Three sets of makeup, to hopefully make up [badum-tsss] for my lack of activity recently.

Unholy, Unworthy is designed to look like faintly-glowing cracks in the skin. It looks way better on darker skintones than lighter ones, because the colors and glow stand out better. Found in the blush category.

Beautiful Ones is a glowing recolor of those fantasyrogue / Petchy alien spots. Found in the full-face makeup category.

Confetti is a glittery recolor of a birthmark mask that I’m pretty sure was originally created by @berrynooboos. It uses a confetti fabric texture (thus the name), but it reminds me of fish scales. Found in the blush category.

Files are compressed, everything comes in my Battledress and Patisserie palettes, and swatches are included.

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