The Look Thep (Child God)

Mananya Boonmee “Mama Ning” creates these dolls that she claims are powered by living souls. She says they are meant to improve the lives of those who they are crafted for. Some of the dolls are made sing real hair, but other than that no other body parts are used. Ning also states that she uses white magic instead of black magic to bring these dolls to “life.”

Not only are some of these dolls extremely real looking, Ning also claims they talk back to you. They are meant to bring happiness and good fortune to your life. The one you see Ning holding in the first picture is named “Petch” who is the first look thep she created. It was modeled after her son who was having some problems. Mama Ning claims that after a while his problems were solved and he is living a happy life. Soon word of her dolls spread accross Thailand and ever since then they have become very popular.


Haha…if you haven’t checked out Lili’s instastories (@lilireinhart) these past few days, you’re missing out on tons of hilarious stuff. She hung out with Camila at the beginning of the week in her crib, then grocery shopping with her friend Nick, then back to back with two red-headed Mads aka Mad Hill and Madelaine Petch. Lili and Madelaine visited the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in LA today and had so much fun like children playing with the musical stairs xD…plus she and Mads were sitting behind a couple….and lol!! just see for yourself. plus some of the scenery shots where Cole is in Spain…