Alright aquatic and reptile community, just a reminder that Petco’s $1 per gallon sale starts tomorrow (Sunday, September 27th) Great time to upgrade for your little friends! Best deal is obviously with the larger tanks, instead of paying 119 you can pay 40 for a 40 gal breeder, signal boost this shit not just for the enthusiast but for the beginner as well. If you’re tight for money but find your pets growing out of their baby tanks, now is the time.

Evil Corporate Pet Stores

Listen, PetCo and PetSmart workers are not just trying to make a sale.  We have no stock in sales.  We do not get commission.  I still don’t advocate buying animals from a pet store - there are far higher quality, more ethically produced, less expensive animals out there, and there’s even the option of rescue - but this misinformation about the evil motives of pet store workers has got to stop.

I have never, ever seen a coworker advise a customer based on “making a sale”.  We don’t care about making sales.  The real problem at pet stores is laziness and a lack of knowledge - some employees don’t research animals or products, they simply suckle from the pet store’s teat and spit up whatever information they’re given from corporate or their managers.  Some managers know things, some don’t.  They are also people, and equally susceptible to laziness and misinformation.

Painting pet store employees as skeezy and out to get you is unfair - if they give you bad information, they’re normally just clueless.  They get their info from corporate, making them just as much victims of bad pet store info and a lack of research as the customer.

and let me tell you a secret thing:  us knowledgeable employees are also frustrated with them because they just don’t learn anything.

Should they know better and try harder, the jerks?  Heck yeah.
Are they plotting to sell you a bunch of shit you don’t need because SALES?


Corporate stores, that is.  Mom and pop stores, maybe they are out to sell you shit, idk.  I can’t say.

anonymous asked:

Do you know why everyone says it's bad to buy geckos from PetSmart or Petco? Bc if no one buys them they will be stuck in those awful conditions...

Not everyone says it. I can’t speak for others who do, only myself. There are many people with different opinions on the matter, and your ask seems to demonstrate that.  Some people don’t care at all about buying from PetCo or PetSmart, or would encourage it. Many people do get their reptiles there.

I don’t believe I have ever said this on my tumblr yet, though I agree with those who are against it. I certainly do not think anyone should buy their pet at these chain stores; I will go into why I think this. 

1.) It doesn’t help the root of the “awful conditions” problem – it actually perpetuates and contributes to it.
2.) You are likely to get a genetically unhealthy animal.
3.) You are likely to get an acutely unhealthy animal.
4.) There are plenty of legitimate rescues who have geckos needing to be adopted.

Buying them (or other animals for sale but suffering) is what I (and others) call a “sympathy purchase”, not a rescue. By buying them, it perpetuates the cycle of encouraging mass breeding farms (essentially gecko “puppy mills”) to sell to pet stores that will continue to keep them in sub-par conditions. Buying them does not just save that one gecko from those awful conditions. They will immediately buy new stock, and put it into those same awful conditions. It just dooms more geckos. Even if hundreds of thousands of people all went and bought geckos to “save them” all it would do is drive up PetCo/Smart’s sales and they would put more effort into promoting gecko sales, selling cheap gecko kits, and so on. They sell more animals when animals are promoted as “easy” and “cheap” so they stock “easy” kits which are nowhere near adequate for the animals, and the cycle of neglect after purchase continues.

These stores have bad corporate policies in place that the employees, no matter how dedicated, can’t get around. Different stores have different levels of care, but no matter what they do, they still buy stock from breeders who value quantity and profit over the health and quality of their animal’s lines (budgies with horrible genetic problems and cancer, geckos of questionable parentage and shortened lifespans, horrible diseases rampant in their lizards, birds, and rodents, etc. I could go on and on), feeding policies that are atrocious, and other poor husbandry requirements. 

Buying animals from them has never changed that.

However, other things have. They used to sell large birds. They used to sell rabbits. Due to boycotts, petitions, and other grassroots campaigns, PetCo and PetSmart caved to pressure and stopped carrying these animals in their stores. They started hosting adoption events. Many stores host adoption events for various animals all the time. In addition, husbandry does get better when pressure is put on the store. Not through buying animals, but through campaigns. Things that cost them money such as protests and boycotts, not animal purchases.

The only way to stop this is to actively oppose it. Do not encourage it, at the very least.

As to the second point, it is a continuation of the first. PetCo and PetSmart typically source their animals from larger scale breeders and farms. The animals are from mill-like situations. These are not the healthy, well-bred animals you’d get from a private breeder who has been perfecting several morphs for years. You don’t know what health problems you’ll get down the road. (In some cases you do; if you buy a petstore budgie, for example, you can expect cancer, cancer, cancer.) 

In addition, because of poor husbandry (both at the farm and by necessity in the loud, bright, overcrowded tank at the store), they may have acute illnesses like parasites and bacteria. I believe PetCo had cryptosporidiosis go through their leopard geckos before (protozoa infection), which can also infect the feeder insects. PetCo keeps their geckos on sand (even as babies) which means you might get them already starting to suffer from impaction. PetSmart keeps them on carpet, which is better because of impaction, but carpet can harbor lingering bacteria if not cleaned properly, especially with already sickly geckos, so it’s not recommended either!  

Finally, if you really want to rescue an animal from a bad situation, there are geckos in rescues all around the country. Some of them have had it really bad, such as surviving burns or surgeries. Others are abandoned after people grew bored with them, or are recovering from being malnourished, or neglected. Some are just “different” and not up to snuff for a breeding project. Since they are one of the most common pet reptile, they are one of the most common pet reptile needing adoptive homes. 

And of course, many originally came from PetCo and PetSmart, because that’s where they were bought originally before the original owners got “bored”, but adopting from the legitimate rescue is awesome!

Note: Adopting an animal from PetCo or PetSmart which is not for sale through their adoption programs is not the same as buying from them and does not perpetuate the cycle.

Hilarious signs aside, please seriously remember that big box pet stores don’t exist to help you raise healthy and happy pets. They exist to make a profit. They just happen to use living creatures as their money-making product. Never ever ever EVER use big box pet store advice or care sheets as the sole resource to determine your pet’s needs.


Today I refused a sale, someone was like

Hey. I want to buy this turtle

(russian tortoise)

I like. Okay. I start prodding about supplies. Says nope. Well, says hes got his tank. but he’ll get the food and dirt here.

Keeping prodding. Got lights? 

It needs lights?

Yea, a heat lamp and uvb.

Okay well I got the aquarium light.

Well. …thats not enough. 

Can’t you just switch the bulb.

..yea no. So what size is this tank?


Oh. Yea. ok no. They need blahblahblah maybe 20L bare minimum but really thats way too small for anything heres a 40b its on sale

No thats too big

Well. …once you put everything in that it needs, it wont even be much room.

Oh no its okay, we’ll start with the 10 for now. you can’t.

Well my friend has one. its in a 20g


Sick Quaker Parrot Rescued from Petco

“I spoke with the manager and complained and asked him to come down off the price more so I could get it. He went down to 75% off. I couldn’t afford it but I wouldn’t be able to sleep leaving him there. Plan is to rehab him and find him a good home.”

 “I bought him to save him.” 

- Heather Edwards Arabie, Charles, Louisiana.

“PETCO’s in MA that I’ve been in aren’t much better. I saw a conure for half off last week and wondered why…he was over a year old, in a cage with no toys, no nothing…when I whistled at him he screamed and screamed and screamed…sounded like a bird that was brought back because he was loud and now he’s “old”…poor things…I dislike PETCO!!!” - MW

“The same thing has happened in a Texas Petco. I hate that the pet stores do this to their birds. The bird was a blue quaker. Water dirty….One toy hung up so high he could not reach it.I have complained so many times to the managers and head office. It falls on deaf ears. The bird was there for months and months. I do not go in to petco or Petsmart anymore. I order all my bird toys and food online.” - BB

“I saw a quaker parrot in the Boca Raton Petco that was there for a very long time. I would go there to have him chase my fingers, play peek-a-boo in order to give him some attention. I knew he needed socialization just as my parrots at home did. I asked an employee about him and was told that he’s been bounced around different Petcos for 2 years. I couldn’t go to Petco after that. Every time I thought about Petco and Quaker Oats (my nickname for him) I would just cry. I still want to cry because they’re still doing this. The demand needs to stop or they’re just going to keep doing it. Corporations don’t care. We shouldn’t have to pay ransom to save animals from pet stores” - JB

Read about a Neglected Petco Green Cheek Conure 

Petco headquarters: (858) 453-7845

Email them: HERE

Please consider an immediate end to the sale of birds in your stores.

As I’m sure you are aware, prior to 1992 it was legal and common practice for humans to remove many species of parrots from the wild to be sold as pets. Parrots are native to Africa, Australia, Continental Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Southwest Pacific. There is no species native to the US. The US native Carolina Parakeet was hunted to extinction by 1939.

Post 1992, parrots sold as pets in the US are from breeding mills and private breeders. Parrots can live from 15 to nearly 100 years depending on the species. In the wild, parrots are monogamous and become inseparable from their mate for their life. In the wild they live in flocks, are very social, communicative and territorial. They fly many miles a day in the wild. Parrots are not domesticated pets like dogs and cats. They are wild animals. Parrots DO NOT make good pets! Simply stated, they belong in the wild, NOT in cages in our homes. The pet industry has threatened the parrot population, and birds being kept as pets cannot be returned to the wild.

Please continue your humane efforts by discontinuing the sale of birds in your stores. Your leadership in providing a venue for dog and cat rescue and adoption has made a difference for so many homeless pets. Please broaden that circle to include birds by supporting bird rescue and adoption events. You have a unique opportunity to show communities nationwide the importance of adopting a bird instead of buying one. And with that effort, thousands of unwanted birds can find their own safe and happy new beginning.

As animal lovers, compassionate citizens, and caretakers of this beautiful planet, we have a responsibility to do no harm and to be the voice for the voiceless. Birds belong in the wild, not in cages or breeding facilities.

Let’s come together as a community, and as a culture to allow these beautiful, highly intelligent creatures their rightful place in the wild, where they can live as nature intended, and not for our profit or personal enjoyment.

Petco is creating a compassionate and humane image by removing treats and food made in China, showing you care about providing safe products for our pets. Your sale of birds contradicts this positive image, but you can change that by discontinuing the sale of birds.

Thank you for caring.


EVERYONE WHO SHOPS AT PETCO, READ THIS: basically yesterday my aunt dropped her dog off to be groomed and after they washed him they left him in the drying cage to be fucking COOKED ALIVE. my aunt is heartbroken and I am disgusted by this company. They’ve had law suits about this before too. Spread this shit like wild fire I don’t want anyone to experience this kind of heartbreak.


Um??? There was a ball python at my local Petco with an obvious respiratory infection??? You can see the dried mucous around its mouth and how it’s holding it’s mouth open. Not going to fault them for the ones retained shed, but given the condition of this animal I am concerned. I’ll be emailing them tonight.

If you see something, say something (politely).

I may have mentioned before that my Uncle in NY loves budgies. He told me he didn’t like how they were being cared for at a local Petco. He had two that came to him sick, thus returning them for 2 different budgies. One of the new budgies showed the same symptoms (weird poop). So what? Return her for another one?

They’re not moldy bread you switch out for a new loaf, they’re bird-friends. Why don’t they fix up the two and give them back? This was within the 30 days of which you can return them.
This didn’t sit well with me, so I contacted customer service, who got me in touch with the local General Manager, and I politely told him what was happening.
I was not out to get anyone fired, just there to make sure the budgies are being well cared for, and if it possible, that he could return the new sick budgie when she was better. They said yes. 

He went to the Petco and they were very nice to him. They could tell that it was his niece that called up to inquire. He feels better knowing they’re being looked after.
He’s still curious about the sick budgie cage they have in the back, so I told him to be nice, and ask if they wouldn’t mind showing them to him.
He doesn’t have to be ALL up in their business, but since he gives them his business, it’s fair that he feels comfortable supporting them. In order to feel comfortable, he needs to make sure the bird-friends are being cared for…

We have so many options when it comes to buying, companies know they need to earn our patronage.

Moral of the story, consumers have power through social media, reviews, word of mouth, and of course, their money. If you don’t like the way an animal is being treated or looks, politely inquire. Show that you care, inspire them to care, and if they don’t, get squawking on their facebook page, yelp, google reviews, contact corporate, share the information, but do so RESPONSIBLY. Keep your ego out of it and keep it about the animals.