pete and debbie

Three people that deserve better:

• Deputy Troy
• Larry from Mission Apparition
• Debbie (she just wants to help)

People that could fall in a black hole and I wouldn’t care:
• Greg Frickard
• Dan from Mission Apparition
• Sheriff Gunderson
• Mayor Grisham

Currently in a grey area with me:
• Pete/ The Dark

Reblog please if you post

+ Queen

+ David Bowie

+ Rod Stewart

+ Joan Jett

+ The Runaways 

+ Blondie 

+ The Who (Mainly Roger tbh)

+ The Monkees

+ Classic Rock in general 

I’ll check you out! I need more blogs on my dash because it’s literally constantly dead.

More Emmerdale Icons

So I made some more Emmerdale icons. Feel free to use them wherever you want. The new ones are below the cut or you can see all my Emmerdale icons here.

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How ‘The Adventures Of Pete & Pete’ Created A ‘Happily Deranged’ Marriage Of Music And TV
From Iggy Pop to Michael Stipe to Polaris, a look back at the influence music had on The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

So, this isn’t explicitly queer in the slightest, but it is a look back at Pete and Pete’s awesome soundtrack and musical guest stars (including Iggy Pop, Michael Stipe, Debbie Harry, and Kate Pierson from the B-52′s)! There’s a lot of Youtube links and a lot of fun facts that I personally didn’t know, and I am fairly knowledgeable on Pete and Pete trivia.

But also, this is a really important look back at a show that made good music and music that wasn’t dumbed down for the show’s target age group a priority. Pete and Pete was a weird and wonderful show that sadly could never get made now.


Robron Avengers!AU

when S.H.I.E.L.D need subjects for genetic modification tests to try and create super-human beings, they turn to a small village in England to ensure minimum exposure of the top secret project. But with an army from another realm threatening to destroy Earth, the group are introduced to the world sooner then expected.

  • me on a date: so have you heard of twenty one pilots
  • them: you mean that annoying guy who raps and that red head weirdo who dated that disney girl
  • me, shoving breadsticks in my purse: i'm sorry i have to GO RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY WAITRESS I NEED AN EXTRA ORDER OF BREADSTICKS TO GO

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