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the signs and what they are excited for

Aries: new music from Andy Hurley’s band fall out boy
Taurus: Patrick Stump’s day of birth…. And that new fob shit
Cancer: the emotional breakdown they will have when they hear that new fob music
Leo: to see the new fall out boy aesthetic
Virgo: that new fall out boy tour
Libra: to see the (fall out) boys produce new art
Scorpio: that sweet sweet new sound of Fall Out Boy
Sagittarius: to hear Joe Trohman’s new sound… oh yeah and Patrick Stump, Andy Hurley *looks at smudged writing on their hand* The almighty mother fucker
Capricorn: The release of yet another Irresistible music video by Fall Out Boy
Aquarius: new fall out boy music to dance to
Pisces: The release of new fob music *eye twitches* *they haven’t slept since the Chicago movie theater scandal*