petals& lace

By the throne.

So,this my second attempt at smut for feysand. Dydd Santes Dwynwen is the Welsh equivalent of Valentine’s day which is celebrated on 25 January but who cares it’s still smut.

NSFW.It’s smut. Thank you @underthe-mountain for the idea.

I’m not an expert smut writer.So keep the hate to yourself.

Rhysand’s Point Of View.

I got a note from Feyre to meet her at the Court of Nightmares.I was intrigued as to why she wanted to meet me there.It was after all Dydd Santes Dwynwen where the fae of the Night Court expressed and celebrated their love with their mates or lovers.

I had it all planned out.I was going to give Feyre a night of pleasure and make her moan so loud that all of Velaris would hear her.I winnowed to the Hewn City.Winnowing infront of the gates of the Hewn City,I saw a  trail of blood red roses petals leading into the city with a note.

Follow the trail.

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Title: Who

Code: JD0002

Requested by: @ccorpuz1214

Words: 1,023

Note: I hope this is what you were looking for. It’s 1,023 words, but I’m counting it as a Jot Down anyways. Thanks for your request!

They had been on the case a total of 3 hours and they still couldn’t get a hold of him. Abby was desperately pacing at the first call that went to voicemail, but the rest of them were relatively calm until the first 30 minute-mark hit.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” McGee warned.

“Well what else are we gonna do, McGoober?” Tony asked, “Boss man didn’t answer.”

“We did call him 4 times…” Ziva chimed in. “And the clock is money.”

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do not disturb

stretched out blearily on
a couch, in a cable sweater
with a coffee I will not drink
I pose; a ballerina at the barre,
pretending not to know
I am his idea of art.
I am stifled with a beauty I view
as mere interruption of thought—
I’m just petals, lace, and body parts.

and with pale blue eyes
crumpling in his face like rejected ideas,
he evaluates my lanky frame
looking for cues; a course of action:
will he, or won’t he, go for
my throat? is that what we want?
—but I give no answer.
it is, with certainty,
the wrongest of times
to importune this dancer.