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Arrietty/Borrowers AU! Usnavi and Sonny as small borrowers and Usnavi is very strict about the fact they can't be seen. Pete finds Sonny at some point and they become friends, but Usnavi finds out about their friendship and think they're compromised and that they need to leave. But before they could leave, Usnavi gets captured, so then Sonny and Pete have to rescue him!


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Ancient Aliens

TitleAncient Aliens

AuthorHeidi (smasheddrumsandbadwolves)

Word Count801

Summary: Maybe some people aren’t as crazy as the world perceives them to be. Or maybe they are. Who knows?

A/NI started this like a week ago, and the only way I can explain it is that it was in my brain and now it’s on the internet. I’ve never actually watched the show in its entirety  but I really do enjoy John Young’s hair and my history teacher last year making fun of him. It was fantastic. Anyway, enjoy!

Also, a friendly reminder that I’m doing free fic!

 “Doctor?” she called one day from the sofa. Her feet were on the coffee table and her arms were behind her head, the picture of pre-supper relaxation – it was his night to cook. There was a loud ‘mmm’ from the kitchen that sounded as if he had his mouth full. Of what, she dared not ask. “Have you seen this?”

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