I love Lonk & Petch. My fan art always sales out at conventions, so I decided to update my piece of crap and make it into something much cleaner and nice. Also included awesome alt hair.

Kitten-Cheryl Blossom (Prompts)

Request: 20 with dominant reader and Cheryl Blossom.

It was no secret Cheryl was the most wanted person on the whole school by the male population, but she was playing for the other team. Nevertheless that didn’t stopped the sweaty and cocky boys to hit on her and the number of boys trying to make a threesome with both of you because you were lesbians had gone off charts.

For both of you it was definitely disgusting, so you ignored them despite their multiple attempts.

But lately Cheryl was really stressed lately so I decided to try to calm her down since she was staying at your house, she was so caught up in the screen of her laptop that she didn’t realized you came over to her until you started nuzzling her arms as you left a trail of butterfly kisses from her shoulder to her neck, she seemed to relax slightly under your touch

“Y/N… I’m busy…” she whispered and a naughty smirk played upon your lips and you brushed her ear with your bottom lip

“My kitten doesn’t want to play today?” You purred, the nickname send shivers down her spine, you slipped your hand carefully to her thighs wondering over the heated skin, as you reached the thin silk of her panties, getting her breath caught up in her throat “Huh?” You breathed out, she stared at you before kissing you roughly, ones you returned her gesture you took the lead by making her stand up, your ministrations didn’t stop for a second as you now took Cheryl’s place sitting on the chair, pulling her up by the legs, putting them around your waist.

Then, your hands went down her butt, giving it a rough squeeze, making her jump slightly making you smile into the kiss, you pulled apart to take off her shirt and when your lips went back to hers she bit your lip, you pulled apart and smiled at the sight of her flustered face along with her swollen lips slightly open as she caught her breath

“Someone’s eager tonight” you teased, she stayed silent as you placed a lock of her bright red hair behind her ear “Don’t worry kitten, by the time I’m finished with you, you will only remember my name” you said confidently.