pete's world

ROSE: Are you going to help me here someday?
JOHN: I’m a timelord, I lived in a box for 900 years, I can’t cook.
ROSE: No, you were a timelord.
JOHN: Now i’m your husband.
ROSE: Shut up. -She smiled-
JOHN: Oi, don’t tell me what to do.

He stepped closer and hugged her from behind. Rose smiled and he kissed her neck smiling.

JOHN: So, what do I do?

“I’m Right Here” - Digital Oil Painting

“That dream again?”

She nodded, cuddling close. He could feel her skin damp with sweat from her nightmare. “You were gone again. Disappearing off the beach…”

“Shh…” He gathered her as close as he could, wrapping his arms securely around her. “I’m right here, Rose Tyler. And I love you.” He said it as often as he could nowadays, but he always made sure to say it after one of these dreams. No more running out of time.

A little drabble inspired by my painting. ^_^ Hope you enjoy.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

The Next Morning; Pete’s World AU
♫ Let me lie in the curve of your body tonight, and I will hear you tumble into sleep.  I will watch you heal. I will watch you heal with me. (x)

“Our First Dance” - Digital Oil Painting

Their first dance as ‘Dr and Mrs Tyler.’ (He insisted on the name.) (She insisted on the tux.)

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

okay though could you imagine the opening to a pete’s world spinoff though?

the first episode starts off just like ‘rose’ did: zoom in on an alarm clock, except when rose turns it off and “westminster bridge” starts playing, she’s already dressed and ready to go. she leaves her slightly disorganized apartment and drives herself to work.

instead of working in the shop, we see rose working both at a desk and on her feet examining technology and talking with co-workers. she doesn’t seem disgruntled with her job, but she doesn’t look all that thrilled either.

on her lunch break, she sits at the same fountain we saw her at with mickey, but this time she’s alone. she scrolls on her phone while eating chips, and we see a small, sad smile and a picture of tony from jackie.

back at work, she finishes a pile of paperwork only for a larger pile to come onto her desk, and rose sighs and looks frustrated.

time flies and rose packs up to go home, and pete tyler pops his head out of his office, handing rose a black bag and giving her a nod and a slightly awkward pat of affection. as she walks away, we see the corner of her mouth perk up a little into a smirk.

she goes down an elevator and up until now it seems like we are going to see rose meet up with mickey and the dimension cannon, but…

she gets out of the elevator and we see an expression of disbelief as the camera cuts to a shot of a big blue police box.

rose immediately walks into the doors, the shock turning into wonder and after a beat, asks, “Is it ready?”

the camera suddenly cuts to the new TARDIS’ occupant, the doctor in his blue suit and a huge grin on his face. 

“That depends, Ms. Tyler. Are you?”

cut back to rose, who is smiling so brightly she could have blinded the doctor where he stood.

(cue opening credits)


However far away I will always love you 
However long I stay I will always love you 
Whatever words ‘they’ say I will always love you 
I will always love you… 

Living in a parallel world…

“Mornings With You” - Digital Oil Painting

Tentoo has other ideas about how to spend their morning.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

He gave a rumbly little growl as he came up behind her, hands finding her waist, he dipped his head to nuzzle her neck and shoulder. “Come back to bed,” he all but purred.

Rose grinned, carefully adjusting her hold on the mug she was holding so he wouldn’t make her drop it. “Doctor, I’m trying to look at the weather report,” she said, her eyes on the tablet in front of her. “And I made coffee.”

He growled again, this one more aggressive, as he fitted himself more firmly against her, trapping her between him and the counter. Her breath caught as he rutted his morning erection along the cleft of her arse. His hands slid down, his fingers finding the hem of the long t-shirt she’d worn to bed last night, beginning to pull it upward, inch by inch.

“Sod the coffee,” he said, his voice low and raspy from sleep. “You want to know the weather? We’ll do it facing the window.”

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headcanons about tentoo, rose and their babies?

omg my fave topic

  • tentoo & rose have like five years of travelling the world/saving the world/consulting for torchwood/having a lot a LOT of sexy adventures, before baby #1 is conceived 
  • by accident 
  • on a field trip in a tent in some forest in the middle of nowhere
  • initially, predictably, they are Terrified, but they also know that now it’s happened………..they want this new exciting adventure
  • they really, really want it
  • tentoo is an absolutely a+ dad-to-be, doing all the cliche running out to grab whatever rose is craving that day & massaging her tired muscles & taking photos of her bump as it gets progressively larger
  • ofc he puts all those photos together like a flipbook
  • his doctor tyler video diaries become outrageously domestic & also skyrocket in popularity. he is now a youtube sensation. he is bewildered by this (but vain enough to be delighted by #hotdadfame)
  • rose tyler buys the incoming baby tiny baby converses & tentoo is Overwhelmed
  • they bicker for months about what they are gonna call her
  • rose vetoes some truly ridic suggestions that come from tentoo’s lips
  • they eventually agree on one they both love, literally five seconds before rose goes into labour
  • the labour is long and tentoo is impatient and rose tyler has no time for his impatience because this is bloody painful
  • she tells him this is the one & only time he’s doing this to her
  • the baby girl is put into her arms & she’s like. …..ok maybe it’s worth it
  • tentoo tells her he wants a brood of them
  • they settle for two more, one boy and another little girl, each 2 years apart
  • raising 3 children is stressful & wonderful & they take them all over the world
  • they learn words from so many languages and become proper cultured and cool and the envy of all their friends at school
  • tentoo and rose are known as super cool parents to their kids’ friends, and their kids’ friends’ parents…..only rose and their family know the truth aka she is the cool one and he is a massive dork
  • their youngest daughter asks them one day how they knew they were ~meant to be, because she’s just had her heart broken for the first time. she’s four. 
  • rose tries not to laugh, and cuddles her close, and tentoo delves into his bigger-on-the-inside pockets and shows their little girl a stash of random things he’s collected in his jacket pockets over the years. things that mean a lot, things that remind him of rose, photobooth pictures & train tickets & baby scans & post-it notes they’ve conversed with via the fridge
  • they don’t really answer her question with words because how can they? they just are
  • their little boy idolises his uncle tony tyler & pretends he doesn’t idolise his sisters (he does)
  • one strange, mad day, a spaceship crash-lands ten miles away. the occupant is safe, thank goodness. the occupant is jenny
  • tentoo is Overwhelmed again, to discover she’s still alive; rose is assigned to research the crash site and finds her, unharmed, and is the one to tell tentoo the news, bringing their new family member home for tea & introductions
  • jenny decides to stay in this parallel universe, as inexplicable as her journey there has been. she likes this dad of hers and she likes rose tyler and she likes her little sister’s teacher miss oswald very, very much
  • tentoo and rose cuddle and kiss and tease and laugh in front of their children all the time; those kids are sometimes grossed out by this, sometimes shyly proud - that their parents are so loved and loving
  • the kids see them fight sometimes too - when they furiously disagree about how to deal with parenting strife xyz, whispered voices raising in the kitchen; the kids don’t really hear the other fights, the ones out of fear when whoever’s done something daft on a mission nearly endangers themselves
  • luckily they don’t hear the making-up they do, either
  • …hopefully.
  • baby #3 does question the marks on her mummy’s neck one time, but they hastily change the subject to Peppa Pig
  • tentoo and rose aren’t perfect. they mess up, they fall out, they make up; they sigh and groan and laugh and blush, and it’s hard, but it’s fun, and they love their life
  • and mostly they’re a team, always; co-parents & co-pilots & co-workers, and they have each other’s back
  • their children know this, always; they’re a family who looks after one another to the max
  • tentoo knows what it’s like to have a childhood full of loneliness, embarrassment, fear & sadness
  • their children do not

So for some reason I just got this really funny image of Rose and TenToo in Pete’s world, and they’re traveling and…

Rose: We’re lost.
Doctor: We’re not lost.
Rose: Ask for directions.
Doctor: Rose I’m a complicated event in time and space, I don't need directions, I know exactly where we are. My sense of direction is just as impeccable now as it was when I was full Time Lord.
Rose: 12 months instead of 12 hours.
Doctor: One time.
Rose: Cardiff 1869 instead of Naples 1860.
Doctor: I was a different man.
Rose: What’s the difference again between 1879 and and 1979?
Doctor: *…pulls over to ask for directions*