petco adoption

(and we’re back with the newest part of “Harris gets a cat in the stupidest possible way.”  To find the others, check the tag ‘Harris is a walking tire fire.’)

“All right, we’ve given him a very mild sedative, just to relax him.” Maria tucked the receipt into the folder with Slink’s medical records and a wide variety of helpful pamphlets for new pet owners. “But I actually think he’ll be fine, he’s traveled quite a bit.”

Terri put the bag of supplies on the counter. “He’s been to ever PetCo adoption event in a fifty mile radius.” She folded her arms on the edge of the counter and leaned over, bracing her chin on her wrist. Slink was curled up, the tip of his striped tail flicking slowly up and down. “Ready for your trip, Slinky-Dink?” she asked him. He yawned, his paws flexing.

“Warner’s loaded a bag of litter and a bag of food into your trunk, and we can help you with the rest of this.” Maria handed Harris his credit card back. “If it doesn’t work out-” Her eyes darted towards Terri, and Terri pushed herself upright with a sigh.

“All of our cats come with a money back guarantee,” she said with a grin.

Maria set one hand on the counter, and the other on her hip. “Stop telling people that.”

“It’s true,” Terri said. She gave Maria an innocent look. “Isn’t it?”

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