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My contribution to the other Big Bang I signed up for; the @spideytorchbigbang in which I worked together with the incredible talented titanstogetherr. My art is to her beautiful, hilarious and just awesome fic Lost Without You.

Thank you for working together with me!

New Years Kiss - Part Two

Summary- Day after your kiss with the infamous webslinger, and you tell the one person who you think can help as you panic about what to do later today.

Part One

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You yelled banging on the apartment door, usually you would just walk in, but for some reason beyond you, the door was locked. May probably just went out shopping while Peter was still asleep.

“I know you’re in there! So wake up and let me in.”

Sighing, you walked backwards, and slip down the wall behind you until you were sat not he floor looking back at the door you were hoping Peter would eventually open.

The sounds of the lock and the door opening made you look up at the boy who had what looked like awful hat hair, with a hoodie zipped up right to his neck and some horrible red socks.

“What happened to you, you look like you just got out a wind machine.”

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  • Sirius: Believe it or not, but apparently I'm not suitable boyfriend material.
  • Remus, sarcastically: Glad I was sitting down for that.