Request #3

“Welcome to the Avengers!” Captain Rogers told you.

“WHAT?” Peter said, throwing his hands on the air. “Are you kidding me?”

“Thank you!” You said, smiling widely at the Cap.

“Why? Why is she an Avenger and I’m not?” Peter confronted Steve.

“Uh…” Steve tried to say.

You stood in front of Peter and put one of your hands in his face. “Don’t mind my brother, really. He’s special, if you know what I mean.”

“Hey! I know what you mean and that’s not cool.” Peter took your hand off of his face and bit it.

“OUCH! What is wrong with you?” You pushed him.

“Me? What’s wrong with you!” He said. “They’re clearly using you for higher purposes. And by that I don’t mean peace on Earth but your lovely wings.” Peter said, sarcastically.

“So what? I’m good at this and I have wings.” You shrugged. “You’re jealous I got in before you did. Grow up Peter.”

“Grow up Peter.” He imitated your voice, making fun of you.

“Excuse us.” You smiled at Steve, who were completely confused by them, and grabbed your brother’s arm to a corner to talk. Then you slapped his head. “Stop this or I’ll tell Dad.”

“Oooh.” He was shocked. “You’re going to tell Dad? Really? Is that the card you want to play?”

“Yes! Because you can’t be happy for me and you’re just acting out, egghead!” You crossed your arms.

“I’m not jealous. I just think this isn’t fair. We’re a pack remember. You’re my sister I won’t let you go alone with these bunch of Avenging Men and…” Peter said.

“Oh please. You’re so jealous. For once, I’m better than you and got something first. Get over it.” You smiled sarcastically.

“(Y/N)!! Ugh!! That’s totally not the point!” He said, throwing his hands on air once again.

“Then what is it, Peter? Please, enlighten me!” You said, so done with his little scene.

“I don’t want you to leave me.” He whispered, but you could hear it.

You stared at him and could tell he was being honest. You sighed, melting your walls.

“Can you be more of an idiot?” You hugged him. “I’m never leaving you, dummy. You’re my brother.”

“Are you sure? Seems like you were pretty ready to leave.” Peter whined, hugging you too.

You laughed, letting him go and shaking your head. “Yeah, I’m sure.” You told him. “Besides, if you haven’t done this little scene, I’m sure Captain Rogers was just about to tell you that you’re in too.”

“WHAT?” He said, shocked and cheerful again.

Date Night || Peter & Ava

As soon as she arrived at home Ava started to cook for her dinner date with Peter. It was the first time it would have been just her and him. She loved Joe but at time it was good to be just the two of them and not worrying about the baby. She made some pasta and then she cooked some fish cause she loved it. Once the food was ready she put all in the hoven to keep it warm and started to lay the table with some candles to make everything more romantic. Then she went upstairs and had a shower, she stood half an hour in front of the wardrobe not knowing what to wear and then she decided fo a white t-shirt and some flowers printed shorts. After that she walked back downstairs to check that everything was fine and waited for Peter