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Hogwarts AU it is!

So Ill be writing a Hogwarts AU (yes it is brallon •_•) on here. There will be ¾ parts of it. I should start writing. Heh
But here are people and what houses they’re gonna be in. First part will be out August 15th!

Ravenclaw: Dallon Weekes
Ryan Ross
Kenneth Harris
Joe Trohman

Gryffindor: Ian Crawford
Spencer Smith
Hayley Williams
Ryan Seaman

Slytherin: Brendon Urie
Brent Wilson
Dillon Francis
Pete Wentz
Breezy Douglas

Hufflepuff: Jon Walker
Dan Pawlovich
Patrick Stump
Andy Hurley

You know what I’ll miss most when ‘Mad Men’ is over? Besides the incredible stories and amazing cast? That the fandom comes back every week for the show. I love that there are no ship wars, I love that we can smartly discuss the episodes, I love that we get all giddy after an episode is over and we try to decode every single detail looking for clues of what’s to come, I love that we can anxiously look forward to Tom and Lorenzo’s “Mad Style” every wednesday. The fandom is united, I’ve never read anyone fighting over a ship or a couple. That’s what puts me off of some other shows. I come into tumblr and search a tag and Jesus… I back away from my computer/cellphone. It gets nasty. But with ‘Mad Men’ we can freak out because Don and Betty have scenes when they reconnect, have sex in the woods or Don gives her a massage and we start screaming for them to get together, and hope they do, and the story Jon and January have created for these characters all these years and their chemistry just help highlight the moment, but deep down know that we’ll be totally cool if that doesn’t happen, because this isn’t a show about ships. It’s about people searching to find who their true selves are, it’s a show about the quest of happiness, and dissapointments. None of us will start sending Matt Weiner death threats because Don and Betty shared a beautiful moment but leave it at that, or Peggy and Stan have a heartfelt talk that ends with one of them walking out the door, or because Roger wants to protect Joan but ends up failing at his task. I love that we don’t go all “ugh, these two didn’t get together, I’m quitting this show!”. I seriously love sunday nights on twitter, and I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one whose heart is slowly breaking because the show is nearing its end. So congrats ‘Mad Men’ fandom! We’ve managed to create a healthy community where we can express our opinions in a civilized way. Group hug to everyone on this difficult time of almost goodbye. Let’s stock up on alcohol, the finale is 11 days away.


Mad Men | End of an Era

A tribute to 7 wonderful seasons.

I’m not crying, nor have I been crying for the past two hours because I hate the show or because I want to kill Matt Weiner. I’m crying and have been crying for the past two hours because Betty Francis, a character I adore and am painfully attached too, is dying. She’s fucking dying. She’s got nine months to a year to live. I fucking hate the storyline, but I’m not mad at the show or the writers. So, in a weird way, the storyline makes sense, “Mad Men” is not a show about happiness, is about life. And in life you search for happiness. Sometimes you find it, sometimes you don’t. Joan got a shitty exit from McCann, Roger knows he’s condemned to spend the rest of his years trapped in those offices, not being a leader, Don is a hobo again and Betty is fucking dying. Did this ruin “Mad Men” for me? Hell no! Do I like it? Hell fucking no! “Mad Men” is that show that happens to be different, the one that sets itself apart, the one that makes sense, the one that grips you and makes you get involved because of the characters, and not the ships, the one that built an amazing fandom where we can all talk and discuss in a civilized way, the one that you don’t get angry with. The finale probably won’t hurt as much now that I saw what’s happening to Betty, and I may joke that that’s what Matt planned all along with this storyline, but I still don’t want to say goodbye to it. I know Betty’s story sucks, and that she’s dying before her time. I’m well aware the woman smokes like a chimney and yeah, that’s life! And that’s “Mad Men”. And Matt and the writers have given her seven seasons of amazing storylines and watching her go through the rollercoaster that has been Betty’s life was a thrill. But still, I feel validated to keep on crying because the Queen is dying of cancer and it fucking hurts. And watching this show end will also fucking hurt.

Welcome to 1970, Mad Men. #TheEndOfAnEra

Tonight is the last episode of Mad Men. To commemorate I’ve been working on a companion piece to the illustration I did back in 2009. I was especially interested in capturing the emotional arc of the characters in these new portraits. How is each character different from that first episode set in 1960?

Don, Peggy, Pete, Betty, Roger, and Joan: You will be missed!


Dispatch- “Steeples”


listen to this and you’ll feel happy. i promise.