Hey there! I’m experimenting with that now and wanted to include some photos (I’m answering from my phone; Sorry for the odd answer format!)
I’m working over fairly light pencil work on very smooth paper. I’m finding that the pencil does make the drawing look a bit dirty (which is partially due to my lazy pencil work,) but it’s not smudging as much as I expected. I’d say as long as you’re not using a very soft pencil, it should look alright.

If anyone has a bit more experience with this, feel free to reblog with insight!

Okay, I’m down to Petaluna or Hanako for the Anime Paladin. Hanako is Japanese (flower child), which fits with the Anime hair, and Petaluna is just sort of adorable. 

And I’m still trying to decide whether to restart Chanter Etau with slightly different stats and possibly a name that doesn’t mean vise in French

Man I really don’t like this one but I might as well make it immortal on the internet


P.S Check out Jen Mann