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So Peter Parker hasn’t seen his Aunt for quite some time now, though she’s taught him how she would communicate with him, check how he was doing, if he was safe, doing okay in school and all that jazz.Yeah, Pete’s aunt was a SHIELD Agent, all top secret and hush hush. She and his Uncle Ben had a mutually amicable separation and agreement on taking care of Peter and while he still misses his parents and will always miss them for the rest of his life, he knows his Uncle and Aunt love him.  With the recent loss of his Uncle Ben, the woman he would always call “Aunt May” but was “the Cavalry” to SHIELD was definitely coming over to see him at his dorm. Pete was currently wondering how the hell he was going to explain to his aunt about the spider powers thing… did he even have a prayer of keeping it secret from her?



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EMPEROR AWESOME (And Fist Fighters)

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Eh, it’s close I can get. Pretty hyped for musical numbers in future 11 minute episodes, plus the 22 minute musical too!

My 15th Birthday Present: Meeting Michael.

When I was growing up, I was one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans ever. I went to all the L.A. concerts and would listen to all the Jacksons’ records over and over.
For my 15th birthday in 1979, my dad (jazz arranger Pete Rugolo) called his friend Quincy Jones and asked him if he could introduce us. Quincy mentioned he was just starting to record an album with Michael called “Off the Wall” and invited me to spend the day with him at the recording studio.
I don’t think I have ever been more excited to meet anybody in my life. Michael was so sweet to me. He knew I was a big fan and let me watch him record the song “Get on the Floor.”
I had another big moment when he invited his friend Karen Carpenter to join us for a while. At the end of the day, he took the temporary cover of the album and signed it “To Gina, much love in the ‘80s.” I was thrilled because I knew I could brag about it for a whole new decade.
I have stayed such a loyal fan even to this day that practically every good friend I had in high school and college called me today to check in and share a memory about him with me.
By Gina Rugolo, on June 26, 2009