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One of my favorite stiles scenes where his t-shirt clings to his godly body. Ugh I want to touch his hair so fucking much 😍😍

black-light party - peter hale 

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Prompt - Peter and y/n go to the blacklight Party in Derek’s loft.
Warnings - none all fluff,
Pairing - Peter Hale x reader
You walked up to Derek’s loft your heels clanking each step you took. Peter smirked “what are you thinking sweetheart?” he asked seeing the look of annoyance on your face. “you said we was going out, on a date! I thought you meant to a bar or for something to eat. I didn’t think you meant a night in your nephews” you told him. Peter just laughed more making you look at him suspicious, “I know but I had other ideas Derek’s not here and well the mayhem twins are having some form of party” he said holding your hand tight with one hand as he grabbed the door handle with the other. “and I also thought it would be the perfect place to show off my gorgeous girlfriend” he said bending down to kiss your cheek.

You and Peter had been going out with each other for a few weeks but hadn’t had an outdoor date, you had always cooked meals with wine and a movie at his apartment or your home. Your relationship wasn’t a secret but no one knew you and Peter was couple ether. so when peter told you he wanted to take you out it felt special and real, not that your relationship wasn’t real just you wanted more people to see the power couple you both was.
as the door slid open half of the beacon hills high school was there all in glowing paint and glow sticks dancing round “wait is this Danny’s black light Party?” you say to peter overly excited “ you’ve been saying all week about this party, you looked gutted when it was cancelled. So when I told the twins they could use the loft I thought you’d devastated if you missed it” he said with his arm around your back. shrieking you tuned and hugged him “thank you Peter”

Peter chuckled seeing how excited you was kisses you going to get a drink. He hated party’s and a rave party certainly wasn’t his thing, but he knew how much y/n really wanted to go. Making her happy was all that mattered to him. He watch as she smiled and laughed with stilinski, he could sense her happiness and joy walking back to her. Taking the time to admire her beauty as she glowed under the fluorescent lights.

You watched everyone dancing to the dj set up by the window. You couldn’t help think where was the little furniture Derek had and how mad he was going to be if/when he found out. “y/n, your here!” a drunk stiles point to you “yes captain obvious” you laughed back. Stiles had orange lipstick all over his cheek “you having a good night” you say pointing it out to him. Peter came over handing you a drink. Stiles watched as Peter kissed you putting his arm around your waist. The look on stiles’ face made your giggle as he was putting 2 and 2 together. “are.. you to.. going out” he said slow. Peter smiled “yes is that so hard to believe” he said to a very confused looking stiles. Stiles started asking you questions like ‘why are you going out with him? Did you know how evil Peter was? Why would you choose to date a psychopath?“ after telling stiles you loved Peter and Peter loved you, How you had been seeing Peter for a while and it was non of the packs business who you spent your nights.

When stiles left you Peter was mumbling annoyed about his questions. You turned to the paint table picking up a paint brush walking to peter his eyes clasped on you. Slowly you took your top off leaving you in a short vest top you looked at Peter "we can moan about stiles or do you want to paint my body” you say flirty waving the brush at him. Peter growled biting his lip smiling kind of all at the same time “definitely paint your body” he said before he started to paint around your collarbone.

Peter’s gentle touches made you shiver, light hums escaped your lips, especially when he would kiss your neck before painting. Peter was always different with you kinder and softer but he surprised you tonight. You had been used to his constant touching you and kisses behind closed doors, but you didn’t expect him to be this affectionate with you in public too making you love him more.
When Peter finished you looked to see butterflies and flowers neatly painted over your chest. You giggled “why butterflies” you asked him taken back by his choose “because sweetheart, I get butterflies every time I see you” he said before pulling you into a deep loving kiss. 

Lydia was looking round the loft, she saw Allison and Isaac dancing “ugh finally” she said aloud to herself next she saw stiles dancing madly with girl “awkwardly” she said Turing to see Aidan dancing with two girls “predictably” she said pulling a face. Next she saw Peter with y/n kissing in the middle of the dance floor like to them the was no one else there but them “very unpredictable but I like it” she smiled watching her best friend looking into Peter’s eyes smiling, in a way she hadn’t in a long time. 

Lydia was about to walk over when something triggered her banshee senses. Walking upstairs and out onto the balcony, she looked round unsure why she came out here. Quickly 5 ninjas surrounded her, One put its hand on her neck just under her ear. Looking into the glowing yellow eyes she let out a small cry before the omi ninja dropped her.

After a few dances Peter held you still his arms around you pulling you into his chest “so are you enjoying our first public date?” he asked winking at you. Blushing brighter then the uv paint you nodded “when you said date I thought dinner but your full of surprises Peter!” you answer “I love you y/n I wanted you to be happy” he confessed “I’m always happy when I’m with you and I love you more” you said smiling back Peter kisses your cheek close to your ear “it’s not possible” he whispered. Before you could argue back with him he turned his head. “what’s wrong?” you ask seeing his sudden change, making you feel nervous. Peter smiled at you “stay here kitten I’ll be back now” he said before walking up stairs. Part of you wanted to follow him when Aidan came asking if you had see Ethan. “not in a while want me to help you find him” you say. He nodded yes and you both went different ways to find the twin.

Allison and Isaac were in a room the twins was using as a party storage, you walked in as she was looking at a mark under his ear “have you guys seen Ethan I think Aidan is….” you stopped talking when you saw Ethan on the floor having some kind of fit. “Ethan” you scream running to his side dropping to your knees. Isaac and Allison looked shocked but not surprised at seeing him. Isaac told you to hold Ethan. He grabbed the twins arm “what are you doing?” you asked in a panic “triggering the healing process” he answered you before snapping Ethan’s arm. A growl came from Ethan as his eyes flashed blue. You, Issac and Allison helped him up about to take him to his twin.

Outside the room the music stopped, Derek’s roaring voice could be heard telling everyone to leave. When you all got to the main room of the loft Aidan was lay Lydia on the floor Scott with him helping her. She looked just as shaken as Ethan did. Kira was stood with them looking nervous at a very angry Derek.
Before anyone could speak a noise caught all the wolfs attention, you turn to see what they was looking at when masked ninjas filled the room. You looked at one of the slowly walking backwards terrified by its glowing firefly eyes. You looked round seeing Aidan next to you “guy’s why are they only looking at us” he called out. You went to run as you saw they had surrounded only you and Aidan. “what do we do” you say fear filled you voice. Derek, Scott and Isaac all looked at each other nodding. They flicked their claws out making the shadow ninjas turn looking at them.

Aidan stood in front of you trying to protect you, Scott had been thrown across the room Kira ran to him. Derek snapped one of their necks smiling after but it quickly drops as the thing seems unharmed by it. Derek was also thrown across the room. The omi turned to Aidan holding his head, Scott Isaac and derek all to hurt and injured to do anything. You pulled a light off the wall smacking it over the closest one. They dropped Aidan facing you next, you screamed as they walked to you backing up dropping the smashed light.

Peter had found Lydia with Aidan telling him to take her to the others he looked round the upstairs of the loft for her attacker, when he was surrounded by them, after they held and tested Peter he fell to the floor in a fit, he heard the scream of his soul mate, triggering his wolf side he felt something he had never before the need to protect, snapping out of the fit caused by the omi he ran to y/n. Jumping in front of her eyes glowing, saving her was his only goal.

A body dropped in front of you pushing you back into the corner. A loud terrifying roar sent vibrations through your chest. You had seen Peter as a werewolf before but this was scary, you wasn’t sure if it was because you was being attacked but something in him was more beast then man at the moment.
Peter stood blocking you from the omi, Derek had now gotten up taking on the one who sent him down. Scott was also on his feet gaining the attention of another.  The last Three of them moved closer to you drawing out their swords. They ran at Peter who was fighting their swings and slashes. His body hid most of the fighting from your view. You could see Isaac helping Aidan. Little bits of Derek fighting, you could hear Scott but not see him.
Peter had managed to kick one of them away but the other two ran at the same time to him. One of the had somehow come up behind you and Peter saw the sword out the corner of his eye. He spun round pushing you down as the ninja stabbed him instead of you.

You screamed as you saw the metal cut into his skin running at him the omi ninjas vanished with the sunrise. You saw Peter stand up pulling out the sword from his shoulder running to help him. He grabbed your face, his blue human eyes scanning you all over for any sign of injury before hugging you tight. Planting kisses on your head. “when I heard you scream I thought I was going to lose you” his voice shaking a little. You leaned back a little, his arms still round you tight looking up at him “you saved me” you burly say. “of course I did y/n I love you I would never let anyone hurt you” he said leaning down giving a sweet loving kiss on your lips.

A cough came from someone behind you making both you and Peter turn. The Pack all looked breathless holding someone up or a part of their body that was hurting. “what?” Peter asked looking at the confused expression most of them had. “I never thought I’d see the day Peter hale put himself in danger for someone else” Scott said. Peter put his arm around you before boldly saying “well Scott that’s something I only do for the person I love” smiling down at you.

this au imagine is request from my wattpad hope you like it :)

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Remember ~ Peter hale

Prompt ~ you start to remember Peter when he’s taken by the wild hunt.

Warnings ~ none maybe some light swearing

Pairing ~ Peter hale x reader

Request~  “hello sweetheart this is a nice surprise, you in my bed” + is that my shirt your wearing

The past 3 months you had felt lost, like something was missing in your life. One day you woke up and nothing was right. You looked at your blank phone hoping for a message that you knew won’t be there,

Your friends had tried to help Lydia the only other banshee you knew tried to get you to go on girls nights out to cheer you up but you didn’t feel like partying. Also you  begun skipping out on pack meetings not feeling comfortable in the loft anymore. You felt like you was grieving and suffocating in the loft not being able to breath, It was safe to say you had falling to a deep state of depression, without knowing why.

Stiles had come over with Scott and they forced you out of bed, which had become your new home only leaving it for the bathroom or to get more junk food. After a finally agreeing to go to a meeting you go to get dressed. Finding a pair of skinny jeans you go to the draw for a top. You find a gray v-neck that you don’t remember having, automatically lifting the martial to your nose inhaling a manly woody smell, you instantly smile at the sent pulling the fabric over your torso. Looking in the mirror your feel a new sense of confidence, happiness. Love.

At the loft Derek and the rest of the pack welcome you all had missed you since you stopped coming. Lydia eyed your new choice of style but smiled pointing to the shirt you had found “nice to see you found a man” in a sing song voice. But that was the thing you didn’t. You didn’t know who’s the v neck belonged too but it felt right. After seeing the pack doing what they do best, train + plan you started feeling depressed again. You found your way into a guest room the smell was like your newly calmed shirt but stronger.

Sitting on the bed you stretch out when a picture catches your eye you hadn’t seen it in there before. You go and pick it up. It was of the pack, Derek in the middle with Scott and kira on his left hugging, stiles and Lydia on the right she was kissing his cheek. Then there was you next to stiles. The more you looked at the picture the more you felt something was wrong with it.

“Lydia, Scott” you scream running down the stairs. The whole pack comes running, the wolfs all had their fangs out. “what’s wrong” they say realizing you wasn’t bringing attacked. You show them the picture telling them the is someone missing. Someone was there and now there not.

They look at you like your crazy. “look at my face” you say pointing to yourself in the picture “I’m looking at someone” your face was turned slightly your eyes looking at the blank space next to you.

After seeing the disbelief in their faces you carry on “this v neck was in my cupboard, I don’t know where it came from but it feels right when I smell it I feel like I” you so not know how best to explain the feelings “ like it belongs to the person I love”

Stiles was the first to brake the silence laughing. “y/n you’ve been single since you came here 3 years ago” he said. You started to get frustrated. “is this like a banshee thing? ” Derek asked sensing your anxiety “this feeling?” you shrug your shoulders. “it’s that but also I think it’s an emotional connection” you answer.

Everyone had left leaving you with Derek you was still focused on the blank space waiting for someone to magically show. “you know you are a banshee maybe we could used it help see what this is about” he said taking the picture from you. “you believe me” you ask optimistic. Derek says he’s not sure. Reminding indifferent on it.

Later that night, you went to bed in the guest room. In the draws you find a set of Pajamas belonging to you. Thinking why was they in Derek’s spear room you put them on ready for bed. The smell and feeling of the pillow made you feel lonely.

You open your eyes to the dark room when you hear a voice. “Hello sweetheart” you looked next to you but the was nothing there. You closed your eyes “this is a nice surprise, you in my bed”. “peter” you say opening your eyes again. Like before you found the room empty. The rest of the night you heard conversations you somehow knew was memories trying to push forward. But what you did remember was Peter whoever he was, was the love of your life and was gone.

The next day you storm over to Derek and Lydia slamming the picture down “peter, it’s Peter Hale that’s missing” but just like yesterday they didn’t believe you. Even Derek refused to believe he had a family member he’d forgotten. “look i know it’s only a name but I swear it’s true” you plead with them to listen.

Lydia watched you the next few days desprite to get the memories of Peter back convince the others he was real. After a week you had finally gotten her and partly Derek onside. You had found a book with a story about the wild hunt and the ghost riders.“ it’s them they have Peter ” you say sure.

Lydia agrees to hypnotize you. After focusing on the candle and her voice your in a hypnotic state, You open your eyes your in the guest room but it’s different the is books and clothes about the room. Bottles of aftershave on the cabinet. The is a picture of you kissing a blank space. Lydia’s voice enters your head, it reminds you of the voice you how Peter’s was last week.

“Look at the books on the shelf each a memory find the book about peter hale” Lydia’s voice smooth and calm. You walk to the bookcase running the tips of your fingers over the spines, a red one stands out to you. Opening the book you blink and your surroundings had changed.

You was outside Derek’s loft when something tried to attack you . The was after Scott but found you instead. Peter came out of nowhere killing the wolf after you. He took you into the loft telling Derek to look out for his own pack. Peter was cold distant mean.

You flicked the page but turn your head the picture was filled in on the bedside table you was now kissing Peter. This time look back at the book, you was back in the room “hello sweetheart this is a nice surprise, you in my bed” you froze seeing him under the light smiling at you on his bed. It was like watching a movie staring yourself. “Well I wanted to thank you for helping me then I felt sore and dizzy I didn’t think you’d mind me being here” the memory version of you says back “I’ve always wanted to see you in it just not hurt like this” You watched as Peter walked over kissing your head as you went shy. He sat you up checking a bandage on your shoulder. It was then you started to remember, started to feel the feelings you had then. You saw the tears form in Peter’s eyes as he looked at the slice on your back. You walked round getting a better view as you watched yourself kiss Peter for the first time. You felt the love the passion from every kiss you had shared since. As you watched a bright light started to blind you

Lydia’s voice brought you back to reality. The same light you had seen was now fading you saw a person in it, before you fainted.

Derek was speechless he had seen what ever was happening working. You came round and grabbed the picture to see the once blank space filled with a gorgeous looking Peter smiling at you.

Both Derek and Lydia now saw him in the picture too having some small memories of the former alpha. You looked around the loft certain you had seen him in the light

Scott called Derek saying the was a problem and the schools teacher Mr Douglas and the town was in trouble. “not to be rude but we need to go Liam, Hayden and Mason have all been taken” he said after putting the phone back in his pocket.

At the school Derek saw a rider and attacked him telling you to run. As you ran you saw Mr Douglas stood looking at you blocking the door. “miss y/l/n,” he spoke calm “you know I could use a powerful talented banshee working for me” you stopped walking backwards when a horse appears blocking the hallway. You work out your changes, the teacher could be your best chance when you hear him speak “come on y/n join at my side we can rule the world together” Mr Douglas says smiling holding out his hand. “she belongs at my side” you hear as something knocks the teacher out.

You look up your heart pounds in your chest as Peter hale stood there smirking at you, his eyes full of awe and love. “peter” you scream running into his arms. He holds your tight kissing you. It was the longest most loving kiss you’d had. “I knew you would never truly forget get me” you blush but still feel a little guilty you had forgotten him. He looks at you “is that my shirt your wearing?” He laughs “hey this shirt is how I started to remember you” you defend back. “how did you get” you go to ask but Peter already knew what you was going to say “you remembered me causing a portal to get me back I could hear you I came out at the school where the took me” he tells you

You and Peter ran to find Derek and help Scott stop the ghost riders. After you got back the loft, all the feeling of dread inside had gone everyone relaxed happy the town was safe. The guest room was again Peter’s room his things back the way it was. His 2 pictures of you both back to normal when the pack was leaving stiles offered you a lift home, “no I’m staying here” looking at Peter “your not leaving me again” peter kisses your lips “never” was all he said kissing you again