petal sparkle

“Fascination” - Digital Oil Painting

Rose and the Doctor as Hades and Persephone this time! Based on the photography of Teresa Yeh. I wanted to give their skin a bit of a glow and sparkle, kind of like in the Hercules Disney movie, but I may have gone a little too intense. You know I love sparkles.

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I had a dream where there were lots of fairies that lived in villages and I wanted to tell you guys about them!

Flower fairy village-
The flower fairies always look really pretty and they have a great fashion sense. They love to make clothes and accessories and they do each other’s hair at sleepovers. They are cheery and are always trying to get each other to laugh. They’re stubborn though and they won’t back down from something they believe in! They’re always colorful and ready for fun.

Water fairy village-
These are the chill fairies. They take long baths with bubbles and sparkles and petals and other pretty things. They keep their houses nice and clean and they love warm cups of tea. They’re the type to think they aren’t cute but they really are. They’re lovers, not fighters. They also have the prettiest hair, long and dark blue like deep waters.

Acorn fairy village-
They wear big fluffy sweaters and love to care for everyone. They knit hats and scarves for all the little bugs that live around so they won’t get cold at night. They probably worry too much since they’re so nice. They just want to be helpful. They like to paint pictures and watch sunsets. Very sentimental.

Blueberry fairy village-
These fairies are really good at cooking! They like to make all kinds of treats to share with friends and family and to give to little animals. They’re really fast flyers and can get to anywhere super quick. They can be a little too serious but they try their best no matter what.

Those were the ones I dreamt about! Which one(s) do you think you’d fit in? What other villages do you think would exist? What would your fairy self be like?


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 7 | 2.5.16

v-day prep: ruby-sapphire-garnet gemstone rings by lilianginebra

this bay area-based shop makes amazing, shiny, vibrant gemstone jewelry with enviable details. i am totally loving the petal details on the top ring and the varied monochromatic stones in the bottom one.

Roses and daisies don’t mix. Given separately, and held apart. But what about when they mix? What perfection they create. A daisy brings in the light, while a rose brings in the darkness, and tells you why you need it. A rose shatters the fear you have, and replaces it with hope. It turns your world upside down, and shows you new ways to live. It kisses your lips, and promises ear kisses. Forever has never been long for a rose, since its roots were snipped, but maybe this daisy can replant you and make you new. // My roses are dead, your daisies are dark and though we are unkempt beauty-marks, you located my wrinkled paper-ball heart and painted it yellow and called it the sun. Your best-kept secret petals sparkle late at night; there’s moonshine and pens running wild and free from deep within those stems. You can leave bite marks on letters that I sent to your home. Please don’t leave many scratches on the back of my roses, wait. I take it back. You won’t see it anyways, I’m a unique shade of darkness and every star that’s seen tonight is a small, glowing piece of blossoms that grew together. You planted more than flowers in my soil, you planted joy and poetry back into my soul. The happy kind, the morning touch to clouds.
—  You’re writing with me again and I’m falling down quicker than gravity demands. Who knew love felt like quicksand, who knew drowning could feel like floating with butterflies. -xoxoxo

etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.15.15

DAY THREE: veils + headpieces
featured: alternative headpieces by featherandcoal

  • no. 103: delicate petal crown
  • no. 106: five-hairpin petal and rhinestone collection

featherandcoal notes that the featured beautifully detailed crown headpiece was a bit of a beast to make due to the delicate fabrics involved … it’s a true work of art. and so are the hairpin versions :) organza petals, antique glass beads, and sparkling rhinestones … just lovely.

Same Prompt Fic Party- Summer 2016


I quit doing the monthly prompt parties September of last year, but there was so call and request to bring them back on at least a smaller schedule, so here we are. Did you miss me? Be honest (Never be honest) 

There are a lot more of you here than when I stopped doing these, and I HOPE some of you are here for the Harumichi as well as my sparkling wit, and so I formally invite you to join our same prompt fic party!

Our prompt for this party is: 

Everything I had to sacrifice

Take it in all sorts of directions–AUs, whatever. As long as it’s from the prompt, it’s all good. 

Everything’s gotta be RULES RULES RULES

  • Fics, art, whatever always welcomed and encouraged
  • Post to your blog and then send your link to me in an ask, submission, or fanmail, IF YOU DON’T DO THIS I’M UNLIKELY TO SEE IT
  • Has to use the prompt and include a strong Harumichi element
  • Entries are due June 18th at 6:00 pm Mountain time 
  • Word limit for fics is 10k (Doc, why is there a limit? Because I hold myself accountable to read every fic that comes in for this)
  • I will assemble these into a glorious masterpost 
  • If you have any questions let me know!

It’s been a long time, so I’m hoping some of you will be revitalized by this. JOIN US.