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Falling in Love with a Coffee Shop

 @humanschallenge - Week 2, Day 4: Coffee Shop/Bookshop AU 

The owners, George Millican and his wife Mary, lived next door and were close friends to Odi’s family so when Odi was in need of a summer job they had been kind enough to offer him the very honorable position as a cleaner and dishwasher in their little coffee shop. By the end of that summer, Odi was prepared to find himself looking for work again and was very much surprised when Mr. Millican had approached him and said that they wanted to promote him to a barista, an offer he was more than happy to accept. He worked nights and weekends there for several years beside his studies and when he turned twenty two the Millicans offered him the business, an offer he gladly accepted to everyone’s surprise. His parents thought he was wasting his potential by staying in the same town he grew up in working at the same place since he was a teenager, but Odi loved it. He loved working with people, getting to know them and their routines and bringing them together.

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Good Note

@humanschallenge Week 3 Day 5 Karpet/Breakup
A/N: This obviously takes place in an AU where Hester isn’t completely horrible and lets Pete live

Pete wondered if he should check the rooms one last time, make sure he didn’t leave anything behind. But they still worked together. He was sure if he did forget something, Karen would bring it to him at work.

He smiled wryly, imaging Karen showing up at work with his razor and the questions from their colleagues about why she had his razor and ‘are you two finally dating?’ followed by the more awkward ‘no, we’re actually not seeing each other anymore and I just forgot some stuff at Karen’s.’

“Where are you going?”

Pete jumped slightly, looking down to see Sam standing right in front of him. His little synth feet hardly made a sound when walking, so if Pete wasn’t paying attention, Sam almost always startled him. “Um, no where, I um…”

Sam frowned. “Why are you lying? You have your bags packed. Are we going on holiday?” a tone of hope entered his voice and his green eyes brightened.

Pete took a deep breath. Looking down at Sam’s eyes full of emotion that hadn’t been there a month ago, Pete thought to himself that Sam was the second synth in his life that he didn’t want to disappoint.

But just like he had disappointed the first synth, he would have to disappoint Sam too. “It’s time I find my own place to stay for a while.” he answered, kneeling down to Sam’s eye level.

Sam’s frown intensified. “But why? Is it because you don’t want to share rooms with Karen anymore? You can share my room. Maybe Karen can get us bunk beds and you read me more bedtime stories.”

Pete rubbed his face. He had to admit, he had grown attached to Sam after meeting his conscious version. He was almost like the son he never had. He was one of the big reasons why he decided to see if things could still work out between him and Karen.

He glanced up and noticed Karen was just a few feet away, leaning against the wall and quietly listening to their conversation. Pete shook his head. The light-footedness of the synths strikes again. “It’s a little bit more than that, Sam.” Karen said, alerting Sam to her presence as well.

The frown was now permanently etched on his face. “But I don’t want Pete to leave!”

“You’ll still see me. I’ll still come by and take you to the park and read you stories.” Pete said before Sam could start throwing a fit. He might not be able to produce tears, but he could definitely throw a tantrum when he wanted.

“Oh, will you now?” Karen asked, trying to keep her tone uninterested.

Pete shrugged, standing up. “If it’s alright with you of course.”

Karen nodded. “Yeah, I just…” she gave a wry smile. “I’ve never done…this before, so I’m not entirely sure what normally happens.”

“Well, if it’s on a good note, then we can keep seeing each other. I mean, we do still work together, so we have to see each other. Unless you want to ask for a transfer. It’ll be awkward, but we’ll move past it and become friends again one day.” Pete explained, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Did we end on a good note?”

Pete gave a genuine smile. “I mean it didn’t end the way my last one did, so yeah, I think it’s a good note.”

Karen smiled back. “We’ll see you later then, Detective Drummond.”