pete is so adorable

as much as i love that fob is cartoonized adorably why pete so white… why patrick so skinny… why joe so beefed up…. why andy so-

  • patrick: *blinks*
  • pete: you're so amazing what'd the world do to deserve you you're so adorable look at this guy he's so beautiful have you ever seen someone so fantastic
Daddy Bonding Moment - Pete Dunne

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“She’s adorable.” Trent said as Pete and I walked in his house. Pete was carrying our six month old daughter, Y|D|N. 
“She looks just like her daddy.” I said with a laugh as I sat her diaper bag down. Pete tickled her side, making her laugh. 
Pete kissed the top of her nose making Y|D|N grab his hair. I smiled at the two. “How are you doing, Y|N? Seems like Pete is doing well.” Trent asked, slinging his arm around my shoulder, watching Pete and Y|D|N interact. 
“I’m okay. Pete wants to do everything with her. He even wakes up in the middle of the night to feed her. But, whenever he is gone somewhere wrestling, I get to bond with my baby.” I said with a smile. 
Trent grinned. 
“I never thought I would see Pete as a father but wow.” Trent said.I nodded. Pete raised her in the air, pretending she was flying. 
“Can Uncle Trent hold her now?” Trent asked, walking over to Pete. Pete didn’t want to let her go but he passed her over. Trent started playing with her next.
“You need to share,Pete. I know she’s your baby but other people want to see her. Including ME!” I told Pete with a laugh.
Pete rolled his eyes before wrapping his arms around my waist. “Time flies by and I want to cherish every moment with her.” 

“We see you later, Trent.” I hugged him goodbye as Pete buckled Y|D|N in her car seat. “Come back anytime, lads.” Trent waved goodbye as we drove away. As soon as we got home, Pete and I laid on the couch with Y|D|N sitting on Pete’s chest. I rested my head against Pete’s shoulder as Pete was playing peek - a - boo. 
“Why are you so adorable?” Pete talked to Y|D|N. I smiled. 
Y|D|N just cooed and smiled at Pete.
“You and her have such an amazing bond. I can’t wait for her to get older and you and her interact even more.” I told Pete. 
“I can’t wait for that either.”
Foe the rest of the night, we laid on the couch while playing with Y|D|N. She ended up falling asleep on Pete’s chest.
“You can take her to bed.” Pete said.
“Finally.” I laughed. I carefully picked her up from his chest and carried her upstairs to her nursery.
I laid her down gently so she wouldn’t wake up.
“Good night, sweet girl.” I whispered.