pete and jackie

“You Are Proof…” 

“…That emotions destroy you.” 

“Ya…I am.” 

I love this line reading so much. He’s so resigned about it all–he absolutely owns it, which further drives home the point that his pain is part of his power and part of what keeps him fighting. There’s such optimism in the way he says it, even though he’s admitting to having been destroyed emotionally. Something so poignant and human and Whovian about that–pain is what helps shape us, but it does not stop us or make us relinquish hope. 

“You Can Shut Up” 

Get the Doctor going on multi-dimensional physics and he can talk forever. But bring up affairs of the heart and he readily acknowledges he’s way out of his depth. I love the way he sort of salutes… “Right…I’m shutting up now…”

“I L…”

So much is made of 10 never finishing the phrase that begins “Rose Tyler…”, but I quite like that it takes Rose a moment to say those words too. It somehow shows us how much it effort and energy she needs to say them out loud. I’m not the biggest of TenRose shippers personally, but I feel this scene is beautifully acted and appropriately crushing. Definite tears the first time I saw it. 

Doctor Who Revival Series Re-Watch

Series 2, Episode 13: “Doomsday”

Fleuve’s fave scenes/observations ☺️💙💙

Image credits to the lovely BBC.

“He also has his black moods, as we all do - and God help anyone who at that time incites his wrath!” - Ravi Shankar

“George had two incredible separate personalities. He had the love bag-of-beads personality. And the bag of anger.” - Ringo Starr    

“His face was a mask of fury and contempt; I had never seen an angrier man. George’s anger even paralyzed John.” - May Pang, Loving John 

“I saw George back-out three Hell’s Angels. We were in an office together with Alistair [Taylor], and these three Angels just flung open the door and walked straight in. I was looking for the closet, but George walked straight up to the biggest guy in the middle and said, ‘What are you doing here? We don’t want you here, we’re having a meeting.’ The guy must have outweighed him by 200lbs, but he just walked back and kept saying, ‘I know you, I know you…’ He walked out the door and George shut it in his face.” - Jackie Lomax, George Harrison: Behind the Locked Door 

“You’ll stay on the fucking label. Hare Krishna.” - George to Paul

“Suddenly the entire Drug Squad began pressing so close that George was moved to shout: ‘Give us some fucking room, will you! I’m not going to run away!’ Whereupon a press photographer duly popped out of the bushes, temporarily blinding us with his flash camera as he snapped his group portrait. At that, George completely blew his top. 'What the fuck do you think you’re doing on my property?’ he yelled. 'I’m gonna fucking kill you, you bastard!’ Tearing after the photographer, with the entire Drug Squad fast at his heels, George embarked upon a protracted wild-goose chase around his own garden. Observing it all from the drive, I couldn’t help but laugh; bad as I felt for George, the scene was altogether worthy of a Marx Brothers film.” - Pete Shotton on George’s drug bust

"As we were listening, I noticed that something down in the studio had caught George Harrison’s attention. After a moment or two he began staring bug-eyed out the control room window… Yoko had gotten out of bed and was slowly padding across the studio floor, finally coming to a stop at Harrison’s Leslie cabinet, which had a packet of McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits on top. Idly, she began opening the packet and delicately removed a single biscuit. Just as the morsel reached her mouth, Harrison could contain himself no longer. ‘THAT BITCH!’ Everyone looked aghast, but we all knew exactly who he was talking about. ‘She’s just taken one of my biscuits!’” - Geoff Emerick, Here, There And Everywhere

“A couple weeks later George dropped by the Pheasantry and left me acetates of the double album on which [While My guitar Gently Weeps] was going to appear[…] Word had got back to him that I was playing the [White Album] around town, and he was furious and gave me a huge bollocking[…] For a little while I steered clear of him, but in time we became friends again, although after that, I was always a little wary of letting my guard down around him.” - Eric Clapton, Clapton: The Autobiography

“I think chanting helped George a lot, overcoming feelings of distress and anger.” - Mukunda Goswami

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Anyone else shocked at these transformations?

I really need to get off the internet. I have more of these. I need to stop or else there’s going to be another Just girly things.
The Doctor’s  Return

Written for @timepetalsprompts this is for the “Doomsday” prompt. 

Ten x Rose (And Jackie, Pete, and Mickey)

Starts out angsty, ends up happy.  Because I want a happy ending, dang it!

Word Count:  2,431

The Doctor’s Return

She swallowed thickly, looking around the drab bathroom in the hotel room.  How could she live without him?  The scene at the beach kept replaying in her mind, over and over again:

“There’s five of us now. Mum, Dad, Mickey, and…the baby.”  

He looked astonished. “You’re not?”

She’d sniffled, touching her stomach briefly.  “Three months gone.”  

His mouth dropped open. “Is…is it?” he questioned.  

Nodding yes, her face crumpled but she regained her composure.  “Y-you have to come back.  Please come back. I-I can’t…”


“Please?” she begged. “Doctor, I don’t…I can’t do this on my own.”

“Rose Tyler,” he said softly, and then faded away.

He’d just disappeared- vanished into thin air.  There’d been no goodbye.  She’d never see him again.  Rose left out a little sob and sank to her knees on the tiled floor.  If she carried on too much, her mum would be over and all she wanted was to be alone.  That’s what she was; utterly and irrevocably alone.  

True, her mum was next door, Mickey was right down the hall, and Pete was on his way, but…  They weren’t him.  She wanted him; no she needed him.  Their baby needed him.  

Someone knocked on the door and she sat up, wiping her face.  She padded over to the door and it swung in.  Mickey stood there, looking nervous.  

“Pete’s here, in case you wanted to come over.  We’re all in your mum’s room right now, discussing plans to leave in the morning.”

“Whatever you decide is fine,” she croaked out.  “It doesn’t matter.”  She struggled to keep from crying, but lost miserably and tried to close the door.  

Mickey put his arm out, keeping the door open.  He refused to allow her to shut herself off.  She’d done this the first time, and it had almost killed them all.  “C’mon, Rose,” he said softly.  “At least come next door and talk to us.”  

He heard her head thud lightly on the other side of the door.  “Mickey, I-I can’t…”

Muffled whimpers came from the room and he pushed lightly on the door.  She backed up, allowing him entrance, and she curled into him, openly weeping.  “I-I-I th-thought he was coming to g-get me t-today.”

“Alright now,” Mickey said more confidently than he felt, “you know if there’s a way he’ll be back for you, Rose.  C’mon. Dry those tears, alright?  ‘S not good for you.”  

“I don’t damn well care what’s good for me!” she sobbed, pushing him away.  “I’m alone.  Do you understand that?  I’m alone.” She paused a moment and sank down to her knees.

“Rose. Tyler.” He spoke with force.  “You are not alone.  We’re all here for you.  We’re not going anywhere.  Come on, babe.  Pull yourself together.”  

She looked up at him in disbelief.  “Do not stand there and tell me to pull it together.”  She swallowed.  “Get out. Now.  Go, Mickey.  Let me be.”

He sighed.  “’M sending your mum over.”

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Los Angeles. 1974. In the final days of The Followers as a band, and shortly after the disappearance of Simon the roadie, Pete Wentz unveils “the Jackie, Me, and This Lady” tour, a tour that comprises of 55 shows and two legs, all across America. A completion of this tour threatened by the unhappiness of the singer/songwriter. Running from the problems in His band, Ryan Ross befriends and begins to have feelings for Brendon Urie; an attractive roadie with a mysterious past. What’s stopping them from being truly happy and together, conflicting emotions and fear of being found out, is also what leads to the end of The Followers. Ryan and Brendon tear at each other in the Castro, sworn to leave, born to deny their feelings at the worst times. The future relies on these two men, known only as: Ryden.


Peter Alan Tyler

There’s something to be said about the differences between Rose’s father and Pete’s World Pete. Yes, in a sense they’re the same man, and they both saved Rose’s life. But the Pete that Jackie lost was very different from the one that she reunited with in the end. I’m certain I’m not the first person to come to this conclusion and I’m totally okay with that. I also hope you’ll bear with me in knowing that these two men led very different lives. 

Both Petes can be a bit selfish (as can Rose, nothing wrong with that). And they both have convictions or principles that they live by. It’s pretty obvious that they both have an undying love for Jackie. 

I just really, really love the reasoning behind why this Pete saved Rose’s life. Have you ever seen a father with his newborn child? Love at first sight is real. The sight of a new daddy with his baby is the cutest, sweetest thing ever. And then there’s this look they all get on their face that says, “Oh my god you’re so tiny. I have to help you grow up? I have to make sure you have a fighting chance at life? Crap, that’s gonna be hard.” 

Pete and Rose in Father’s Day is pretty much the same thing. It’s just presented to us in a different way. I love this Pete so much more because he realizes not only that Rose is his child but that he has a responsibility to her as a father just as much as he does his baby. To him they’re both his baby girl, they both need saving, and he gives his life for them. They both save Rose’s life, but this one gave his life for Rose because she’s his daughter, he loves her, and wants her to grow up to be this amazing woman that he met. 



A secret order of Daleks emerge and the Cybermen from Pete’s World make their way to Torchwood Tower. As the two deadly forces fight over Earth, the Tenth Doctor realises that in order to stop the threat, sacrifices will be made…


The Age of Steel

The Cybermen take control of London and start converting the population, and the Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith become fugitives.

Triboelectric {6/10}

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: Teen.
Summary: “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
― C.G. Jung

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten AO3.

Chapter Six: Proximity

THE HOLE, as it were, had been discovered.

Rose hustled the Doctor out of her parent’s house, citing an emergency. This earned her strange looks from them both, until she explained that the Doctor didn’t have a mobile and that Amy had contacted her instead to reach him. That knowledge earned him an even stranger look from Jackie, which soon morphed into a speculative one as she gazed back and forth from him to Rose to her phone. The Doctor put up a struggle but eventually succumbed to Amy’s summons, leaving Rose behind to dine with Pete and Jackie, having no ready excuse to depart herself.

It wasn’t until the following evening down at the pub that Rose got the full story. She’d tried ringing Amy when she got home that night, but neither she nor Rory had picked up.

“There was mould growing in it! Actual mould!”  Amy shuddered over her drink. The pub was busy for a weekday night, and she had to speak up to be heard over the loud family with children seated next to them. “I’ve been breathing in mould spores for god knows how long! We’ve all been kicked out - the entire building - while they suss out if it’s harmful. Could take a bloody month to get results!”

“A month,” repeated Rose.

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