How long had passed since he had actually been out in nature? Weeks? Months even? Toma wasn’t sure, but at this point, anything to get him out of that metal facility he was forced to guard every now and again sounded brilliant to him. At the suggestion of his closest friend, the day of a planned camping trip had finally come around. He was supposed to meet up with Plant, but was making a quick run through of necessary provisions. Sleeping bag? Tent? A pot to cook with? Food items for camping? A lantern? Everything seemed to be in order. With a content nod, he hoisted the pack on his back and, after making sure the security system of his cottage was armed, he walked out the door, picked up a walking stick, and went on his way to join with his companion.

Ring had decided to visit his new brother he had found his address, Ring was a detective that was his job he came up to the door and straightened his tie then fixed his hat and knocked on the door, he still had on his helmet and face mask, he didn’t know how to approach this situation so he found it best that if he didn’t know to be a neutral as possible.