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My ships are dead

My ships are dead. They all crashed and burned.

•Ryden- that’s been dead since 2009
•Troyler- they stopped talking to each other
•Peterick- Patrick straight up hates the ship
•Frerard- Mcr broke up

The only good one I have left is Larry Stylinson. But Larry just has too much drama.

Kidz Bop be like

Mama we all go to school
Mama we all go to school
Im writing this essay cause learning is cool
Mama we all go to school

emo band boy you should marry

Aries - Frank Iero
Taurus - Gabe Saporta
Gemini - Tyler Joseph
Cancer - Josh Dun 
Leo - Gerard Way
Virgo - Patrick Stump
Libra - Pete Wentz
Scorpio - Ryan Ross
Sagittarius - Jack Barakat 
Capricorn - Mikey Way
Aquarius - Brendon Urie
Pisces - Alex Gaskarth

The Bandoms: A Summary
  • Fall Out Boy:Always gets excited over the smallest things like Pete Wentz could eat cheese and the Internet would explode
  • My Chemical Romance:Forever in denial but still follow solo careers
  • Panic! at the Disco:No one can look past how every song is about sex and they become the butt of the joke
  • Twenty One Pilots:perfect angels that can do no wrong
  • Paramore:Not even mentioned in these types of posts

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Pete Ryan is an illustrator. He works with acrylic paint, silkscreens, block prints, and airbrushes to make his work. He works insanely long hours, but that’s what makes him happiest. He loves coming up with solutions to problems and will likely shock you with the amount of ideas he provides for each project. Pete also loves Boston Terriers and Middle Earth.


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bandom gothic
  • an interviewer asks brendon urie a question about ryan ross. brendon’s smile falters and he avoids the question. the next day, the interviewer is gone. all copies of the interview have disappeared. you cannot recall the face or the name of the interviewer.
  • whenever pete wentz looks into a mirror, he sees himself as he was in 2007, with his emo fringe and eyeliner. whenever patrick stump looks into a mirror, he sees himself with his old sideburns. there are no mirrors on their tour bus.
  • gerard way summons a demon on stage. no one notices.
  • you are listening to from under the cork tree. there is a song you do not recognize. you look in the liner notes. the song’s title is 78 words long.
  • at any given moment, josh dun is both a member of twenty one pilots and kicked out of it. he is schrödinger’s drummer. even he does not know the truth.
  • patrick agrees to let pete take off his hat. underneath there is a smaller hat and another one under that. eventually there is just a large pile of hats.
  • you find an unnamed mp3 on panic! at the disco’s website. when you play it, you find it is a clip of shrieking and sobbing. someone asks brendon urie about it. “oh, that’s one of the songs from the cabin album,” he says.
  • gerard way’s twitter makes less and less sense each day. you don’t recognize the language his tweets are in. nobody does.
  • you go to a panic! at the disco concert in the year 2050. brendon urie is still the only original member left. in fact, he is the only official member left. the touring musicians are just shadowy figures at their instruments. brendon looks exactly the same as he did in 2013.
  • it is the year 3015. ryan ross’s instagram is still updating.
  • pete wentz’s hair changes color every time you look at him. he speaks entirely in emoji.
  • you are new to the fandom. you want to start reading fanfic. every reclist you find has only one link. it is the milk fic.
Reblog if you ship two people BUT

• you don’t harass them about it
• you’re okay if it’s not real
(even though you might be sad)
• at the end you just wish them to have an awesome relationship
• you still care more about them as people than the ship
• you are nice and respectful to shippers AND non-shippers as long as they are nice and respectful as well

I want proof that there are nice shippers.

Please reblog if you agree with all of the above.

This posted is base off the original.

I felt it needed to be said again as I saw things related to the topic.

“I’m emo in the wrong year!” cries the kid in 2015, ten years too late. With smudged Xs over their eyes, they clutch the 2005 Kerrang calendar close to their chest. “Take me back…” they whimper over and over again, stealing glimpses of Ryan Ross in the red rose waistcoat. “My precious…” they trail off, not wanting to face the reality that no one knows where Ryan is.

“Emo is over, you can all go home now!” taunts Pete Wentz repeatedly.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as home. Not in 2015.

The only hope that they have left is Gerard Way’s newly black hair and red eye make-up. “Just like the good ol’ times,” states the young emo, despite being 6 years old in 2005.

“Just like the good ol’ times indeed.”

mcr was on yo gabba gabba, fob made a song for bh6, and a p!atd song was in the smurfs

The emos are preparing for the new generation of emos

who the signs should marry in the emo trinity

aries: patrick stump

taurus: dallon weekes

gemini: ryan ross

cancer: gerard way

leo: ray toro

virgo: spencer smith

libra: andy hurley

scorpio: pete wentz

sagittarius: mikey way

capricorn: frank iero

aquarius: joe trohman

pisces: brendon urie

Punk/Rock/Screamo Band Member Heights:

-Patrick Stump: 5″4
-Pete Wentz: 5″6
-Gerard Way: 5″8
-Mitch Lucker: 6″2
-Alex Gaskarth: 6″
-Jack Barakat: 6″2
-Kellin Quinn: 5″8
-Hayley Williams: 5″1
-Halsey: 5″4
-Amy Lee: 5″3
-Billie Joe Armstrong: 5″6
-Mark Hoppus: 5″10
-Joel Madden: 5″6
-Benji Madden: 5″6
-Brendon Urie: 5″8
-Ryan Ross: 5″10
-Vic Fuentes: 5″6
-Tyler Joseph: 5″9
-Josh Dun: 5″5
-Andy Biersack: 6″3