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dreamyunicorngirl  asked:

Hello my dear? I've just started reading Gaston Leroux's novel for the first time and I am really enjoying this Phantom. Ramin has been my favourite Phantom for a very long time, I have a list with Phantoms I like, but he definitely was on the top. But now after seeing his performance again (rewatched some footage) I wonder what other phans think. So who's phantom do you think is the truest to Gaston Leroux's novel. Unfortunately I can't think of anyone myself.

Oh, that’s cool! There aren’t necessarily an ALW stage Phantom embodying Leroux!Phantom to the full. But there are definitely Phantoms who has some of that unpolished feel, and an interesting contrast in their voice which embodies both the angelic quality and the roughness described in Leroux:

  • Marcus Lovett (in his West End run! He had highlighed the whole Leroux novel to add details from it into the performance, and he was particularly concerned with how the Phantom had probably had studied male opera singers + Raoul in detail to try and get a grasp of how a man should behave. So he deliberately echoed Raoul and Piangi for some scenes)
  • Ethan Freeman (he actually does some details described in the book, like kissing the hem of Christine’s dress)
  • Peter Karrie (especially his more manneristic tendencies)
  • Anthony Crivello (also very manneristic, and very rough)
  • Mikael Samuelson (the way he just totally did his own thing and owned the stage gives me vibes of the grandeur of Leroux!Phantom)
  • Flemming Enevold (ditto)
  • Ernst Dieter Suttheimer
  • Alexander Goebel
  • Scott Davies

Just some random bits from the latest Christmas special that I laughed hard at, smiled warmly at, or stared in awe at. ;)

The Doctor finally having a go at ‘it’s bigger on the inside’ cracked me up. He did it so over-dramatically, but it still caused a lot of laughter from me.

The whole restaurant scene was the funniest out of the whole episode, or mainly I laughed from the witty dialogue, the comical facial expressions on Peter, and the plain weirdness that makes it very Doctor Who-ish. The first time watching, I didn’t catch Flemming’s literal meaning of having the gentleman (the Doctor) for dinner, but once realizing, I played it back, and more laughter ensued. And that Scratch character pulling his head apart was gross, but then the Doctor’s nonchalant line, “Just a thought, you probably shouldn’t do that in a restaurant” made it more humorous.

Other than his laugh, another favorite quality is Peter’s big smile. Which, now that I think about it, kind of goes with laughing. ;) I also liked the lighting and the view of a blurred TARDIS.

The scenes at the Singing Towers were breathtaking and sweet. The Doctor getting more excited over the Sonic Screwdriver than River felt like Peter fanboying over a new Doctor Who toy. It was cute to watch him play with it and wave the light in River’s face. Also, that one camera turn of them staring at the towers was beautifully done.

I also did a GIF of the Halassi Androvar diamond because not only was it beautiful, it’s an important symbol. Referred to as the most valuable diamond in the universe, the same could be said about the Doctor himself. It’s been a long tradition that diamonds are known to be forever, they are a girl’s best friend (Marilyn Monroe quote, hint, hint), plus it’s the birthstone of April. There are three Doctor actors who have a birthday in that month:

5th Doctor Peter Davison (April 13)
12th Doctor Peter Capaldi (April 14)
10th Doctor David Tennant (April 18)


So I was asked to write a bit about the Phantoms I’ve seen. Putting it behind the cut, as the post turned into a quite massive lil’ thing when I was done…

I must say that although I have my favourites, I’ve never seen a bad Phantom live. They’ve all been good, in different ways. But if I were to list my top 5 Phantoms, it would look something like this (in no particular order): Flemming Enevold, Scott Davies, John Owen-Jones, Earl Carpenter aaaaand… not sure who the fifth one is, as there’s so many solid candidates. Somewhere between Brad Little, Marcus Lovett and Ian Jon Bourg, probably. Though I also have a big heart for Preben Kristensen and David Arnsperger.

59 performances, 16 Phantoms. Here’s my thoughts on them.

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PHANTOMS! Lots of Phantoms! 

  1. John Owen-Jones, Hugh Panaro, Ramin Karimloo and Peter Jöback, at the 25th anniversary on Broadway. 
  2. Attila Csengesi, Sandor Sasvari and Victor Posta, Budapest. 
  3. Ben Cramer, Henk Poort and Hans Peter Janssens, Scheveningen. 
  4. Peter Jorde, Flemming Enevold and Preben Kristensen, Copenhagen. 
  5. Jeff Hyslop, Ciarán Sheehan, Peter Karrie, Ethan Freeman and Cris Groenendaal, at the 10th anniversary in Toronto. 
  6. Anthony Warlow, John Owen-Jones, Ramin Karimloo, Colm Wilkinson and Peter Jöback, at the 25th anniversary in Royal Albert Hall. 

The Phantom’s Don Juan robe: 

1. Michael Crawford, Broadway, 
2. Osamu Takai (?), Nagoya, 
3. Unknown, Sapporo, 
4. Brad Little and Claire Lyon, Seoul/World Tour, 
5. Maria Bjørnson’s costume design, 
6. Flemming Enevold and Mia Karlsson, Copenhagen, 
7. Alexander Goebel, Vienna, 
8. Peter Hofmann, Hamburg, 
9. Norm Lewis, Broadway.