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Peterick vs Ryden #26
  • Patrick: (is blasting taylor swift and quickly turns it off when pete gets home) hEY PETE
  • Pete: aw it's ok you can turn ur music on i dont mind <3
  • vs
  • Brendon: (is blasting taylor swift and quickly turns it off when ryan gets home) hEY RYAN
  • Ryan: turn that shit back on that's my fucking jam

~Fall Out Boy~


Teenage Dirtbag

Please Stay Forever With Me

~Panic! At The Disco~


New Perspective 

I’m Just The Pizza Guy

I Will Make You Believe You Are Lovely

10 Victoria’s Secret Models

Please Stay Forever With Me


Happy Birthday


Bang The Doldrums 

~My Chemical Romance~


House Of Memories

Do You Like Scary Movies…


Home For The Holidays


I Would Never Hurt You

I Would Never Hurt You (pt.2)

All I Can Taste Is This Moment


I Guess They Know

I Guess They Know (pt.2)



Angels Choking On Their Halos 


Angels Choking On Their Halos

~Random ~

Kellin Quinn- Be My Wife

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

it’s prom season, and your mum is forcing you to go with your life long neighbour and peer, pete. you REALLY didn’t want to go with him because he’s creepy and weird and has a book of emo poetry he keeps around wherever he goes, but your mum said it was the least you could do because he’d probably just stay at home and sing his sad music to himself. it’s about 5 and you’re waiting in the living room; dread fills every bone in your body. Your phone reads 5:30 and you’re about to go and tell your mum that you’re just going to go with your friends when you hear a knock on your door. You sigh through your nose and go to answer it. There’s Pete, in all his eye-straining pink glory. “Hi,” he greets you. “Hi,” you say back. He awkwardly grabs your hand — Jesus Christ, his are all sweaty — and leads you down the street. “I, erm, don’t know how to drive, but you can ride on my handlebars if you’d like.” You’re in for a long night.

Please Stay Forever With We

Request by @onlythebestfandoms

Hey!! So, I’ve just discovered your blog and holy cheeseballs it’s amazing! It’s just so!!!!! good???? Like holy wow???? How???? Sorry I just got very excited. Could you write something angsty with Patrick (FOB obvs) and Brendon- love triangle? Maybe Brendon is your bf but he’s a total cheater (who can blame him he’s hot af) and Patrick finds out and tells you but you don’t believe him until you find out too and then angst and Patrick becoming your bf maybe? Sorry if it’s too specific. Thanks!!


It’s the middle of September and your college campus was busier than usual. The familiar sound of freshmen moving in was evident outside the door. Right now you are sitting in Patrick’s dorm with your boyfriend Brendon, his arm wrapped around you. You’d been dating for about 9 months and you were completely, madly in love. Patrick on the other hand couldn’t stand Brendon. He hated him and thought he was the biggest douche to ever walk the earth. Sure, he has a history of being a player and never staying long term relationships, but people can change, right? Maybe he just needed to find you to realize that he only needed one person to make him happy.

Patrick is sitting parallel on his roommate’s bed, glaring intently. You knew he would be upset that you brought Brendon but he asked to come along and you couldn’t say no to him. You check the clock on your phone and your heart drops for a moment before you react.

“Shit I’m gonna be late.” You stand up and grab your bag.

“Sorry guys.” You kiss Brendon on the cheek and he smiles in response.

“Bye, Babe. Try not to kill each other.” You smirk and point between Brendon and Patrick, causing the latter to finally crack a smile. You wave then start sprinting to your next lecture.


Brendon and I sit in silence for a few moments, he looks around and drums his fingers on his thighs and I just stare at him. Just his presence in my room pisses me off. He sucks his teeth before finally speaking.

“So…..see any good movies lately?”

“Get out." 


And with that simple exchange, he is out the door in less than 10 seconds.

I sit around being bored for an hour or so before deciding to go grab a coffee from the cafe on campus. It only takes 5 minutes to get there and it’s not as busy as I thought it would be. I order my coffee and sit down at a table in the corner, reading the book I brought.

Soon after I begin reading I hear a familiar laugh that makes me cringe. I look up to see Brendon waltzing in with some giggling brunette on his arm. I immediately become anxious. What the hell is he doing? Did he get amnesia and forget about Y/N? Maybe they were just being friendly.

Then he kissed her. On the lips. In the middle of the coffee shop.

I immediately felt my heartbreak thinking of Y/N. How would she react? I couldn’t bear the thought of her being upset but she needed to know. I couldn’t let him break her heart. I loved her too much to let him do that.

Y/N lives off campus but not far so I start running, my heart pounding against my chest. I finally turn down her street and run up to her door, soaking wet. I don’t even pause for a break before I begin knocking furiously. She opens the door looking at me confusedly.

“Patrick, what the hell? It’s pouring outside, you’re gonna get sick.” She grabs my hand and quickly pulls me inside. I stand, dripping on her floor trying to catch my breath to tell her what I’d seen. She notices the panicked look on my face and begins to get worried.

“Patrick, what’s wrong?” She asks putting a hand on my shoulder.

“I-it’s Brendon.” I pant out.

“What? What about Brendon? Is he okay?” She asks becoming concerned. I just nod.

“H-he’s fine. I just saw him at the coffee shop down the street but, Y/N…..he was….he was with another girl. I-I think he’s cheating on you.”

I didn’t ‘think’, I knew, but I didn’t have the strength to tell Y/N the definitive truth. She drops her hand from my shoulder looking at me angrily.

“Patrick why are you like this? I know you don’t like Brendon but do you really hate him that much? To the point where you would lie just so I would break up with him? God, Patrick. Why can’t you just accept us and be happy for me, you know I really like him!” She yells.

“Yes! I know you really like him which is why I don’t want you to get hurt by him, Y/N! I’m trying to protect you!” I try to reason with her but she won’t have it. Tears start streaming down her face as she points to the door.

“Get out.” She says lowly, turning away from me. The whole point of me telling her was so she wouldn’t get upset but now it seems all I’ve done is made her more upset.

“B-but, Y/N I-”

“GET OUT, PATRICK!” she yells and I shuffle out the front door and back into the pouring rain.

~~Y/N’S POV~~~

You sigh and sit on the couch. You couldn’t believe Patrick would do something like that. You’ve always known Patrick didn’t like Brendon due to his unfaithful history, but you’d never thought he would go this far. He made you do the one thing you didn’t wanna do: choose between him and Brendon. 

You sit for about an hour, not knowing what to do. You flipped through the tv trying to distract yourself from the aching feeling of wanting to call Patrick and apologize, but you couldn’t. You had to put your foot down somewhere and this time, he had crossed the line. You needed someone to take your mind off things so you called Brendon and asked if you could come over. He obviously says yes and In about 30 minutes, you’re knocking on his door. As soon as you see him you burst into tears, and he pulls you into his chest.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do without him. Patrick was my best friend.” You sob as he shuts his door, sitting you down on the couch. He pushes a strand of hair out of your face and sushes you, wiping away your tears with his thumb.

“It’s okay, I’m sure he’ll come around. The two of you have been through thick and thin together.” He rubs your back as you begin to calm down, enabling you to breathe again. Brendon wipes away the last of your tears as he whispered soothing words in your ear. As he spoke, you couldn’t pay attention to what he was saying because you were too focused on something else. When Brendon wiped your tears away, you could see clearly again which was terrible for him. It exposed the two huge hickies on his neck.

“B-brendon, what are those?” You ask, praying to god they weren’t what you assumed they were.

“What are what?” he asks stroking your hair.

“Wait a second….” you grab his sweatshirt and inhale it deeply.

“This isn’t my perfume! I hate expensive perfumes!” You yell jumping up, his sweatshirt still in hand.

“Babe….Babe listen it’s not what you think…” He says, standing up and coming closer to me. Your eyes well with tears as you realize what’s happening

“Oh really? Because it seems like you’re FUCKING CHEATING ON ME!” With every venemous word, you hit him with the sweatshirt. You throw it down and turning away from him, unable to look him in the eye anymore.

“Oh my god, Patrick was right….” You begin bawling at the realization.

“Y/N, wait-”

“NO! How could you!? You’re a fucking asshole, Brendon Urie. You’re a piece of fucking shit! God, I can’t believe I defended you against Patrick. I guess people really don’t change.“

Before he could get another word in, you storm out the door. Now it’s your turn to walk alone in the rain.  You don’t know where to go at this point or what to do. You wanna go to Patrick’s but he probably hates your guts after the way you treated him. You never should’ve doubted him. You sulk back to your house, shoes and socks soaked, hair and clothes drenched, mascara running down your cheeks. You finally reach your house and your eyes light up when you see none other than Patrick sitting on your door step with his head in his hands.

"Patrick….” he looks up at you with sad eyes and stands.

“Hey, Y/N…look I know you don’t wanna see me right now but-” you cut him off my wrapping your arms arm him and squeezing him tightly, never wanting to let go.

“Patrick, I’m so sorry. I should’ve believed you.” You sob into his shoulders. He rubs your back soothingly.

“So you found out for yourself….” he says solemnly. You nod even though he can’t see it. He grabs your keys out of your pocket and unlocks your door, walking you inside. You plop down on the couch and curl up in his lap.

“I should’ve listened to you, Patrick. I’m so sorry. Please don’t hate me. I don’t wanna lose you.” You pause, your breath catching in your throat.

“I’m not going anywhere, Y/N.” You look up at him, staring into his glistening blue eyes.  

“No, Patrick, I need you to stay with me….like forever.”

He ponders for a minute, shocked by your confession. He parts his lips trying to find something to say but falls short of words. Before he can even think of a response you close the gap between your faces and attach your lips to his. He’s taken aback but soon relaxes into the kiss and you smile against his lips. You pull away and he shares a content smile. He looks up as he tries to finally find something to say, the perfect thing, but he shrugs and chuckles, saying the only thing his brain could currently come up with.

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for that.”