petal meadows


hp + poetry lily evans (2¯50)

“Flowers cannot birth a human,
but cannot a human
be made of flowers?”
If only you had met the girl
who bled rose water
and cried petals -
she was a meadow
of wildflowers
that played at
being human.

— ara kay ( @eunoiaschaos )


Flowers Bloom by Gabriela Tulian
Via Flickr:

A little Valentine’s Day treat for all my followers and fellow Sherlollians. Set in the universe of my story Mixed Signals.

“Okay. There are two – no, three – reasons why I shouldn’t be here. One, there’s no guarantee he’ll be there.” Meena, her heels clacking against the pavement, rolled her eyes. “Two, he never specified which cafe he’d be in. Yes, I know he said my favourite cafe, so I guess it makes sense he’d be there, but there are a number of cafes around the corner from my flat, and I go in all of them far too often for any of them to really stand out. Three, it’s about to rain – I know, I checked the weather forecast – and I don’t have an umbrella with me—”

“You’ve got a raincoat though.”

Molly paused, mid-sentence, her mouth hanging open a little. Briefly, she shook her head.

“Right, new third reason—”

“No, no.” Meena’s eyebrows shot up higher. She pointed a finger right against Molly’s features. “No new third reason. We agreed you’d be going.”

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[Silver had seen his blue friend hop down that odd green pipe many times before, but it was only now that he, himself, finally decided to investigate the pipe out of curiosity. The pipe seemed to go down forever as he peered in over the edge.]

[Pulling himself up, Silver sat down on the edge to get a better view. From up above, he had a slightly better view down in. At this point, as he peered down, he was pretty sure he saw something down there…just…couldn’t make out what… The hedgie yelped as he leaned in too far, accidentally tumbling into the long tunnel.]

[And then as he fell, a weird sensation came over him. It wasn’t a falling sensation, but more of a sucking one that was oddly tingly at times. In almost no time at all, he was stumbling back out of the pipe…or, at least, an identical one. As he pulled himself to his feet and dusted himself off, he realized he was standing in the middle of a warm, flowery meadow.]