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Bit of an odd question, but... what are some of your favourite drarry tropes/headcanons?


Favorite drarry tropes

  • parseltongue/Harry has a snake as a pet
  • animal/animagus fic
  • dealing with the dursleys’ abuse
  • bonding fic
  • soulmate AU
  • auror!Harry esp. with partners!drarry
  • FWB
  • slow burn with flirting/UST/pining
  • politics
  • fake relationship
  • Drarry being besties ft. piniiiing
  • Draco in muggle world
  • powerful/BAMF!Harry
  • wandless and/or wordless magic
  • dark mark stuff
  • wandlore/magical theory of any kind
  • magical world-building
  • poc!Harry
  • Harry and/or Draco + PTSD post-war
  • mentor!Snape
  • time travel
  • power couple!Drarry

(Needless to say, fics featuring any of these will always be welcome!)

important things in life
  • anime
  • sports anime
  • sports anime where everyone’s got a pet
  • anime that features a protagonist who is insecure, anxious, and tries really hard to keep it all together
  • anime with talented idols who have the world wrapped around their little finger but have lost inspiration and find it in a person who literally becomes the music
  • anime with young characters that act their age and love their grandpa so much
  • anime with females that are multifaceted, independent, and immensely talented
  • anime with worldwide representation
  • anime with a practically canon couple that can barely keep their hands off each other
  • anime that actually animated a kiss scene between two males
  • ice skating anime
  • it’s yuri on ice
  • yuri on ice is important

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ohoho, can we have pet headcannons (or who's good with animals)? lmao @ kindaichi never getting loved by kunimi's wolf

See this post for more pet-related headcanons: Dogs vs Cats (there will be some overlap in info) (also, “Kunimi’s wolf” headcanon post here, for those curious)


  • no pet
  • Oikawa Tooru is the Cat Whisperer, but he’s scared of dogs (had a bad experience when he was younger)
  • cats just love him, even the most antisocial of cats always warm up to him eventually
  • birds don’t like him though, always dive-bombing him (one even pooped in his hair once, and he’s been paranoid ever since, every time a bird flies over him)
  • desperately wanted bunnies when he was younger, but never got any :(


  • no pet
  • animals love and trust Iwaizumi
  • like a Disney princess, Iwaizumi has had birds land on him more than once, and is often approached by animals on the street and in wildlife parks
  • very gentle with all animals (he always made sure to release any bugs he caught too when he was younger), which usually prompts complaints from Oikawa about Iwa-chan’s gentle nature never being directed at him
  • (even though seeing Iwa-chan smiling away with whichever of earth’s creatures he’s interacting with is one of the most blessed experiences, and Oikawa knows it)  


  • no pet, and no desire for one either
  • not a big fan of animals
  • IF he had a pet, it would be an iguana, because reptiles are just better


  • no pet
  • he has always wanted a snake, for as long as he can remember, but doesn’t think he’s responsible enough
  • likes other people’s pets though, and is the only one besides Yahaba to have met all of the team member’s pets (Kyoutani’s dog, and Kunimi and Watari’s cats)
  • unlike Yahaba, who met the pets without any prior intention, Matsun found out who exactly has pets, and then asked to meet them, in a manner that brooked little arguement


  • has a dog called Princess, and she is his most trusted advisor
  • I’m really conflicted about what breed of dog Princess is though, and this seems to be the great Kyoutani’s Dog Dichotomy: small cute fluffy dog, or big tough dog?
  • I like either Japanese Spitz (for the fluffy friendly-looking dog) or, a classic, the white Pitbull (Pitbulls are a pretty misunderstood dog breed, like Kyouken-chan. They aren’t as scary as they seem.)
  • better with animals than he is with people (which, honestly, isn’t saying much)
  • used to feed the homeless cats on his street in his old neighbourhood


  • no pets
  • deeply wants a dog, but his mother is allergic and doesn’t allow him to have any other type of pet either
  • lives the dog owner life vicariously, by going to dog parks and watching the dogs
  • he also volunteers at his local animal clinic, and even though it’s mostly just cleaning out cages, he really enjoys it
  • very good with animals, even if Watari’s cat seems to not trust him


  • has a cat! (I’m thinking either a blue Scottish fold or an Exotic Shorthair)
  • she is not allowed on the furniture, but he sneaks her in sometimes
  • she’s an indoor cat too, after she was attacked by a neighbour’s dog
  • pretty good with animals, but he doesn’t really spend too much time with any animal besides his cat
  • loves the smell of petshops


  • goldfish - four of them
  • fairly nervous around animals in general, as he’s not sure how to communicate with them
  • goldfish are simple though, and it really calms him to watch them swimming around
  • Kunimi’s cat is so big, it honestly concerns him (like, what if it’s actually a wild cat?)
  • (off topic, but do you not think, that if Kindaichi was a dog himself, he would be a Borzoi? (x x x))


  • has a bigass cat (I’m thinking of an orange Maine Coon)
  • Matsun loves Kunimi’s cat, and calls him Creamsicle, because of his fur colours (like an orange creamsicle)
  • Kunimi loves lazing around with his cat
  • has eaten cat kibble and treats before, but he prefers fish food
  • before he got him, Kunimi didn’t want a pet, was a little concerned about having another living being completely dependant on him
  • luckily his cat is very friendly, so even when he met Oikawa, Creamsicle was just being his regular self
  • Kunimi has started calling him Creamsicle too, even though he thinks it’s a dumb name and would never call him that in front of Matsun (wouldn’t want to encourage him)