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Bering and Wells; Late night queries

“Truth or dare?”

This game is childish and Helena says so but Myka only cocks a challenging eyebrow and licks absently at the rim of her tumbler and perhaps this game isn’t quite as adolescent as Helena initially thought.

It is well into the night, dinner has been long finished and most of the inhabitants of the Bed and Breakfast have long said goodnight and Helena has somehow found herself closed up in Myka’s bedroom, stretched across her bed with a glass of whiskey that has made her loose and warm and reminds her of so long ago.

“Fine.” Helena sighs, dragging the palm of her free hand across the well worn quilt beneath her while Myka sips from her own glass where she sits cross-legged at the foot of her bed in pajama shorts and a tank top. Helena stretches her already outstretched legs, trying and failing to brush her sock covered toes against Myka’s bare knee. “Truth, I suppose.”

“Was Pete a good kisser?” Myka wonders with a laugh and Helena rolls her eyes at Myka’s impishness even though she is enjoying it in this moment. In the comfort of her room and apparently the arms of alcohol, Myka is warm and unreserved. Her green eyes are housing golden stars in this light and Helena is sure that has far more to do with the soothing warmth in her belly than the whisky in her hand.

“You’re partner is certainly talented…orally speaking.” Helena says only to see Myka’s reaction which is a disbelieving frown and a seemingly annoyed gulp of whiskey.

“That’s disgusting.” Myka croaks, her drink voice roughening her voice and the ice in her tumbler jingles as she leans over the side of the bed to set it, now empty, on the floor.

“Stop it.” Helena chides, setting her own mostly finished drink on the night stand. “You and your partner are both attractive people. The fact that you two have never carried on some type of affair is surprising.”

Myka gapes at Helena for a moment before sputtering. “So, you think Pete is attractive?”

Helena opens her mouth to respond because while indignant Myka is always somewhat amusing, she is pretty sure drunkenly indignant Myka would be a delight but Myka shakes her head. “No, you know what? Don’t even answer that.”

“Alright then.” Helena sighs, watching as Myka shifts to lie down so her feet are tucked beneath the pillow at the head of the bed and Helena looks at her legs helplessly. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Myka sighs before reaching out to pick at Helena’s brightly colored, mismatched socks and smiling when Helena’s toe curl at the sensation.

“You’ve honestly never thought of Pete as more than a partner?” She questions absently because Myka is still pulling threads from her socks and she is still staring achingly at Myka’s long legs.

“What? No!” Myka squawks and Helena glances at her face in time to see it all quirked up. “Pete is like my brother. My extremely annoying brother.”

Then she pulls Helena’s sock off, probably in retaliation for the line of questioning. Myka tosses the sock over her head and it lands somewhere over the edge of the bed. Myka traces up the sole of Helena’s foot, over and over.

“Have you been intimate with a woman before?” Helena blurts, whiskey leaving her tongue loose and her desires unchecked. She wants Myka, has decided that her infatuation has become fairly obvious but still her intentions have always to be respectful and…gentle in her quest to identify how Myka feels about her though her last sentence was embarrassingly blunt.

Myka, beautiful Myka, blushes but laughs. “This isn’t really how the game works.”

“I dare you to come here.” Helena tries because why not. She’s already given herself away, what with her eyes keep straying to Myka’s lovely thighs and her last question. “I’ve never really been a fan of rules, you know.”

Myka chuckles at that, sitting up, leaning back on her hands and watching Helena with so much raw affection. “Yeah, I know.”