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Saint Nicholas's Eve

Part one

Holidays in Holland series masterlist

Pairing: Calum & Daphne + Sofie

This is the first installment of seven of the Holidays in Holland series! This is a Calum series specially written for the holidays (as if that wasn’t clear yet). The amazing  Fleur (@lukefightme) gave me some inspiration (as she is my fellow Dutchie) and has offered to make drawings based off the imagines. I really love her for it and appreciate all the effort she’s putting in this to make the series a success.

Some parts of the imagines will be in Dutch, but I’ll put a translation behind it in cursive brackets!

You can see the drawings [here] when they’re posted

I hope you all like this and please give me [feedback] if you’d like!

WC: 978

December 5th, 1:24pm - Alkmaar, the Netherlands

“Mama? Papa?” Calum watched as his wife Daphne stepped into her childhood home for the first time in three years. Sofie, their daughter, held onto her mother tightly, looking at her surroundings bewildered. “Maud? Daan? Ik ben er! Oh en Calum en Sofie natuurlijk ook. (I’m here! Oh and Calum and Sofie too, of course.)

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Delighted to Make Your Acquaintance

As the end of vacation was inevitably drawing near closer and closer, more often than not, one particular brooding brown-eyed loner could be found preoccupied with his favorite past-time activity - silently judging the world around him and appreciating the sound of silence. However, much to Lovios’ dismay, his time of tranquility was, unfortunately, short-lived.

Pete: oh, good morning! I believe I did not quite catch your name. I am Pete, by the way.

Lovio heard a voice that was enthusiastic to the point of being excruciatingly painful to tolerate, not that he could boast about having heaps of tolerance to spare, to begin with. That being said, instead of engaging in a pointless conversation, Lovio decided to ignore the happy-go-lucky idiot and proceed with his previous and preferred activity. However, what he had learned from the past was that optimistic imbecility and persistence would always go hand in hand…

Pete: are you one of Autumn’s friends, too? I want to get to know people who are close to her more, so maybe we could hang around a little bit, though I was planning to go and look for her, as it seems she is kind of a morning person and always slips through my hands-

Lovio: seems that she is just avoiding you if you ask me - he said sarcastically, trying to suppress that little bit of interest in the topic that threatened to find its way to the surface.

Pete: you think so? Well, what should I do then? Do you know what she likes? What is her favorite flower? Or favorite meal?

Lovio: *sighs* say, Pablo, do you ever shut up?

Pete: it’s Pete, actually. So, what about Autumn-

Lovio: beats me, if you want your answers, go and ask Val, that’s the only piece of advice I have for you.

Pete: but she is scary and she is always with her boyfriend in the tent..

Lovio could not help but chuckle under his own breath at that comment. While it was a truth that Val was scary in her own way, never had Lovio imagined that anyone would think of him as more approachable than his little sister. But then again, he remembered how protective Val was of Autumn as far as he could remember, so given the fact that his sister was already aware of the whole situation involving her precious Autumn and this idiot, Val had most definitely been extra scary and intimidating to this poor excuse of a man. On the other hand, Lovio made a mental note to punch his so called best friend for fooling around with his sister.

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