Live @ The Howlin’ Wolf, 1999 - Full concert. Set list:

00:00 Regular John
05:33 The Bronze
09:16 Born to Hula
14:59 Mexicola
18:52 How to Handle a Rope
22:00 Neon (At the Helm of Hell’s Ships) (Desert Sessions cover)
26:25 You Would Know
30:29 You Can’t Quit Me Baby
39:49 If Only
43:26 Tension Head
46:45 Avon
50:52 Walkin’ on the Sidewalks


Big Tony’ Birthday Celebration!

Don’t Need It’s (Bad Brains + Pete Stahl from Scream + Dave Grohl)

Trouble Funk

Foo Fighters

(That’s right, I saw the Foo Fighers from the second row of a 1200 person venue)

This was one of the best (if not the best) concerts I’ve ever seen.  it was legendary


Grohl powering through Bad Brains songs, fronted by Scream bandmade Pete Stahl. Not shown, original Bad Brains members Darryl Jenifer and Dr Know