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do u have headcanons/thoughts regarding the peter parker is trans idea bc i havent seen the movie but thats the best goddamn thing ive heard alllll day

  • may is his biggest supporter and fought super hard to get him everything he needed she actually popped a doctor in the face once for consistently misgendering pete
  • ned is also trans thanks 4 ur time
  • all the other boys in his class get embarrassed and flustered every time their voices crack but pete loves it more and more every time it happens to him
  • tony made the spidey suit with a bulge so peter doesn’t have to awkwardly stick his packer down there
  • ‘black widow’ and ‘hawkeye’ and ‘captain america’ r cool names n all but something is just always really great about people calling him ‘spider man’
  • he wears lifts in his shoes and so does tony and he’s completely gobsmacked when he finds out
  • he and ned host huge movie marathons and munch on popcorn and point out all the characters they think are trans
  • luke skywalker is The Trans Hero they both adore
  • his spanish teacher calls him señor parker and it makes him BEAM with happiness
  • he and ned go to the bathroom together bc Solidarity Bro
  • once he grew his hair out to try to “fit in” better but he hated it so much that he hacked it all off with those kids safety scissors and made a complete mess so ben had to buzz his hair right down
  • he and ned would practice deepening their voices for hours in pete’s room and end up ruining it by giggling
  • once he was doing his “stark internship” stuff and he missed his usual shot time so now he always makes time to do his shot properly
  • he loves how skintight the suit is bc he’s so Flat
Cat Vocabulary in Norwegian

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en katt - a cat

en kattunge - a kitten

et kjæledyr - a pet

en tamkatt - a domesticated cat

en villkatt - a wild cat

Norsk skogkatt - Norwegian forest cat

pels - fur

værhår - whiskers

klør - claws

en hale - a tail

poter / labber - paws

langhåret - long-haired

korthåret - short-haired

pelsløs - hairless

søt - cute

myk - soft

vennlig - friendly

mjau - meow

å leke - to play

å sove - to sleep

å kose - to cuddle

å ripe - to scratch

å hoppe - to jump

å jakte - to hunt

å oppføre seg dårlig - to misbehave

Here’s a cool story about Seto, Ryou and topdecking cards, with references to the virtual world and Pyramid of Light too ^^ I like how they test it with other decks, as well as what characters the cards represent! (Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes refuses to topdeck for anyone but him, and anyone but Mokuba will only get them at the bottom.)

Ryou annoys Seto into testing his theory about topdeck cards reflecting their owners’ souls-even in other duelists’ decks.

the one thing I find an enigma in Kaiba’s deck is fuckign “peten the dark clown”

the rest of Kaiba’s deck is mostly dragons, machines, and warriors/knights. used to cripple and then overwhelm his enemy with raw power

but then he’s just got this. evil clown. this evil, sneaky clown hanging out in there



en art - species

pattedyr - mammals

skalldyr - shellfish

en insekt - insect

et kjæledyr - pet

en hund - dog

en valp - puppy

en katt - cat

en kattunge - kitten

en fugl - bird

en fisk - fish

en and - duck

en kanin - rabbit

en elefant - elephant

en hest - horse

en kylling - chicken

ei høne - hen

en hane - rooster

ei ku - cow

en okse - ox

en gris - pig

en bjørn - bear

en elg - moose

en edderkopp - spider

ei skilpadde - turtle

en slange - snake

en løve - lion

en tiger - tiger

en rev - fox

en ulv - wolf

en sau - sheep

et lam - lamb

ei geit - goat

en ape - monkey

en sjiraff - giraffe

et esel - donkey

ei mus - mouse

et ekorn - squirrel

en øgle - lizard

en krokodille - crocodile

en hjort - deer

en rein - reindeer

en ugle - owl

en flaggermus - bat

en måke - seagull

en pingvin - penguin

en frosk - frog

en padde - toad

en manet - jellyfish

en støstjerne - starfish

en hval - whale

en hai - shark

en laks - salmon

en torsk - cod

en sel - seal

en akkar - squid

en blekksprut - octopus

en hvalross - walrus

en krabbe - crab

en reke - shrimp

en sild - herring

en bille - beetle

en flue - fly

en sommerfugl - butterfly

en maur - ant

en bie - bee

en veps - wasp

en mygg - mosquito

en flått - tick

ei lus - louse

en loppe - flea

ei humle - bumblebee

ei marihøne - ladybug

en øyenstikker - dragonfly

en ving - wing

en hale - tail

en fjær - feather

en gjell - gill

en finn - fin

en jeger - hunter

et bur - cage

en dyrehage - zoo

et akvarium - aquarium

å fly - fly

å krype - crawl

å bjeffe - bark

å bite - bite

å stikke - sting

å jage - chase

å fange - catch

å jakte på - hunt

State Fair of Peten, Guatemala

Hi! I don’t share so much thing about me or my country but, I’d want to share some traditions that are from my country, I know someone woldn’t care, but who knows, probably you like it ;)

The Island of Flores lavishly prepares itself with the most cheerful and festive tradition which begins the January 6th with the State Fair, activity which has its origin that dates 100 years back in honor of the Black Christ of Petén. It manifests in various activities such as the election of the Beauty Queen Sac Nicté, the Chatona and El Caballito Traditional Dance and the fair which begins from the entrance of the Island of Flores in Santa Elena.

It’s a singular, special and very cheerful event, as the neighbors of the Island of Flores maintain the traditions. The festivities begin with a cheerful alborada at the crack of dawn (4 in the morning), later, approximately each 4 to 6 hours  the traditional Chatona  and Caballito Dances fill the streets of the colorful Island of Flores. This tradition reunites all kinds of people, from the little ones to elderly people.

The Fair ends on a weekend after January 15th

A fun fact about this dances, the people who lives in the Island, in the day they do like 4 or 6 dances with La Chatona and El Caballito, so it’s celebration all day here, until the day that fair ends.

I’ll give you some information about the traditional dances for that festivities:

La Chatona Dance

Her first appearance was with the arrival of a woman from Chiapas Mexico who was hired as a cook on a bubblegum camp. According from memories of the townspeople, the woman was tall and very very beautiful; she had a braid decorated with a gold hairclip. Her name was Petrona and was most popular by her ability to dance.

At the end of a season, after many years of working as a cook on the camp and cheerful presence at the local fair, she didn’t return with the people of the camp.  The men sadly remember her as Aunt Tona. The local legend tells that she died of a venomous snake bite (the yellow beard).

This is how Aunt Tona was introduced itself into the popular mythology as “La Chatona”.

The presence of La Chatona it’s a tradition in many towns of Petén, which during their local festivities (fairs), they dance to it which consist of a person being introduces underneath the giante doll to later dance as if it were her; representing in this way, the Aunt Tona during the time of local fairs.

El Caballito Dance

The dance is known by the same name, it is interpreted in the celebrations of the fairs of said department. El Caballito, with the character that mounts it, goes out to dance with La Chatona and the Mascarudos, the latter are disguised as Spanish conquerors. El Caballito, identified the morcillo horse because he was sick, which Hernán Cortés left to the Itza people to take care of him. According to Spanish chroniclers, this horse died because he didn’t receive adequate food.

In order to pacify through Christianization this indomitable and brave people, the Franciscan friars Órbita and Fuensalida, arrived on the island of Noj Petén (today Flores) in 1918, when the ruler was King Can Ek. In a temple, they found a Stone Horse or Tzimín Chac (Horse of Thunder or Lightning), which was idolized for the Itza people; the friars destroyed it.                                          

The stories of the Spanish people, relate that the Itza confused the Horse with the rider, which is similar to the allusion of the death of Tecún Umán. This is false, the Itzaes worshiped the horse, because they considered it valuable, it seemed a natural means of transport of low cost, which was maintained with grass, grass and water.

Well I hope you can enjoy this information and video about one of many traditions that can enjoy in Guatemala ;-)


Yami Yugi’s role in Pyramid of Light sometimes reminds me of those fanfics where a character gets beaten up for a majority of it XD He does his usual awesome comebacks and helps save the day but in between he gets blinded by his own cards, has his life energy sucked out, gets stabbed through the back in the heart, gets mocked by Kaiba and Anubis, and gets blasted so hard he’s knocked unconscious for several minutes and can barely stand when he does get up.

Él: Leo

Ella: Sagitario

  • En este ask me pidieron una historia entre estos dos luego de leer la que escribí de Escorpio y Cáncer. No tenía pensado seguir escribiendo historias para los horóscopos, pero supongo que una más no me va a matar.

De como Sagitario y Leo  siguen siendo pareja a pesar de lo mamón que es él. O algo así.

Era la primera hora de clases, diez minutos antes de que sonara la primera campana del día y Sagitario jugaba piedra papel o tijeras junto con Piscis y Tauro para ver a quién le tocaba conseguir la tarea de Filosofía que casualmente ninguna de las tres había hecho. Luego de muchas rondas porque ‘dos de tres’, ‘tres de cinco’ y así hasta casi el infinito.

Como era de esperarse, Sagitario perdió. Tauro y Piscis la conocían lo suficiente como para saber que tenía una tendencia por poner piedra en el 90% de las rondas. Así que, bueno, a Sagitario le tocaba todo el trabajo sucio del día.

Aunque Sagitario era una chica muy sociable, sabía que no podía pedirle la tarea a cualquier compañero con el que casi no hablara, que al menos tenía conciencia, así que se fue por lo que pensó que podría ser seguro: su novio Leo. Es decir, su novia estaría en problemas si él no le pasaba la tarea, pues, aunque estuvieran en clases distintas, la profesora de Filosofía de ambos era la misma. No iba a negarse ¿o sí?

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“For no woman is really an insider in the institutions fathered by masculine consciousness. When we allow ourselves to believe we are, we lose touch with parts of ourselves defined as unacceptable by that consciousness; with the vital toughness and visionary strength of the angry grandmothers, the shamanesses, the fierce market women of the Ibo Women’s War, the marriage-resting women of silk workers of prerevolutionary China, the millions of widows, midwives, and women healers tortured and burned as witches for three centuries in Europe, the Beguines of the twelfth century, who formed independent women’s orders outside the domination of the Church, the women of the Paris Commune who marched on Versailles, the uneducated housewives of the Women’s Cooperative Guild in England who memorized poetry over the washtub and organized against their oppression as mothers, the women thinkers discredited as "strident,” “shrill,” “crazy,” or “deviant” whose courage to be heretical, to speak their truths, we so badly need to draw upon in our own lives. I believe that every woman’s soul is haunted by the spirits of earlier women who fought for their unmet needs and those of their children and their tribes and their peoples, who refused to accept the prescriptions of a male church and state, who took risks and resisted, as women today – like Inez Garcia, Yvonne Wanrow, Joan Little, Cassandra Peten – are fighting their rapists and batterers. Those spirits dwell in us, trying to speak to us. But we can choose to be deaf; and tokenism, the myth of the “special” woman, the unmothered Athena sprung from her father’s brow, can deafen us to their voices.“

From Adrienne Rich’s 1979 Commencement address, "What Does a Woman Need to Know?” at Smith College

Vegettita, Vegettita.. ¬¬,

Minecraft | LA CHICA GUERRERA!! | Minijuego LUCKY ISLANDS c/ Vegetta

Min 5:02

V: Podrías ser su príncipe azul si fueses todo de diamante. 

W: Pues podría serlo, ¿eh?

V: Pero mejor no. 

W: No… Vale. 

*cambio de tema radical y halagos por todos lados* 

*vaivenes entre te apoyo con “tu chica” y luego te meto indirectas de las gordas, de las de los viejos tiempos* 

*y al final, después de toda la ayuda de la chica de la partida, la frase de Willy es “gracias, Vegetta”*


No, si tú no quieres a Willy para ti solito, si no estamos juntos o no queremos estarlo nunca, si Wigetta es un bonito libro y nada más. ¡Anda a la mierda, Vegettita! xD

¡DEJADLO FLUIR YA DE UNA VEZ, HOMBRE! Haters gonna hate; que les peten ;)