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Petilil line and Cottonee line headcannons? *hands over sweet malasada*

Some of my favorite grass types right here!! :D *stuffs malasada in my pocket*


* Whenever they see a tired pokemon or trainer, it will offer them one of the leaves from the top of their head. These leaves will perk anyone up from being tired but with a side effect of dizziness for a bit because they’re so bitter.

* They move pretty slowly, having to hop everywhere they go. Trainers will either carry them or the Petilil will hop onto the back of a bigger pokemon .

* Despite their small size, they’ll try to put up a tough front. even with pokemon way more bigger than it, they won’t back down and will try their hardest to defeat them.


* The flower on top of it’s head looks the best when it’s either left on it’s own or the Lilligant takes care of it himself. Their trainer can spend a lot of time and money trying to do it themselves but it never comes out as beautiful.

* They’re hopeless romantics. They love seeing pokemon and trainers in love, hoping that one day that it can find it’s mate too. When they do find a mate, the flower on top of their head withers away.

* They sometimes grow their own “secret” garden. They’ll keep it well hidden from others, even their trainers. They grow all kinds of plants, flowers and berries and they’ll sometimes hand them out as gifts.


* They love being in big groups of either other Cottonees, Whimsicotts or any other fluffy pokemon. When they do this the group looks like a big fluffy cloud. Lots of little kids like to jump into this pile of fluff.

* It can breath out cotton, which they’ll use to make their own beds. They’ll also use this to make pillows and beds for other pokemon and even their trainer.

* They’re pretty energetic, zooming around a place for a couple of hours before getting tired. They’ll also circle their trainers a bunch by doing this, sometimes making them dizzy with how fast they move.


* They are one of the biggest prankster pokemon out there. They love pulling harmless tricks on others, such as suddenly filling a room with cotton. They’ll always laugh mischievously to themselves when they do this.

* They’re surprisingly very light, so much so that a gust of wind can carry them away. Because of this, trainers usually keep them in their poke balls when it’s windy outside.

* They see their trainers as more of a parent to them than their trainer. They’ll always cling onto their trainer’s leg and show them little things they’ve found.