it was windy that day

a storm was passing by, bringing reminders of the outside world into the cave i call my home

dust, rocks, leaves; it was like any usual storm except

i spotted a speck of color from the corner of my eye

a flower, delivered by the storm

i hadn’t seen one since last tuesday when a group of diglett accidentally brought a bed of flowers into my cave

though they left with the flowers, some dirt was still left behind

i decided to plant this flower

maybe a garden would grow to keep me company

days passed by and there was little progress

the flower’s strength waned despite my attempts to keep it alive

days turned to months and the flower had passed along with my dreams of a garden

i thought all hope was lost when suddenly

a magical tear left my eye and fell onto the flower

a miracle: the flower regained its color and began to grow, other flowers sprawled into the surrounding dirt until there was space for no more

at last, my own garden, my own friend

at least that’s what might have happened if there was sunlight in a cave.

[ saw the challenge sometime earlier, though i don’t remember who exactly made it, but the challenge was to draw your pokemon in a hoodie of which pokemon was your follower count, or something better worded. if you could link me to the original post, it’d be appreciated.

the challenge by askuxie, thank you to ask-an-ampharos for telling me.

so here we are, slowpoke in a #77 hoodie, ponyta. ]

I miss what had been cut off, but I think they did it for a reason. With an eye missing, it is difficult to get around, so maybe they did this to protect me.

I like to think they did everything because they think I am worth very much.

Many days are painful and miserable, but it’s easier to get through them if I think this way. ”