petals& lace

Things I associate with BLACKPINK

Jisoo: Waves crashing onto the shore, ripped jeans, the sound of running water, walking along a river, flower petals, blue skies, white lace, open windows, snow flakes, rain drops on windows, mint green clothes, lemonade, succulent, Venus fly traps, hanging lights, studio lights, dream catchers.

Jennie: Chokers, messy hair, gems and crystals, day light shining through curtains, wind chimes, feeling the wind through your hair, natural light, zen gardens, shadows, palm trees, nude lipstick, cookie dough, coffee stains, aged paper, opening letters, the smell of freshly bakes cinnamon buns, iced coffee.

Rose: Drinking tea, milk in glass bottles, mason jars, bubbles, fizzy drinks, bath bombs, ice cream on a hot summer day, a cool spring breeze, winter coats, white and pink roses, reflections off water, circle sunglasses, pastel bomber jackets, playing with sparklers, baby pink lipstick, picking strawberries.

Lisa: Steam from hot tea, autumn leaves, taking walks in the evening, reading books under candle light, melted candles, sweater paws, walking in the sand with bare feet, flannel, finding seashells, collecting pretty rocks, the sound your feet make when you walk on rocks, brick roads, long boarding by the sea side.

do not disturb

stretched out blearily on
a couch, in a cable sweater
with a coffee I will not drink
I pose; a ballerina at the barre,
pretending not to know
I am his idea of art.
I am stifled with a beauty I view
as mere interruption of thought—
I’m just petals, lace, and body parts.

and with pale blue eyes
crumpling in his face like rejected ideas,
he evaluates my lanky frame
looking for cues; a course of action:
will he, or won’t he, go for
my throat? is that what we want?
—but I give no answer.
it is, with certainty,
the wrongest of times
to importune this dancer.

I’m getting from “The Lace Reader” series what I wanted and didn’t get from “The Lake of Dead Languages” - a sensual magical realism mystery, a protagonist with a troubled past and witches. All these things were in “TLoDL” but they were so poorly executed! Brunonia Barry does them a lot better in “The Lace Reader” series. Especially in book 2.

what the signs use to summon

aries: firecrackers, opals, poison 

taurus: rose petals, white lace, glass prisms  

gemini: old books, ink, seaglass

cancer: rain, lavender, black lace

leo: blood, sequins, ouija board

virgo: moonlight, glitter, white chalk

libra: broken mirrors, candelabra, tears  

scorpio: white candles, absinthe, shadows

sagittarius: incense, lightening, music 

capricorn: smoke rings, a dagger, ice

aquarius: tarot cards, silk, sapphires 

pisces: snow, peppermint, velvet 

anonymous asked:

Why or how did Mallow become a friend? Isn't she too young to have such a bond with?

     ❝ We had to meet in person in the favor of keeping the bond of Cruor and the House in shadow in front of our enemies. She’s the intermediary. ❞ Quite a genuine smile laced full petals as the warmth of pleasant memory eclipsed his musculature and caused his body to ease in the musing of flashbacks - truth be spoken, he honestly did not expect certain wolf lady to be so eager to agree to such a friendship.

     ❝ I’m sure our bond is strong ‘cause our backgrounds have similarities. As she also said before, growing up in military based family is something only those can understand who went through this. As for her age, she’s an adult and it’s a free country. Besides, friendship has nothing to do with age difference, now, does it?