed off.

One morning, maybe three weeks after the fight with the wolves, Wade noticed that Peter was re-reading a book for the third or fourth time. “Do you like that book more than the others?” he asked, and waited a beat. “Peter?” he said, a little louder and the boy jumped, startled from his chapter.

“Sorry.” he smiled and Wade hated how that made him warm inside. “Um, yes, I like it alright. Fairy tales aren’t really what holds my interest, but I’ve read the others so many times, I thought I’d try this one again.”

“Did you bring them with you? The books?”

“No.” Peter’s cheeks tinged a little pink. “I found them one day when I was exploring the castle. I hope you don’t mind me taking them. They were dusty and I figured no one else was reading them so–”

“Of course I don’t mind.” Wade mumbled, and Peter smiled again before going back to reading. Wade watched him surreptitiously for a few more minutes.

“Come with me.” Wade made a sudden decision and pushed his chair back from the dining room table, crossing the room to where Peter sat, hand out.

Peter just glanced up from his book curiously. “Where are we going? You didn’t even finish your food.”

“Come on.” Without even thinking about his actions, Wade clasped his big hand around Peter’s wrist and started tugging on him, but Peter cried out and jerked away so fast he fell backwards out of his chair, hitting the ground hard.

Wade scrambled back several steps, folding his arms over his chest and dying inside because Peter had jumped like Wade’s touch burned and that nearly killed him. He had thought they had moved past Peter being scared of him but fuck he had almost screamed feeling Wade’s hands on him.

“I’m so sorry.” Peter jumped to his feet. “I didn’t mean to pull away like that. That wasn’t about you. I’m–” he closed his eyes and tried to pull himself together. Wade had grabbed him and all Peter could think of was Harry putting his hands on him, and had reacted before he could think.

“That wasn’t about you.” He repeated, softer this time, because Wade’s shoulders were hunched, his face hidden even farther beneath the hood of his ever present cloak.

“I shouldn’t have touched you. I don’t know what I was thinking.” Wade mumbled and withdrew a little more.

“No.” Peter shook his head. “No it’s fine. Just a bad memory and I reacted too quickly. It wasn’t you, it wasn’t.” He moved closer. “Please.” He held his hand out, waiting, wanting him to try again, but Wade turned and fled the room instead.

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My contribution to the other Big Bang I signed up for; the @spideytorchbigbang in which I worked together with the incredible talented titanstogetherr. My art is to her beautiful, hilarious and just awesome fic Lost Without You.

Thank you for working together with me!

so this song came on at work last night, and maybe i’m just still obsessed with the symbolism and brandy but i have a lot of feelings for songs about lovers and the sea?? especially when they choose love over the sea so HA take my disgustingly sappy ramblings

It should probably be concerning, Gamora thinks, that she finds the sight of Peter brushing his teeth in the loose sleep clothes he likes, his hair still a singed, tousled mess from the battle earlier, incredibly attractive to the point that it sends disgusting warm feelings swelling in her heart. Not that she minds the warmth, of course, but such feelings signify bigger, heavier things she’d rather not deal with.

Then again, she thinks, watching him splash water on his face – she is currently in his bed, dressed in her own sleep clothes and half-buried beneath the blankets. She’s probably passed the point of a losing battle a long time ago.

She stops her musings to watch in amusement as Peter bangs his knee against the bedside as he makes his way back to her, cursing lightly. He may be a hopeless fool, but he’s her hopeless fool, and there she goes with the warm feelings again. 

Peter pauses briefly to fiddle with the controls, bringing the room’s lights to a dim glow while he taps his side absently, humming the snatches of a song under his breath. With a final swipe at the controls, he turns to her, and the humming finds its way into words. “Somewhere, beyond the sea, somewhere, waiting for me,” Peter sings, his voice just quiet enough not to disturb the others. “My lover stands on golden sands, and watches the ships that go sa-iling.”

It’s a song she’s never heard before, likely one Peter’s recently discovered on the Zune. She has only Peter’s voice, warm and steady, to set the rhythm, so she’s not sure what kind of song she’s hearing – genre is important, Peter’s told her. But he sings slow and lilting, the tunes lyrical in a way that reminds her of Brandy. The lyrics themselves are reminiscent of the ill-fated Brandy, and her faithless sailor who abandoned her for the sea, which makes it a strange song for Peter to be singing to her.

“Somewhere, beyond the sea, she’s there watching for me,” Peter continues, his voice dipping as he bounces on the bed next to her, finding his way back beneath the tangled blankets. “If I could fly like birds on high, then straight to her arms I’d go sa-iling.”

Disregarding the clearly Terran-based lyrics, Gamora shifts over to make room for him, blankets rustling as he settles behind her. Almost immediately his arms come up to wrap around her, pulling her close in a familiar motion Gamora doesn’t resist.

“It’s far, beyond a star, it’s near, beyond the moon. I know, beyond a doubt, my heart will lead me there soon.”

“Paradoxical lyrics,” Gamora murmurs, and she hears Peter’s smile in his voice.

“We’ll meet, beyond the shore, we’ll kiss just like before,” Peter presses his face against her hair, the next lyrics soft where they reach her ears. “Happy we’ll be, beyond the sea, and never again, I’ll go sailing.”

A smile tugs its way across her mouth, and Gamora sighs, flipping neatly so that she’s facing him, leaving her head to rest against his chest. Her arms come up to rest lightly across his back, and she feels him rest his chin on the top of her hair, neatly tucking them together. Peter is still humming in her ear, his arms leaving her the kind of warm that’s impossible to find in space, and she makes a mental note to remember this particular song for later. It sounds like it would be a good one to dance to.

“No more, no more sailing.”