pete dove


Another new Mickey short premiered this weekend! In “Wish Upon a Coin” we give our take on Snow White! I had a lot of fun doing Snow White herself and tons of Mickeys and Minnies. It’s one of my favorites from season three. More are coming soon from the episode!

Part Eight

I wanted to get this up, because I probably won’t have a lot of time the rest of the day. So forgive any minor mistakes. (Or don’t forgive them, I guess I can’t really control that. But I thought I’d give some context to them at least).

Where the hell was Owen? Claire thought to herself, reaching and grabbing Karen’s hand and giving it a squeeze. She adopted her most intimidating pose, narrowing her eyes at Pete.

I’m not afraid of you, she told herself. You’re just a bully. I’ve faced worse than you before.

“Excuse me,” Claire said, her voice all steel and sharp edges. “I don’t believe I was speaking to you.” She heard the pounding of feet on stairs, as Owen burst breathlessly into the room, his eyes darting from Pete to his wife, unsure of what to do next. She could see him approach like he used to approach the paddock, calm, cautious.

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