Pairing: AePete
Inspired by Ae’s possessiveness and Growl by EXO
(Not my intention to make Ae’s possessiveness necessarily positive but more explore how he might deal with it and what Pete might think.)

Summary: Ae is embarrassed for himself. This reaction he has whenever someone talks to Pete, it’s unreasonable. But he can’t help it! 

Na eureureong eureureong eureureong dae (I’m growling, growling, growling)
Neo mulleoseoji anheumyeon dachyeodo molla (If you don’t back away then I don’t care if you get hurt)

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What about Pete x Gerard

Perard. This is an interesting one, because in Petekey/Geetrick, there’s a very strong “HANDS OFF MY BROTHER!!!!” vibe. I imagine that Petekey/Geetrick dated in high school, but Pete and Gerard caused their own relationships to fail by fighting with each other all the time. They meet again later on; it’s awkward at first, but as they actually get to know each other, something else happens…

the long-awaited bathtub q&a highlights

- pete’s favorite song is Bishops Knife Trick
- he doesn’t know what going to happen to the monsters
- he’s never taken a bath with his own music in the background 
- he loves Heaven’s Gate because “Patrick let it rip with the vocals”
- “this is very intimate I agree”
- at one point saint was standing in the corner with a towel on his head
- his favorite things about Chicago is his family, the cubs, deep dish pizza, and a bunch of things relating to where he grew up
- “my fave kind of pizza? I like some weird shit”
- his kids know about fall out boy but they don’t really care
- Bronx suggested putting out The Last Of The Real Ones
- his bathtub is huge and “made for a basketball player”
- “you have to exfoliate with cold water, it closes your pores”
- *explaining the meaning behind stay frosty royal milk tea* “stay frosty is a military term that means be cool but stay alert and royal milk tea tastes good, i recommend it”
- the bath bombs smell like lavender
- “aw man everything I do is annoying”
- “I might do a drunk history of panic! yeah let’s find out a time when”
- *where’s Patrick?* “God knows. I mean he’s drowned underneath the water”
- *when asked about places to eat in/around Wrigley* “There’s The Pick Me Up Cafe, which is where the cover for our album Evening Out With Your Girlfriend, or whatever Brendon called it, was taken”
- “yes I know what he called it I’m trying to keep it semi pg”
- “no dummy I can’t turn on the cold water, I can’t reach it”
- the water he was sitting it was really hot, and the bathroom itself was really hot
- his favorite foods are sushi, Philly cheesesteak, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but he likes peanut butter on everything
- “the internet is a vast sea of loneliness where you can just plug and unplug and see just how pointless your life is”
- he has so many opinions about The Last Jedi. he didn’t like it when if first came out because he went in with a lot of expectations but he saw it again a week later with Bronx and he liked it more, “ it’s not really a star wars film that’s designed for my generation”
- “I just got yelled at for showing my feet so I’m not inclined to show anything else”
- he highly recommends Paddington 2 because its “a Wes Anderson movie for kids”
- his favorite horror movie is The Purge and he loves a French horror movie called Tension
- “Bowie is a husky and he’s pretty crazy”
- he watches things all the time but he’s going to watch The Good Place
- “I got shamed about my feet ya know”
- Andy and Patrick watch doctor who
- he went to Dubai to dj once but has never been with fall out boy
- his feet are hobbit feet
- he’s in the minority of people who liked the Guns and Roses album “The Spaghetti Incident?”
- “I don’t have a favorite dog, I like all dogs…all doges”
- he plays tennis but he’s not very good
- he doesn’t think they should remake any old videos because they were good then but if they tried now they wouldn’t be good
- “people say supernatural is good and I think we have a lot of the same fans”
- he’s never met Marilyn Manson but in Australia, once he got a giant tear in his stage pants in his crotch and Marilyn Manson’s seamstress fixed them
- he said maybe they’ll do another visual album but he feels like its playing it to do it over and over again
- “stay rusty Pete”
- they were all nervous to make save rock and roll
- he and Brendon came up with the monsters and they happened to look like llamas
- he can’t stand when garlic is next to a banana in a fruit bowl, it throws off his whole day
- “stay rusty yo”
- *are the monsters nice?* “Neither one of them are nice, they are always grouchy”
- Bowie sheds a ton and will pull Pete around the block
- “the person who’s just saying rude things to me, that’s not sweet”
- he’d consider going blonde again but his hair is really thick so it’s a lot of work to bleach it
- “maybe i should dye my unibrow purple, that’d be crazy”
- he loves playing Chicago but he also loves traveling and seeing other people
- he likes dogs but andy used to have a cat that acted like a dog and he liked it a lot
- his mom says they are related to Carson Wentz but Pete thinks she just says that
- “Patrick’s a dog guy”
- he’s loved making mania the most
- he has a cinematic picture for every song
- every album has a color scheme to him
- “Patrick smells nice, he sweats a lot, but he smells nice, maybe he sweats like nice smelling stuff”
- he’s always wanted to collaborate with Rihanna
- he thinks collaborating with Halsey would be fun
- Bishops Knife Trick felt like a natural ending
- he doesn’t watch youtubers but Bronx does
- “you guys are rad, let’s do this again”


Topolino Show (1982-1983), opening animated by Romano Scarpa [x]

includes debut animated appearances for characters like paperinik (duck avenger,) gyro gearloose, gladstone gander, brigitta macbridge, and more


a good ol twdg as vines comp, can i get an amen and a fuck telltale?