Pain was something she felt daily, but for the sake of herself and others, this pain was buried deep within. Every now and then her sorrow would unfold, and the control she once valued so dearly would wash away alongside her tears. It’s not that those who witnessed these outbursts refused to come to her aid for apathetic reasons; they knew what embarrassment would ensue if her weeping was acknowledged. Even if only a semblance, she would be tough.

  • Cpt. Captain Bane: A toast to Lieutenant Hurley. She was the bravest officer I ever worked with in this force. I'm gettin' too old for this shit.
  • Taako: Yes, I hope her memory never <i>leafs</i> you.
  • Merle: Aw, that got right to the <i>root</i> of the problem!
  • Taako: Yeah, it was a <i>tree</i>mendous joke if I do say so myself.
  • Magnus: .....
  • Magnus: Bark!

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  • me: i wanna talk to this person
  • mind: no u don't
  • me: what yes i do
  • mind: what if they don't wanna talk to u
  • me: i-
  • mind: what if they're busy :^)
  • me: shit boi u rite
  • mind: and if u message them ur gonna be a bother
  • me: welp *closes DMs*

anonymous asked:

ohhhh okay i see it now. initially the passive aggressive smilies went right over my head and i sat there thinking "petals was so nice and friendly to this entitled dick how does she do that she is truly on another level i need to be more like her" coz trust and believe i would've replied with a middle finger emoji and left it at that

the truth of it is i don’t tumblr on my phone so i have no access to emojis so i had to try to use words and sarcasm. alas!

HAHAHAHAHAHA people are ridiculous. When I become a secret millionaire I will totally pay you to finish ATT but in the meantime I’m just glad you blessed us with the first two parts??? You’re so much kinder to these passive aggressive pricks than I could ever make myself be.

sounds like a plan! go become a secret millionaire soon so i can write for a living!!

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"I've never loved a fanfic so unfinished. I don't think you covered everything. You left out so much. It's so disappointing to be recommended a 'complete' fanfic when it isn't." Ugh that pissed me off so much. This person needs to gtfo.

your passive aggressive smiley faces are one of my new favorite things :) :) (not sarcastic smileys)

Haha, thanks guys! People can be wild…