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FOB are trying to leave FBR?? I always thought they were a pretty good label that let the artist do whatever they wanted :(

They havent been on FBR in a while. Theyre on Island Records (which is like The™ record label for all major artists) and DCD2 (which is pete’s label). So they’re probably trying to leave Island


Close-up Pete during Saturday

Fall Out Boy Japan Tour March 2017

Studio Coast, Tokyo

23 March 2017

Credits: @h1t0m1n_ on IG


(via Brian K. Diaz on Instagram: “Black & white Youth Crew. @falloutboy in Saitama, Japan. 26 March 2017 … . . #concertphotography #saitamasuperarena #japan #falloutboy #stageleftlife#teamcanon #bw #blackandwhite”)