All 2436 of you are important.

All 2436 of you are individuals who are smart, talented and special in your own way.

All 2436 of you brave and strong.

All 2436 you are human and overcome.

All 2436 of you are loved.

Please know that I appreciate all of you and can’t thank you guys enough for all your kind words and support. It means more than you may know.

anonymous asked:

How would everyone react if (when they're alone) their s/o began making out with them and getting them ~hot and bothered~ only to teasingly walk out of the room. (And the s/o would only do this if they knew the other was okay with at least the making out part)

Shiro: Can’t decide whether to get up and follow you are sit down and continue working on  whatever he was previously doing.

Hunk: Gets super flustered and tries to keep on doing what he was doing.


Lance: Makes a pun about it and tries to get you to come back in.

Allura: Starts blushing and gets all giggly.

Pidge: Turns super red and tries to convince you to come back.

Keith: Puts a seductive smirk on his face and pushes you against a wall.

im losing followers after answering asks abt how much whitewashing hollywood is getting away with against asians like at this point i dont even care please leave my blog if youre bothered by me stayin woke 👀

anonymous asked:

I've never wanted a movie to flop more @doctor strange

lmao ill do you one better

ive never wanted a movie to flop more @ghost in the shell

let me know how scarlet johansson, a 100% white actor, is going to play a japanese female in a film based on a japanese anime where her character has  japanese parents ……………………………..

they were talking about how they would use cgi to “make her look more asian” and that is the most disgusting things ive ever heard

they would rather cast a white person and painstakingly edit the movie to make her appear asian than cast an actual asian person

also while were on the subject lets talk about the death note remake movie, a movie based on a japanese anime set in japan

how is nat wolff 

going to play a character named light yagami

and how is margaret qualley 

going to play a character named misa amane