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because the lovely and talented @hanluvr requested Rose + Tentoo for 20. In a fantasy/medieval inspired outfit and now I have approximately 8000 headcanons in which Sera Rose Tyler, Knight of the Powells, along with a mysterious mage known only as the Doctor, travel the countryside offering aid to those in great need (sometimes on foot, but often in the Doctor’s fantastic flying contraption, the great Airship TARDIS); Rose never asks how he always seems to know who needs them most, or how the TARDIS works, or even his own name–in return, he says nothing about her scars, or the great wolf’s-pelt about her shoulders, or how her golden eye, for all that it should be blind, seems to see the world in a way no one else can. (Neither of them mentions how at night, their dreams are full of fantastic things–stars, strange creatures, other worlds, former lives, and each other…)

Ancient Aliens

TitleAncient Aliens

AuthorHeidi (smasheddrumsandbadwolves)

Word Count801

Summary: Maybe some people aren’t as crazy as the world perceives them to be. Or maybe they are. Who knows?

A/NI started this like a week ago, and the only way I can explain it is that it was in my brain and now it’s on the internet. I’ve never actually watched the show in its entirety  but I really do enjoy John Young’s hair and my history teacher last year making fun of him. It was fantastic. Anyway, enjoy!

Also, a friendly reminder that I’m doing free fic!

 “Doctor?” she called one day from the sofa. Her feet were on the coffee table and her arms were behind her head, the picture of pre-supper relaxation – it was his night to cook. There was a loud ‘mmm’ from the kitchen that sounded as if he had his mouth full. Of what, she dared not ask. “Have you seen this?”

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The music starts and Rose grins, squeezing his hand as she begins the first steps of their first dance. He grins back and follows her lead, thumb stroking back and forth on her waist. “Rose?“

“Yeah, Doctor Tyler?” Her eyes sparkle mischievously as she uses his legally new name and he leans down, pressing a quick kiss to her lips.

He rests his forehead to hers. “How long are you gonna stay with me?”