peter and bernie

I cannot believe the lack of Australian true crime on here! Don’t ya’ll know we have some of the most fucked up cases in the world?! Considering my beautiful little home city is the serial killer capital, I feel it is my duty to bring you such stories as “The bodies in the barrels”, The Beaumont children, Catherine Knight (cooked up her husband and served it up for dinner), Peter Falconio, David and Catherine Bernie, Darcey Freeman tragedy, the Claremont serial killer (just found after 20 years!), Anita Cobby, Port Arthur Massacre, The Melbourne gangland war (of which my family was a victim)….. Man, I’m forgetting SO much at the moment, but like or reblog if you would be interested in some original posts on cases that are infamous here, yet no where to be found on tumblr.


Anyone cheering this on must be perfectly happy with the idea that they, or anyone they love, could open a door one night in their apartment building and be shot to death for utterly no reason…with no consequences whatsoever for the perpetrator.

No, you would not be fine with that. Don’t lie. Just don’t. 

Not even saying the guy needs to do 20 years or life. But he has to do a few years. At least. I mean, come on. 

He fucked up, killed a guy, called his lawyer instead of an ambulance, and left an innocent man to die. 

This is on the record.

That doesn’t get you prison time these days?