signs described in one adjective

aries: confident
taurus: stubborn
gemini: talkative
cancer: sensitive
leo: proud
virgo: controlling
libra: charming
scorpio: extreme
sagittarius: passionate
capricorn: ambitious
aquarius: eccentric
pisces: selfless

teaching the signs

Aries: Self-guided learning, present lessons as series of discoveries and let them guide it
Taurus: Art learning! Just learn something and then turn it into art for a while. Do something then explain it. Read it to each other. Show it to each other. Present yuour learning artistically
Gemini: Discussion
Cancer: Talk about it gently and then release it into imaginative play
Leo: Assign them to explain it to each other in small groups
Virgo: Speak to them about it intelligently and let them ask questions
Libra: Work alone and buddy system re-grouping, explain to the other what you’re learning or discuss with the other what you learned
Scorpio: Let them watch other students learn and give them lots of study/mingle time
Sagittarius: Give them a premise, some facts, and some resources, and ask them to investigate a question.
Capricorn: Give the minimum of information and facilitate their extrapolating it
Aquarius: Just talk about it and let them also talk about it
Pisces: Talk about it and let them describe back to you what you’re saying and then go with their descriptions