I really wish that people would stop saying that Naruto is gay. I guess they’re just using it as a general term, which is fine, but since he obviously likes girls he would definitely be Bisexual. I see so many people complain about the ending erasing the LGBT community and then they do it themselves.

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f2f: long overdue | avery & santana
  • Santana was so excited - she probably wanted this moment more than the blonde herself as having sex with people was never as good as sex with Avery and okay so she'd been getting spoiled like a princess the amount of attention she'd been receiving from the Pierce twin but now she was more than ready to give her what she deserved. The piercing was definitely something new to Santana's regime but nonetheless it would add to her pleasure and if she was wearing that blessed tongue piercing too?... Well, Santana would be in for the night. Opting for a down-dressed look, knowing that everyone had pretty much already seen her naked before anyway, she sauntered over to Avery's room in nothing more than a very skimpy black, laced thong. "Hey sexy..." She purred, moving into the room and locking the door behind her already becoming even wetter at the sight, "God I've missed you." She husked, eyes instantly being drawn to her big, thick cock.