petal war


He pokes right back, grinning cheekily at them.

Don’t start a fight you’re not prepared to finish, Petals.

Oh, it is on-

They knew a challenge when they saw one, which was why when they poked him back the little human rolled off and hid behind the armrest of the couch.

Though their brow was furrowed, there was still a smile on their face. Playful little scrub-

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Any hanahaki fic recs?


Narcissus by z_the_mad (1/1 | 4,068 | Mature)

Lance loves Keith. His eyes, his hair, his talent, his strength, his bravery. He knows it’s risky.

He knows something is wrong when he sees the first petal.

//depression //suicidal thoughts //war

(shallura, hunk/shay)

galaxies in your eyes, flowers in my heart by Elysabeth (1/1 | 15,141 | Teen And Up)

Lance meets his neighbor, grows flowers, almost dies, paints the universe and falls in love. Not necessarily in this order.


there’s poison in the water by fallingmistinthedark (1/1 | 2,052 | Mature)

He painfully remembers the first time it happened. There was a scratching in his throat, and it wouldn’t go away no matter how much he’d coughed. As he lay in bed though, he felt it coming and coughed a single ruby petal onto his outstretched hand.

He knew exactly who it was. Somewhere he’d fallen in love with Keith while they’d been stuck on Aquarion. Somewhere, he’d broken his promise and done the one ting he never wanted to. He’d fallen in love with the one person he never thought he would. He’d fallen in love with the one person who would never return the feeling.

//blood //death



Magic-users, spells, and summoned creatures from M.A.R. Barker’s War of Wizards game board (TSR, 1975).  These appear to be by David Sutherland, heavily influenced by Barker’s Tekumel.  Barker contributed at least one of his own illustrations to the rule booklet.