“Many people describe how, when meeting Elizabeth Taylor for the first time, they expected her to be special, given all they had heard about her and seen of her – but that still she took their breath away. And when I met her on the set in Rome, that is how it was for me. It was partly how she looked. I remember her eyes so clearly. They really were violet, and she had these very dark eyelashes. But she was a completely natural beauty: extremely glamorous on the red carpet, but it was no great shock to see her without her make-up…. But it wasn’t only her looks that struck me at that first meeting. There was something about her as a person. Yes, she was a star, and confident in her position. But that, combined with her beauty, could have made her glacial and intimidating. She wasn’t. She was very warm and very natural. Above all, she was true to herself.” — Francesca Annis. Photo of Elizabeth by Pete Turner during the filming of Cleopatra in 1962.

Annoys me when people mark this blog as spam without even giving it a chance

Sometimes when I get marked as spam I lose a days worth of promotion cause I can’t promote cause my messages don’t send to new blogs
I am not a spam blog though.
I work my arse off every day for this band and sending out messages to everyone is the only way I can promote that hard work
If tomorrow we became the big viral thing everyone would be jumping on it saying they were there first, even when they were the ones slamming their doors in our face
As an artist I will always appreciate the fans who were there from the beginning
Stuck with this band and supported it through thick and thin, I massively appreciate that and you could never understand how much I do
And as for new fans that discover our music after/if we get big then I love them too
My one, qualm is this
We are gonna get big. I am grafting harder than anyone I know to make this happen now. This band will make it.

Do you want to be one of the people that shut the door in our face? Or one of the people that lifted us up?

Anyway new videos
Face Wash -
Helen -