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Oh goodness, I rarely see your art on my dash anymore but when I do, it's always so phenomenal. I love everything about it, the anatomy, the colors... Oh god the color, ok this is gonna sound stupid but it reminds me of something sweet and soft or like flower petals falling down or... ahhhh bottom line is that I just love you.


idea for an anime

a romance anime about two asexual aromantics. they’re both good friends and the anime tries to make them in love and shit. like, the characters are talking, then romantic music plays and petals start falling from trees and the characters just brush the petals out of their face. 

If there is a caption, they shove it aside and continue talking. 

i just really want this


“If there’s another ジョカゲAnime Japan card then please feel free to tell me… Please… I’m begging you… (desperate)”

Certain Day at the Greater East Asia Cultural Society

Jitsui: I wonder when the sakura will bloom this year.

Miyoshi: Who knows? That reminds me, the ume blossoms are beginning to fall.

Kaminaga: Both the sakura and ume are good. I really like the falling petals of sakura.

Amari: Kaminaga, how about we have a drink while we look at the sakura blossoms at night? I happen to know a good place to walk around.

Kaminaga: Sounds great, why don’t we take the chance to invite the others as well.

Amari: Sounds good to me, it’s D Agency’s first spring since it’s establishment after all.  

Kaminaga: Yosh, then I should ask Fukumoto prepare some good food for us. Miyoshi, Jitsui you’re coming right?

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So yesterday I had my first experience with a Ouija board. I had been skeptical of them at first, because of of course the stigma against them, and because of some personal stories my father had shared with me about his dabbling with some friends in high school. 

Still, I was curious, so I bought one and tried it with two of my closest friends.

I found it to be a very interesting experience, to say the least. And a positive one, at that. It was an experience I very much enjoyed, and likely will be repeating again soon.

Now I want to put out there that I did a lot of research beforehand, before getting into all that. I wouldn’t suggest going in and trying it if you have absolutely no clue what you’re doing, or if you’re very scared of the Ouija board itself. I just can’t see that ending well. 

I, however, had a very positive experience. I didn’t expect to even communicate with anything, what with my inexperience and all that. But nonetheless.

We connected with a little spirit of a 3 year old girl from the late 1950s. She couldn’t spell very well, and the only letters we were able to get from her were her initials, which from there we guessed her name–Penny. She told us that she was born in 1958, and died in 1961 from some unnamed sickness. She said she wasn’t in pain when she died. She also told us that she had a sister named Rebecca. She also had a fondness of all the pets that live in the house, and told us that she likes the family that lives here.

All in all it was a very good experience, and I got very positive, calm vibes from it all. I had a very nice time, and am very happy that it turned out so well. I will almost certainly be trying it again.

Looks like Shirow Miwa sensei did some promo for Joker Game/IG Store (I now know whenever Tazaki’s in a drawing based on if it has falling feathers/petals….;;;)

Jitsui would make a great manager. w/ Gamou as his slave employee

Miyoshi you gonna be the cashier??

Photos above credited to sensei’s twitter

I always wondered who was who in that last segment of the opening. Now I know. Source (x)