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Dream Cast part 3 Let us know what you guys think. 

Continuation of my ideal John and Cynthia movie casting. Now it’s time to cast the dudes:

1) Brian Epstein aka Eppy: Despite the fact that Matthew doesn’t look that much like him, I think he’s probably the best choice I could fine for Brian. First off, the guy is a good actor. Having done work in period pieces (Pride and Prejudice) and also performed on stage (Shakespeare of course), Matthew is a serious actor. He has this class and manner of carrying himself I think fits well with Brain. Paul himself said in the documentary “Eight Days a Week” that Brian was real class. Both men have this dignify feature about themselves, but you also sense something deeper going on underneath. Thumbs up for Matthew 👍🏼.

2) George Martin: Paul Bettany is nowadays known for his work in the “Iron Man” and “Avengers” movies. But the guy has been around for a long time and he’s a real good actor. He looks a lot like Martin. But he also has this perfect blend of respect and approachability, which I think is needed for Martin. Like Eppy, he was someone that the boys could be friends with, but still look up to in many ways.

3) Pete Best: I recently watched “Baby Driver” and Ansel was incredible in the lead role. He’s the only American I casted for a British dude. But I think with hard work and patience he can get the accent down. Anyways, it’s important to have a good actor portray Pete, because his time with The Beatles says a lot about the group in the early days.

4) Stuart Sutcliffe: Don’t let “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” taint your opinion on Dane DeHann’s acting. This guy is talented. If you need proof, go watch 2015’s “Life”, where he portrays James Dean. The way how he’s able to embody the soul of that man is great to watch, and it never seems like he’s trying to act. He simply becomes that person. Stuart seems kind of like James Dean, in that he had this hunk quality to him that made him attractive, and this inner fire that never really got a chance to shine. Who better to portray that then Dane?

5) Julian Lennon: Seriously, I wish I could manually change Isaac’s age from infant to teenager! He’s literally the best choice for Julian. They look so much alike and he has the gentleness that so perfectly reflects Julian’s character. They both wore glasses (Isaac wearing them daily now), and are both young men with exceptional gifts and skills.

That’s it for now. Feel free to give me your two sense.

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@ghostess-with-the-mostess and I discussed how a relationship with Julian and Pete would go and this was the result

as for the flower thing I could imagine something like, some time after the valentine’s ball, Pete and Julain go back to the greenhouse and Pete gives him an ambrosia, still in its pot
a flower I chose entirely for it’s meaning since the language of flowers is probably the only sort of romantic thing that Pete has any sort of knowledge about
as a side note (though I’m guessing you looked it up) ambrosia means “returned love”
the only thing other than that is I could see Pete absolutely ruining the moment by explaining to him the details of how to care for it (unless he planned ahead and just simply wrote them down on an extra card)

i think julian would be rather endeared by that at this point given they rattle off about birds  and shit in the same way on occasion

Pete Curtis

Has blog for flowers and plants in general. Very in depth and detailed. Rarely ever answers asks unless someone is asking for help in how to properly raise a plant. No opinion on flower crown edits.

Kay Willow

Blog more or less runs on queue. It’s filled with photos of other people’s cosplays – especially the kind of cosplays that are multicultural or cultural re-imagining of characters – she posts/rebologs cosplay tips and advice, videos of cosplays in action and her own handmade cosplays

Ann Darby

She’s hella busy and doesn’t post as often as she did when she was younger. Her photos are very pretty and aesthetically pleasing. She occasionally takes bird photos for Julian and he posts them, always crediting them to her. She’ll take photos of almost anything.

Julian Darby

The blog is nothing but birds and bird jokes. The quality of pictures depends on who is taking it. Ann’s photos are the best quality you will ever see, they dont appear often but it’s the good shit. Julian’s photos aren’t the worse but not the best either. Julian will supply in depth posts about birds on occasion and posts about telling people what to do if they find an injured bird and how to help return it home.

Julian uses their blog to promote their friend + Ann’s blogs.

Myth and Legend, the beginnings ...

Less a band than a training ground for a variety of Liverpudlian wannabes, Nightmares in Wax released only one EP during its brief existence, but that sole release was unforgettable. Neither did the band truly die, rather it evolved into the even more memorable Dead or Alive. Singer Pete Burns already had one failed group behind him when he formed Nightmares in Wax. The Mystery Girls also included Pete Wylie, Julian Cope, and Phil Hurst, and managed to play their first and final show on the same night. That gig, opening for Sham 69 at Liverpool’s legendary punk club Eric’s, took place on November 4, 1977. The group folded immediately after, with the members going their separate ways.


Wylie formed Wah! (the band’s actual monikers are legion, but always included Wah! within), while Cope went on to the Teardrop Explodes. Burns returned to the music scene with Nightmares in Wax, in February 1979, alongside an interminably shifting lineup that even the most devoted fan could barely keep track of, had the band actually had such loyal creatures. They didn’t, and Burns himself later claimed the group was deliberately attempting to be the worst in history. Regardless, Nightmares in Wax did slowly gain a following, mainly comprising “real loonies,” as the singer himself described them.
One of these hardy souls was Pete Fulwell, head of the local Inevitable Records label. The band’s lineup still hadn’t solidified, but Inevitable offered them a deal all the same. Burns was joined at the session by his former Mystery Girls’ compatriot, drummer Phil Hurst, keyboardist Martin Healy, bassist Walter Ogden, and guitarist Mick Reid. The ensuing EP, Birth of a Nation opened with “Black Leather,” a roaring homage to motorcyclists and musically a tribute to Iggy Pop’s “Sister Midnight.” The song also contained a hint of things to come, when halfway through, the group suddenly broke into K.C. & the Sunshine Band’s “That’s the Way” – subsequently revived by Burns for Dead or Alive’s first hit single.
The EP was released in February 1980 and sold respectably, but the lineup had already splintered. Bassist Ogden was first to go, replaced by a new member named Ambrose, who subsequently followed his predecessor into Hollycaust, an early incarnation of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Reid, too, left, and filling in the now considerable gaps were ex-Upsets Sue James, the singularly named Mitch, and music vet Joe Musker, formerly drummer with Merseybeat legends the Fourmost. Nightmares in Wax now continued to exist more as a concept than as a functioning band; still, in May 1980, the group was offered a local radio session. There, without warning and mere minutes before recording began, Burns decided to change the group’s name to Dead or Alive. This, he claimed, was because he didn’t want to be associated with the arty bands now permeating the Liverpool scene: Echo & the Bunnymen, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Dalek I Love You, and so forth. Nightmares in Wax was dead, Dead or Alive was born, and Burn’s rise to stardom was now beginning in earnest.