Topolino Show (1982-1983), opening animated by Romano Scarpa [x]

includes debut animated appearances for characters like paperinik (duck avenger,) gyro gearloose, gladstone gander, brigitta macbridge, and more


A few of my favourite South Park ships! I’ve been catching up on season 20 so I thought I’d doodle some of my fav couples!


S7e14 Stan asks them to let him join their group, as long as he can part with his “conformists” ways they will welcome him with open arms.

They hang out for a while till they run across a heartbroken Butters who rejects their offer to join and does a nice speech about what it means to be sad, Stan realises he is right and leaves the goths with a “Screw you guys I’m going home”

S8e4 When the ungrateful conformist appears in front of them asking for a dancer Michael says yes, the rude partings as if forgotten.

S12e9 They may not be friends but still care enough to go ask why he is not defending Wendy.

S17e7 Stan needs allies to join the ps4 side, the goths are the first ones he goes to, he fails but it’s nothing against Stan, they just don’t care that much.

By the end of the episode they have changed their minds thanks to Princess Kenny.

Gary, his other temporary friendship may be gone but this group isn’t, there is still a chance for them to befriend him properly, they may go conformists this and posers that but that never stopped them from talking to him when he wasn’t in his goth stage.

And as a group? they talk about pain all the time and appear to look down on joy yet as friends they are so not what they preach. 

Pete sees she is embarrassed and quickly takes back what he said, Henrietta realises what he is doing and plays along, Pete knows she is acting and she knows he knows…it doesn’t matter.

This kids are good friends and still keep Stan in in mind!

Stan is missing out!