pete schuyler

anonymous asked:

What music would u and Pete listen too when ur just hangin out?

I think you would just put one of your phones on shuffle and let random songs play.

One minute you’ll be cuddling and listening to a cute soft song like Toothpaste Kisses or Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, the next minute you’re leaping up because “it’s The Schuyler Sisters, Pete, it’s illegal not to dance!”

Peter has tons of videos on his phone of you dancing like an absolute dork, they’re his favourite things to watch when he’s feeling down. His favourite is the time just a couple of weeks ago when Jingle Bell Rock came on and you fell over trying to do the dance from Mean Girls.

Of course, there are times when even Peter can’t resist getting up to dance. May will never forget the time she opened the door to tell the pair of you that dinner was ready and saw you both standing on the bed playing aggressive air guitar to Highway To Hell.