Announcing PetalFlame!

I’ve finalized on a name for our company - it’s going to be called PetalFlame, after the flame-like flowers of the Butea Monosperma tree (aka the Flame of The Forest). I wanted something universally appealing, which speaks to our Indian roots, but hasn’t been overused and which also symbolized our design philosophy.

Our design philosophy is to make products that are uniquely useful and pleasurable to use for an individual, which also multiply the intensity and usefulness of the user’s experience many fold, when used with friends and family.

Known as Palaash (Hindi) or Parasu(Tamil), the tree is native to the Indian Subcontinent. In spring, the entire tree bursts forth in fiery blooms, making entire hillsides appear to be on fire. There is an obvious parallel to our goals of great individual user experience, and collective intelligence that benefits our users.

PS: This is the name of our company, not our product.