pete is my spirit animal


nine doesnt happen in the afternoon mug

thanks pete phone case

xoxo studio pouch

brendon urie is my spirit animal bag

frerard is real tote

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I saw FOB 7 times last year. At my 1st show in Houston, Pete said he wanted to see more crowd surfing, and the next person to crowd surf would get a free t-shirt. So I (in the front row) jumped over the barricade and started crowd surfing. The next night he said the same thing, and I yelled “you owe me a free t-shirt!” And he said “yeah I do!” And told my story. Then said, “This next song is for you.” It was Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy. The 1st FOB song I ever heard - in Chicago!

After the show I went to get my free shirt, which was a huge pain in the ass, so me and a bunch of other people who recognized me as the girl Pete called, “the girl with the long pink hair and wild personality” started tweeted FOB and eventually their merch guy came out and gave me my free shirt. After, I stayed to meet the guys and Patrick, Joe &A Andy asked if I got my shirt, and Pete tweeted me to ask. The next day it was hot as balls. I crowd surfed & the guys waved and smiled at me.
In September, I decided to cross something off of my bucket list-See FOB in Chicago. So I dragged my boyfriend to Riot Fest. I got pretty close, but not front row, so during Grand Theft Autumn I decided to crowd surf. I crowd surfed way farther than I thought! Finally when I got close, Pete saw me and watched me get closer. Then when security when to pull me down, they picked me up wrong and I was stuck just hanging upside down. When I finally got down, Pete was laughing his ass off at me!

I lost my phone that night, but it was so worth it. Finally the next week, in Houston I got to formally meet them. I was so nervous I was shaking! When I got to Pete, he said “hey! You’re the girl!” And I said yeah and briefly told him about going to the shows and then when I said Riot Fest, he said “I remember, I saw you there!” I said “yeah, I was upside down for a while” and he remembered and laughed some more.
That night, when they came on stage with their glowing guitars I said, “holy shit those things glow in the dark!?” And Pete started laughing, and before they could start playing he said, “so uh, I think you’re my spirit animal.” Then Patrick said something and Pete said, “Yeah, who’d have thought I’m actually a girl with pink hair from Texas.” Then he Joe and Patrick started joking and I couldn’t make it out over my own screaming.

Still during that night, during Saturday, Pete went into the pit at the end, but didn’t take off his shirt, which everyone was disappointed in. After the song was through, he walked across the stage, took off his shirt, leaned over the stage (almost fell) and handed his shirt to me. He had to jerk it away from another girls hand, and he gave it to me.

I also managed to get a setlist from that night, so the next night I had them sign it. Pete added “XX” to his signature on mine and nobody else’s

I thanked him for making my shows so special, and plan on giving them a really cool gift in August. I’m going to see them seven more times this year and meeting them at each one. I’m a journalist, and hope to photograph a show or two, and if I’m lucky, get an interview. I love Fall Out Boy. I’ve never been more happy than I have been at Fall Out Boy shows. I hope one day I have the time to tell them how much I appreciate it.