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Azriel, what did you do?

Azriel (with Cassian, Mor, and Amren) was trapped in Velaris for 50 years, knowing his best friend and High Lord’s life was in extreme danger. He sent Nuala and Cerridwen with Rhys. Their position as the only other members of the Night Court party to know of the existence of Velaris speaks to the trust, loyalty, and fear that prompted him to send them along and not just some random maids from the Court of Nightmares. He gave Rhys two wraiths he could trust.

Fifty years later, Rhysand returns, visibly shaken.

Fifty years later, Nuala and Cerridwen return, and probably get to spend their next WEEK giving a detailed, in-depth account of everything to Azriel.

Particularly that human-turned-fae and her role in freeing Rhys. Especially the part where Rhys showed special interest and care towards her. Not to mention the gruesome details of what Rhys endured at Amarantha’s hand and on her bed.

Azriel mentions having spies in every Court, and even going out on his own when needed. Even though he’d be happy to have Rhys back and an entire Court to drag back under control, it’d be irresponsible for Azriel to not at least have some eyes on Feyre, even as a curiosity.

And as such, he probably picked up a few useful nuggets of information (including what her triggers might be). Maybe even figured out what Feyre and Rhys were to one another.

No one ever claims responsibility, so my question is this::

What are the odds Azriel sprinkled the red rose petals on the aisle that stopped Feyre from marrying Tamlin? His way of helping Rhys get the ‘Happily Ever After’ owed to him by the Cauldron, in such a way he knew Rhysand would never approve of…

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Just something to note:: Rhys mentions he and Cassian had plans to get piss drunk the day of the wedding, not that Cassian knew the reason. Where was Azriel?

Dump the Chump

It has taken me 23 times to post this here cause I am old. For @petalstofish @elanev91 and @levins18 who think I am funny. Hope you laugh on this shit holiday. ON FFN ps. thanks for the prank and name elle

Sirius Black was in a major dilemma.

It was his 6th year and it was February 9th.

As was tradition in Marauder land, Sirius was responsible for the Valentines Day Prank.

Through a variety of circumstances, all of which could be blamed on someone else, Sirius found himself less than a week away from the prank with not a fucking inkling of a plan.

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Why Rhysand will forever be my favorite character.

Okay so one of my favorite scenes in acowar is probably the ending where Feyre was wearing those “lacy underthings” for Rhysand. Why? Because of the color or the nightgown. FEYRE WAS WEARING A RED NIGHT GOWN. RED. NIGHT. GOWN. Back in Acomaf, Tamlin didnt give a crap if she cant look at certain colors and Feyre tells Ianthe she can’t stand the color red. But what does the bitch do? She uses red petals on the aisle on her wedding day causing her to have a panic attack. THE FACT THAT FEYRE WAS WEARING A RED NIGHT GOWN FOR RHYS MADE ME SO EMOTIONAL CAUSE FEYRE WAS SO BROKEN WITH WHAT HAPPENED TO HER BUT RHYS HEALED HER SLOWLY. RHYS MADE FEYRE WANT TO PAINT AGAIN WHEN SHE DOESNT EVEN WANT TO PAINT ANYMORE. HE WAS THE MALE WHO WAS WILLING TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING EVEN HIS OWN HAPPINESS JUST SO HIS MATE COULD BE HAPPY (even without feyre knowing they’re mates). RHYSAND WAS SELFLESS, MARVELOUS, AND JUST PERFECT. This is one of the reason why Rhysand will forever be my favorite character ever. If anyone disagrees, fight me. I’m ready.

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An Elucien Epilogue (ACOTAR fanfic)

This is an epilogue-esque ending to “A Court of Wings and Ruin”, so obviously SPOILER ALERT!

Summary: Lucien returns to Velaris after the events of ACOWAR, determined to be a better male than Tamlin and put aside his mating bond if that’s what Elain wants.

Thank you THANK YOU thank you to the wonderful, talented, and overall amazing @feyre-archerons-scrapbook // @the-other-sam for being my Beta reader and pointing out that somehow my brain decided Azriel was a “Shadowslinger” XD  She’s seriously the best- everyone follow her!

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Bouquets and Clichés

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Amidst the champagne, bad food, and terrible bridesmaid dresses could lie the start of a very good love story.

Warning: omg this is the 2nd most cliché thing I’ve ever written

“Y/N! There you are!” Wanda sidles up to you, hands delicately clutching the bottom of her dress so she doesn’t step on it. “We’re having a hairspray crisis.”

You just laugh, adding the finishing touch to your makeup. “There’s another can in my bag. Seriously, though, how much hairspray can four women go through in one day?”

Wanda spills out all the contents of your bag looking for the extra hairspray. She finally finds it and lets out a victory cry, rushing back into the other dressing area. You follow her, laughing to yourself. There’s already a cloud of hairspray forming from where Wanda is attacking Sharon’s hair with it.

Your heart lights up with happiness when you see Natasha. You can’t remember a time when she’s ever glowed this much. Her red hair is perfectly curled, and her ivory dress is impeccable. The skirt hugs to her frame, showing off her physique. The front comes around in a halter neck but her back is left bare. It’s the most beautiful you’ve ever seen your friend, and you couldn’t be happier for her.

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Eleven Years

Pairing: Jikook

Length: Oneshot, 2.2k

Description: For Jikook Fluff Week Wedding Wednesday ft. Tender Talk Tuesday. Jungkook has been in love with Jimin since he was eleven.


“Hyung, what if I told you…I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?” There’s no hidden meaning behind his words. The genuine curiosity shows in the slight inflection in his question.

Jimin pauses to think for a second before answering, “Then I’d just say I’d love you for the next eleven years and beyond to make up for lost time.”

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Ichihime Wedding Headcanons
  • The main motif throughout the wedding was orange and white, and the overall theme was ‘Sunset’
  • The wedding was at a beach hotel during sunset
  • Ishida was the wedding planner, and he designed not only Orihime’s wedding dress, but the bridesmaids’ dresses as well
  • The maid of honour was Tatsuki, and the bridesmaids were Rukia and Rangiku; their dresses were all in orange
  • The best man was Chad, and the groomsmen were Ishida, Renji, Keigo, and Mizuiro
  • Byakuya is the officiant, and his speech is actually quite beautiful to listen to; he even appears to smile during the ceremony
  • Yumichika decorates the venue, arranges the centrepieces, handles the flowers, and makes sure everything matches the theme of ‘Sunset’
  • Yuzu bakes the cake and decorates it in beautiful sunset colours with roses
  • Yachiru is the flower girl, and she has so much fun tossing pink, yellow, orange, and purple petals on the aisle
  • Momo caters the food
  • Hisagi and Kira are in charge of photography, since they probably know a thing or two about taking photos
  • When Orihime starts walking down the aisle, Ichigo cries upon seeing her; like his hand goes to his mouth as tears fill his eyes, and nearly everyone thinks it’s so sweet (though Renji does tease Ichigo about it for a while)
  • Isshin walks Orihime down the aisle
  • Ichigo and Orihime are real dorks when they kiss; they kiss each other and then hug each other tightly, earning several “awwww”’s from the crowd
  • Orihime makes her ‘five lifetimes’ speech during the reception to Ichigo, which warms everyone’s hearts, makes them go “awwwww”, and makes Ichigo cry again
  • Ichigo and Orihime’s dance is so sweet to watch because they’re just hugging and making small steps to the beat of the music; everyone just can’t stop going “awwwww”
  • When cutting the cake, Ichigo playfully smears a little icing on Orihime’s nose, and she does the same to him
  • Orihime starts a conga line, followed by Tatsuki, then Ichigo, then Keigo, then Mizuiro, then Chad, then Ishida, then Yoruichi, then Urahara, and then the rest of the shinigami join in, despite their earlier confusion about it
  • At the end of the night, the wedding is a huge success, Ichigo and Orihime were absolutely adorable and cute, no one stopped smiling, and everyone just had a wonderful time
Coffee and Calligraphy- Part 9- Vows

Fic Masterlist!

Word Count: 1434

As they make their way through January, the little bits of the wedding begin to fit together. “Hey, Phil. I just thought of something.” 


“What will our last name be?” 

“Hm.” Phil hesitates. “For some reason I assumed we’d just keep my name. You know, I’m kinda the male in the relationship.” He buffs his chest up and deepens his voice when he says this, and Dan laughs. 

“Although that was pathetic, you make a good point.” He thinks on this for a moment. “Daniel Lester.” He nods. “Good suggestion.” 

The month of February creeps up on Dan and Phil. Each day they live is a day closer to when they’ll be married. The planner is handling everything perfectly, and they have a honeymoon to the Bahamas completely planned out. Everything is great. Except Dan’s part. 

All he could think was ‘you had one job!’ because he really does only have one job. And he’s doing a horrible job of completing it. All he has to do is write his vows. Yet he can’t do it. For some reason, he can’t figure out how to say it. He really doesn’t even know what he has to say. 

Dan’s spread out on the bed, lacking motivation. He’s made a snow angel out of balls of paper, each one full of discarded vows. Who knew it would be so hard? 

“What the hell am I to do? How am I to express my love for this spork when I’ve already done it in every way possible?” He writes this down, but then crumples it up. “Too cliche.” 

“You okay in here?” Phil opens the door and stares at the bed. He can barely see the duvet. “You look like a true writer.”

“Thanks.” Dan sighs. 

“I’m sure something will come to you?” 


Dan sits on the car ride to Phil’s parents’ house, still struggling to write vows. The wedding is in a day, and he’s staring at a completely blank paper. “Phil, what do I do?” 

The driver looks over at Dan. “What do you mean?”

“The wedding is tomorrow, and I haven’t written a word of my vows!” He sighs, hopeless. 

Phil takes a deep breath. “Dan, why are you marrying me?” Dan opens his mouth to answer, but is cut off. “Don’t tell me. Tell the paper.” Dan writes down three simple words. 

I love you. 

Well, it’s a start.

It’s mid-afternoon when they arrive, and Dan immediately locks himself up in the Lesters’ spare bedroom. He starts scribbling on the paper. It’s then that he suddenly remembers the meaning of the word vow. Dan writes down lines and lines of reasons why he’s marrying Phil, and all the things he’ll do for Phil when they’re married. And for the first time, Dan’s satisfied with his vows. 

He emerges from the room, beaming triumphantly. “Excuse my quick exit. I had to write something down.” He smiles directly at Phil, walking over and sitting down beside him on the couch. “I’ll be around now.” 

The day passes quickly. Dan and Phil spend the afternoon talking to Phil’s parents and watching as workers set up the backyard. “Do you think we should go somewhere where we can’t watch?” Dan asks. “You know, make it a surprise for tomorrow.” 

“Yeah,” Phil agrees. “Hey Mum, when will dinner be ready?” he yells into the kitchen. 

“In a few minutes!” 

“There, we can go eat dinner.”

“Good, I’m starving. And your mum is a much better cook than either of us.” They chuckle. 

“You’re not wrong.” The dinner is amazing, as expected. They head to bed full and separate. “It’s tradition,” Phil says. Dan sleeps in the guest room he wrote his vows in a few hours earlier, and Phil sleeps in his old room. Well, Phil sleeps. Dan sits awake thinking about the wedding. Is he ready? Can he really promise to spend the rest of his life with Phil? Dan’s never been much of an optimist. 

He eventually wills himself to sleep, but only for an hour. Dawn rises and so does Dan. He remains in his room with his phone, unsure of whether or not he should leave. Finally he opens the door and peers around the corner. Phil is nowhere to be found, so he makes his way into the kitchen. “Good morning, Dan.” Phil’s mum is waiting there for him. “Here’s your breakfast. Phil’s getting ready. When you’re done, you can go back to your room and get ready yourself.” Dan takes the plate of bacon and eggs in the shape of a smiley face and grins. Phil’s mum is the sweetest to him. He eats his breakfast graciously and heads to his room to get dressed. 

In the mirror, Dan admires himself in his wedding tux. He can’t believe the day has finally come. A knock comes on the door. “Yeah?” 

“It’s time!” Phil’s mum calls in, and Dan opens the door. She smiles a caring smile that only mothers have. “You look wonderful. Thank you, Dan. You’ve made my son happy, through all of this. And that’s all I ever could have asked for.” 

Dan smiles back softly. “You’re welcome. He’s all I ever could have asked for.” The two step out of the room, walking side by side to the backyard. 

“Are you ready, Dan?” He nods and she steps out into the yard, heading to her seat. Dan is left alone. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, preparing himself to open the doors and see his wedding. To see the decorated backyard. To see Phil. The music begins to play, and the door is opened. Dan’s eyes open as he takes the first step into the grass. 

Phil tears up. He can’t help but admire his soon-to-be husband as he marches down the rose-petal lined aisle. His chestnut hair is naturally wavy, and his eyes glisten in the February sunlight. Suddenly snow begins to fall on them, and Phil can’t help but to catch a flake on his tongue. Dan smiles, doing the same. The few guests giggle as Dan reaches Phil at the front of the crowd. 

Clouds block the sun as the snowfall continues. Both boys are more entertained by the falling snow creating a beautiful bed of white on the ground than their own wedding. When it comes time for them to say their vows, each of them are jolted back to attention and pull a few index cards out of their suit pockets. 

Phil speaks first. “Dan, you’ve brought me back to life. Before I met you, I was a young writer fighting both cancer and his own brain. I was alone, simply waiting for the end to come. But you came along and made my life worth living again. I want to be with you…” He pauses. “until the very end.” Dan’s tears begin to fall. “Daniel James Howell, I take you to be my husband. I’ll always be here for you, no matter what. For as long as I’m on this earth, and who knows how long that will be, you’ll be number one in my book. I love you.” Dan attempts to pull himself together to read his own vows. 

“Phil…” he stutters, attempting to calm himself down from how hard-hitting Phil’s vows were. “From the moment I saw you in the cafe for the first time, I knew you were the one. I loved you from the first time we spoke, and I would never let you go. I take you, Philip Michael Lester, to be my husband…” Dan stopped just as Phil did. They each took a page out of each other’s books, and neither knew. “until the very end. From your better days to your worst, I’ll be here to take care of you. I’m here to fight your battles with you and hold you up if you fall. And even as we pass the very end, I will always feel just as I do today. I love you, Phil.” 

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husbands. You may kiss the groom.” A voice speaks from their side, but they don’t pay attention. They’re too entranced with each other at this point to even tilt their heads. All they catch of the phrase is “kiss”, and that’s all they need. The kiss is soft and short, but they both know the longer ones will come later. The thought hits them each at the same time, as they turn and smile to the small crowd of close friends and family. Dan and Phil are finally married. 

The Potter Wedding (Part 2/3)

Part 2 of 3

Part 1 here

Part 3 here

Warnings: Friend feels; Wedding Feels; FatherxDaughter Feels; SiriusxReader

Summary: Reader x Sirius at the wedding of Lily and James. Both realise that they are with the one they wish to marry, and eventually end up in an intimate proposal situation.

You stiffened your back and caught your breath. Everyone was smiling at you as you walked towards the aisle, rose petals of pink and peach whirling around your feet as your long dress flowed around your ankles with each step. You smiled politely back at them, turning your head slightly to the left and right as you walked. You were glad that most of them were turning their attention back to the house above, watching eagerly for a glimpse of Lily.

As you stepped closer to the altar, you saw James standing in front of the aisle, a stupid massive grin on his face. You chortled back at him as he winked and gave a small thumbs up, his hair an unruly mess, his tux hanging perfectly on his broad shoulders. You shook your head slightly as he turned his attention behind you. James will be James. He looked handsome, and nervous, and cocky, and (most importantly) the happiest you had ever seen him.

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As a member of the whiny minority do you want to punch Severus Snape the most on Halloween or some other day? Also do you have any 7s? No? Go fish 🐠

As a member of the whiny minority I️ have to say that the only person I️ want to punch On October 31st is Peter Pettigrew but Snape is every other day and Umbridge is every god damn hour.

...For Those We Love

  Third and final chapter, here are the first and second entries.  Enjoy!

Three years.  Three years since Zelda had been freed from a century of complete hell. Three years of freedom from the rules and expectations of a princess chosen by the goddesses.  Three years of stress and work to pick up the pieces of her kingdom and rebuild it.  Three years of more love and support and acceptance than she had felt in the entirety of her twenty one years.  And now, as she stared in the mirror at the young lady dressed in white staring back at her, she reeled at the thought of what the next three years would have in store.

           A knock at the door reminded her of the existence of the world outside of this mirror and after a few more moments she softly replied “Come in.”

           In the reflection of the mirror she saw a familiar young woman poke her head in, smiling brightly.  “You’ve earned quite the turnout, your highness.”  Riju closed the door behind her and stood at her shoulder, already standing taller than Zelda despite their four year age difference. “Every race of Hyrule is represented in the throngs outside.  I’m fairly sure I even spotted the elder of the Gorons.”

           “Well, I suppose it is an important day.”  Zelda tore her eyes away from the mirror and stood, smoothing the folds of fabric at her legs.  “Do I look presentable?”

           “Worthy of a crown.”  Riju tipped her head respectfully.  “As solemn as one wearing one, however… I am told vai are generally more excitable on a day such as today, your highness.  Is something troubling you?”

           Zelda glanced upwards to meet her friend’s eyes before casting them down.  “I have been asking myself the same question, Riju… This day has been long coming in my mind, and yet I can hardly bring myself to smile.”  She sighed and wrung her hands.

           “Nerves are just as common, Zelda.”  Riju spoke softly, using her name as an attempt to lessen the gap between them.  

           “It isn’t just nerves, Riju.”  Zelda made a sound of frustration and turned back to the mirror, looking at her young face- she had matured quite a bit in the few years since her freedom and it showed, but she could not help but see the remains of her old self.  Deep in her eyes, she still saw the scared young woman who traveled from shrine to shrine, desperately attempting to awaken her power to save her country, her family.  “Today is not just about this dress… today is supposed to be the culmination of all our efforts.  The day Hyrule is reborn as a proper country, with me as its ruler.”  Her voice trembled slightly, serving to underline her fears.  “Am I truly ready for this?  Is he?”

           “Zelda…” Riju laid her hands on her friends shoulders, giving them a gentle squeeze.  “You were not placed in this position arbitrarily.  Each elder voted, and you were unanimously chosen.  Not because you had a title in a previous life… but because each and every one of us have seen the work you have done in the past three years.”  She turned the smaller woman to face her, softly tilting her chin up to meet her own emerald eyes.  “Name one person who could fulfill this position better than yourself?”  

           Zelda opened her mouth, ready to speak with finality, to express once and for all her inadequacy, her disbelief that she was capable. Her mind cycled through name after name, fitting them against her own, ready for one to click… but as second after second passed and her mouth remained silently open for longer, it began to sink in.  Not one name rose to the top… certainly a few caught her attention, but each quickly fell back under scrutiny.  Her eyes lowered away from Riju’s knowing smirk as her mouth closed.

           “Not one.”  Riju replied after many moments of silence.  Her hands fell from Zelda’s shoulders and she brushed them together with finality.  “Believe me, I am intimately familiar with what it feels like to be in a position you don’t feel qualified for.  I am sorry to say it may be several years before that feeling ever completely dissipates. However, like me, you will have people around you to support and aid you.”  Her smirk took a more playful tone.  “And one of them is certainly eagerly awaiting your presence.”

           Zelda felt her cheeks warm as she smiled.  “Thank you, Riju…” She forced herself to look back up, sighing and setting her shoulders.  “You remind me so much of Urbosa.  She was a voice of reason to me as well.”

           This time it was Riju who looked away to hide her feelings.  “You think too highly of me, princess.”

           “She would have said that too.” Zelda teased and walked to the one corner of the room she had refused to look at yet, gently retrieving an intricate white veil.  “You’re right… I’ve made Link wait long enough, haven’t I?”  Zelda placed the veil on her carefully arranged hair, taking one final look in the mirror, turning slowly to study every angle.  “Do you think he’ll approve?”

           “If he doesn’t, he’ll have me to answer to.” Riju joked, reaching forth and making a few small adjustments.  “Speaking of which… I did bring what you asked for. I’ve given it to the stable hand, and he assured me it will be safely packed in the saddlebag.”

           A mischievous glint danced in the bride’s eyes. “Thank you Riju… now let’s make our way out.”

#  #  #

           Link stood in the back room of the temple, listening to the near-constant echo of his foot tapping.  Outside he could hear the din of the large throngs that had gathered to attend the second event of the day.  Only a small number of them would be allowed in the chapel to witness the first.

           “You’ll wear down the floor if you keep doing that.” A cheerful voice rang over his nervous habit, causing him to jump and look back at the tall Zora walking towards him.

           “I hope not, it took several months to restore this place.” Link managed a smile as he observed the formal wear of his friend.  “I thought Zoras didn’t believe in clothing?”

           Sidon laughed, a loud, full sound that managed to drown out the noise of the crowd outside.  “It doesn’t agree with our skin, but for an event as important as this we decided it was appropriate.”  He stretched his arms against the fabric, wincing in discomfort. “How do you Hylians stand this… that doesn’t look any more comfortable than this!”

           Link swallowed and tugged at the tight collar of the formal shirt covered by an equally restrictive jacket.  “Zelda insisted we dress appropriately for something as monumental as a coronation.  “Form over function”, she calls it.”

           The Zora prince rolled his shoulders.  “I suppose if there was any day for her to dictate our appearance, today would be it.”

           Link smiled and nodded agreement, glancing out the window where a procession was clearing a path for the large Zora king. A brief pang cut through his chest as he noticed the ornate trident being carried with reverence by an attendant.  “Sidon… I am sorry that Mipha could not be here.”  

           Sidon nodded gravely, his omnipresent air of positivity dimming for a moment.  “She would certainly want to witness the happiness you and the princess have brought each other…”

           “Do you…”  Link hesitated, unsure if the question in his mind was appropriate to ask. “Do you think she would… want to be here, to see this?”

           The prince took a few moments to think before patting his friends shoulder.  “Mipha cared very deeply for you, Link, but she would care more for your happiness. I am more than certain of his.” He flashed a sharp, toothy grin, an expression that would be misconstrued as predatory to those unfamiliar with him.

           Link returned the smile and reached up to shake his hand.  “Thank you Sidon… I am very happy you are here.”

           “Of course!”  The Zora cried, his boisterous joy rejuvenated.  “Where else would I be but at the side of my people’s twice-over savior?  More than that, my friend?”  His head jerked as trumpets started to ring out from the courtyard.  “Ah, but now it is time to make sure he is at the side of his bride!  Come, Link!” Without waiting for a reply, he took the smaller man’s hand and pulled him along to the door.

           Trying to keep up with his companion’s fast strides, Link tried to straighten his jacket and glanced in the reflection of a suit of armor as they passed, hoping state of his hair was due to the curve of the metal. Sooner than he was prepared for, his friend stopped short and flashed another smile down at him.  “After you, Link.”

           The Hylian nodded and solemnly stepped up to where a much older Zora waited, ignoring the moisture sliding down the back of his neck. He nodded back to the minister and stood as straight as he could with his hands behind his back, intensely aware of the packed rows before him.

           After what seemed like an eternity, the Rito standing in the corner started slowly playing the instrument in his hands, a group of younger female Rito singing along to his tune.  The large doors at the end of the aisle opened, revealing a tall, regal looking Gerudo woman flanked by a younger member of her race and a nervous looking Goron boy.  The young Gerudo girl stood stiff, clearly trying to imitate her older kin as she spread white and blue petals across the aisle in front of the progression.  The boy awkwardly took his place beside her in front of the raised platform where Link stood; Riju flashed him a coy wink as she took her place across from Sidon, intensifying the pit the Hylian felt in his stomach.  A few moments of silence hung heavy in the air before the Rito chorus began again, accompanied by a rustle of the guests rising to their feet.  Link began to sweep his eyes across the crowd before a young woman appeared in the door, causing his breath to hitch in his throat.

           Her steps were slow, causing her feet to be hidden underneath the simple white fabric that hung to the floor.  Faint patterns were only just visible, sewn in glittering gold thread around the sleeves as they wound around her slender arms and joined at the neck, twisting in an ornate depiction of the symbols of Hyrule and its goddesses.  The front of the dress was only decorated by small folds of fabric, not unlike the dress she had worn when he found her three years ago; a long train extended a few inches behind her heels, attached at the waist.  At first glance it was pure white like the rest of the dress, but with each step it rippled and reflected a brilliant bright blue.  Her features were obscured behind the veil, but Link could still make out the curve of her lips and her brilliant blue eyes, sparking as they met his.  The hero swallowed thickly, furiously willing his chest to respond before the lack of oxygen shut his brain down.  Behind him he distantly heard the slight rustle of Sidon and felt a steady hand on his back, supporting him as his legs twitched dangerously.

           Link watched each slow step she made with unblinking eyes, unwilling to look away or even blink as he committed each and every detail of the woman in front of him to memory, storing it away with the utmost care.  As the memories filled his mind, he faintly felt the memories of his journey- each time he felt lost or hopeless, each time he felt the sting of a blade or heat of a laser, each time he had fallen to the ground only to be just barely revived by a long-fallen friend or fairy… each pain he had felt evaporated as he looked at the treasure in front of him.  At the edge of his perception he was aware of the chorus of whispers and the moisture on his cheeks, but he cast it all aside as he reached his hand out for hers.  Her slender fingers closed around his and she stepped in front of him; just through the fabric of the veil he could make out the same telltale shimmer on her cheeks.  Her lips moved slightly, but he couldn’t make out what she was attempting to say to him.

           The elderly Zora raised his hands and the crowd took their seats, and he began speaking with a croak, recounting all he had seen in his years, of the joy and the pain, but neither of the Hylians in front of him were listening.  Link felt his companion’s fingers squeeze his slightly which he returned, glad that there was no pressure on him to speak, for he was sure that no words in the recorded history of Hyrule could express his feelings.  On her finger he could feel the cool strip of gold he had given her months ago on the hill beside Lake Hylia where they had taken cover from the rain a hundred years ago.

           Eventually the Zora minister gestured for the Goron boy to come forward and present the matching band and second half of the ring to the couple.  Link took the smaller ring with shaking fingers and called to mind the words he had spent a month preparing.  His mouth tasted dry as he began speaking, the words sounding as from a distant tunnel while his eyes remained fixed on hers.  His mouth worked autonomously, spilling forth the prepared words while his mind could only grasp the meaning he had packed behind them- his thankfulness for her, for her graciousness, his appreciation and respect of her strength of mind and soul, his love of every part of her, and his most solemn promise to cherish and protect her with the entirety of his body, mind, and soul till his last breath and beyond.  As his lips came to a halt, he gently lifted her hand and slid the ring until it settled against its companion before bringing the back of her hand up against his lips.

           As he lowered her hand amidst murmurs and a few sobs, Link watched as she took the band and began speaking with a slight choke; her eyes matched his with the same intensity.  The words were elegant, matching her regal upbringing, but Link could sense the meaning of her soul and it drilled into his with the weight of the moon- her own thankfulness of what he had already given her, how he had fought for her, her wonder at his strength, her determination to be the woman he saw her as.  Her voice faltered slightly and he smiled, squeezing her hand to encourage her, which she did with a blush.  She concluded with a promise similar to his, to spend each of her living days growing, learning, and cherishing the love he had given her and trying to exceed it in her return to him.  Amidst a chorus of low chuckles from the audience, she slid the band on his finger, clasping his hand with both of hers.  

           The minister cleared his throat and squared his shoulders, quickly intoning the words of the remainder of the ceremony, seeming a little harried and watery-eyed to the Gerudo and Zora standing close to him.  The couple didn’t notice however, keeping their eyes on each other as they each spoke the two words in turn that sealed their bond.  The older Zora nodded and cleared his throat again, speaking the phrase that they both had yearned to hear for months: “By the power vested in me by the goddesses Din, Nayru, Farore, and Hylia, I pronounce this couple man and wife.”  He turned to Link and said with a smile.  “You may kiss the bride.”

           Link nodded and reached to lift the veil, but Zelda had already thrown it back.  For the first time Link could clearly see the sparkling tears in her eyes and those that had run down her cheeks, the faint color she had applied to her eyes, and the redness in her cheeks brought on by the heavy emotion and eagerness.  He only had a moment to take in each detail before he closed his arms around her and felt her hands around him at the same time, each leaning in and pressing their lips against each other amidst cheers and a laugh from Sidon and Riju.  Zelda’s knees went weak and Link leaned over to support her, dipping her to the floor as their lips remained joined.  Cheers turned to chuckles as the seconds continued to tick by before Sidon loudly cleared his throat.

           The pair stood straight again, looking at each other with large smiles, their arms still wrapped around one another.  Taking each other’s hand, they turned to the crowd and began walking down the aisle together, giving sheepish waves before stepping out into the sun, where a crowd easily five times that of the temple shouted with volume loud enough to be heard from the summit of Death Mountain. Impa smiled at the couple and raised her arms to quiet the throng.  “People of Hyrule,” She began, her voice carrying easily despite her age.  “For a century we have languished, separated, by the Great Calamity.  But today marks the beginning of the unified kingdom of Hyrule, reborn!”  She paused, allowing the cheering to dissipate once again. “Before you, newly wed, are your king and queen of this new nation.  Do you accept them?”  The crowed roared once again, even louder than before.  The couple exchanged a quick glance and smiled sheepishly, squeezing their hands.

           “First to be crowned… the heir of the royal blood.” Impa inclined her head as Yunobo ascended the stairs and presented an ornately carved wooden case to the Sheikah elder, giving a slight sheepish nod to Link.  The Hylian smiled and nodded almost imperceptibly back.

           Impa opened the case with great care and removed a crown, brilliantly woven of strands of gold and silver.  Sapphires winked in the sunlight around the circumference, leading up to the front where a carefully crafted crest of the Hyrule nation.  In the outstretched wings of the bird were three triangles, each cut from a different gem- the top was a brilliant ruby, the left an exquisite sapphire, and the right a dazzling emerald. “Zelda, former princess of Hyrule… step forth.”

           Zelda obeyed, releasing her husband’s hand, and dropping to one knee.  Impa reached up, only just able to reach her head.  “Do you, Zelda, swear to protect and maintain the peace and prosperity of Hyrule and its people?  Do you vow to give all of your body, your mind, and your spirit to this task, until such a time as you are unable?”

           “I swear.”  Zelda’s regal voice was the only thing heard across the slopes outside the ancient temple; not a soul dared to speak as the crown was laid on her head.

           “And the blood heir’s companion… Link.”  Impa raised the second crown high for all to see. It bore much resemblance to the first, but was forged of solid gold rather than being woven from metal strands. Garnets adorned the three prongs around the crown, culminating in a crest identical to the one on its twin. “Link, hero of Hyrule, do you swear fealty to your queen and country, vowing to give your body, mind, and spirit to the protection of each?”

           “I swear.”  Link’s voice was softer, not as clipped by years of royal upbringing but just as audible across the slopes.  He felt the heavy weight of the crown laid on his hair and stood once more, taking Zelda’s hand in his own.  

           Impa shared a smile with them both before turning back to the crowd, raising her hands towards the sky.  “People of Hyrule… I present to you, King Link and Queen Zelda!”

           The roar was earsplitting, shaking the newly laid stones beneath the monarchs’ feet as voices from each race, each corner of a country that had laid destitute for a century rejoiced at the first sign of peace that most could remember.  Zelda and Link smiled at each other, raising their clasped hands in response to the cheering; after the minutes ticked by and the thunder showed no signs of dissipating, Riju extended her hand, showing them the pathway down to where their horses awaited.  Link reached forward and helped his wife up to her saddle, lingering at her side a bit with an entranced grin before moving to his own horse.  Mounting his own, the couple waved farewell to the still cheering crowd and rode off together.

#  #  #

           “Link… I can’t believe the same boy who used to speak three words to me a day was able to write something to heartfelt.”  Zelda gushed as she unfastened her earrings, watching him in the mirror with a smile.  “Honestly I think you were just looking for an excuse to not respond to my rambling.”

           “It was a happy side effect.”  The young man joked, unbuttoning his shirt, laying it across a nearby chair and rolling his muscles that felt stiff from the posture the formal clothing had forced him to maintain.  “I spent weeks on those words… I worried I could never match the words of a princess as intelligent as you.”

           “Oh Link… you know I would never have cared.”  She felt her cheeks warm as she watched his back ripple, a body toned from years of training and exertion.  Quickly she pulled loose her hair and watched it fall around her face, hiding the rush of blood.  “Oh, could you, ah, give me a few moments to… prepare, darling?”  She cursed herself inwardly at the rise of octave, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

           “Zelda I hope you don’t feel I have… expectations you must live up to.”  Link’s voice was hesitant, and her heart melted at his consideration.  She knew that the same whispers that had reached her ears must have reached his, speculation of the couple’s wedding night.  

           “So kindhearted… I don’t think anything of the sort.” The queen walked over and planted a soft kiss on his lips.  “Just a few moments and I’ll be back.”

           Ducking out of the room before Link could protest any more, she skipped out to the field where their horses stood grazing and pulled out a package from her saddlebags.  Turning it over, she found a small note pinned to the pack in ornate handwriting-

           “Have fun you two- R”

           Zelda scoffed and pushed away speculation at the whispering that must have been going around the voe-obsessed Gerudo Town about tonight.  She gave her mare a quick pat on the nose and rushed back inside, giddy with excitement as she tore open the paper and watched the contents spill out in front of her… the newlywed’s grin turned mischievous as she started changing.

           After a few minutes Zelda stood straight again, turning a slow circle as she considered herself in the mirror.  Oh this was… horrible, if anyone saw her like this, she would never live down the embarrassment… how did those Gerudo women walk around dressed in such attire?  Then again, she supposed, it did attract the attention of men across the kingdom… she hoped the allure would work on the one man she cared about.

           She met the eyes staring back at her in the mirror and steeled herself before opening the door, quietly tiptoeing down the hall until she reached the last door.  Gently nudging it open, she lowered her eyelids and leaned against the doorframe, speaking in the most seductive voice she could muster.  “Hello, husband…”

           Link chuckled and turned to face her “Oh is that what we call one another now-?”  His smile evaporated as soon as he looked back and saw his wife standing against the door dressed in the tantalizing Gerudo clothing.  Instead of the deep purple he had worn in his travels, this cloth was a rich scarlet, accentuating the heavy atmosphere Link suddenly felt all around him.  “Z…Zelda?” His voice cracked sharply.

           “Something wrong, Link?”  Zelda smiled under the thin veil, Despite how ridiculous she felt, she couldn’t deny a certain… rush in her veins, seeing how he flushed and stammered at her appearance.  “I just felt that the queen of the nation should indulge in the diverse cultures of her nation… don’t you?”  

           The hero quailed under the look she cast on him and stuttered helplessly, his eyes casting everywhere around the room except her form.  Her grin widened, and she slowly pulled the door shut behind her.

brown-aces  asked:

Imagine the Dianetti wedding. Gina wears a designer wedding dress. Prolly similar to the ones celebrities wear. Rosa's in a leather jacket and tie. Holt walks Gina down the aisle. Charles is the ring bearer. He shows up in an actual bear costume. The Enigma (Gina's daughter) is the flower girl. She throws black flower petals down the aisle. The entire wedding is livestreamed on YouTube. Millions tune in. Halsey performs at the wedding reception.


black flower petals!!!!! goodbye SOUL it was nice knowing you but you’re now DEAD BECAUSE OF THIS

Of course there’s a chance of it! I can’t imagine what their wedding would look like. I don’t know if they’re the most traditional, so I would tell people who love weddings not to expect a gown and petals on the aisle. But I think these are people clinging to each other and really diving into love in extreme ways just so that they can feel something nice, and that’s what I liked about that moment — it was a bit of sweetness in the horror.
—  Pete Nowalk answers the question: Oliver proposed to Connor. Will there be a wedding in Season 4? (x)
On Turning Eighteen

I can still remember my little self the day of my sister’s debut eleven years ago. I had a purple, sequined dress with faux flowers crowning and falling from my head. I threw petals on the aisle with my childhood friend, snuck behind the five-tiered cake to poke my finger into the icing and lick it off satisfyingly. I didn’t care about anyone catching or watching me. I was barely seven years old and I thought I was free.

Many years later, my mother picked up the photo album that collected captured memories from that evening. I looked through the snapshots with her and I thought to myself, “Will I get a day for myself just like that too?” Will I be dancing with an escort, have a gargantuan cake towering beside me, be serenaded by a live band, be greeted by long-lost relatives and be wrapped in crystals and satin and expensive makeup? Would I want to?

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Come What May

here have a harlivy wedding ;)

Title: Come What May

Summary: “I love you, Daffodil, and I’ll keep loving you, always, forever, come what may.”

Harley pulled at the bodice of her dress. The gel-padded bra was sticking to her skin like sweaty palms, but she tried not to think about that.

She looked in the mirror. Her hair was twisted into some intricate low-bun held in place with bobby pins and too much hairspray. Too much hairspray. No frizz there. She poked the pretty barrette clipped in at the side. It didn’t budge. All of her makeup was still in good shape. It made her face feel twitchy, like her skin couldn’t breathe. Her coral red lipstick was making her whole mouth feel waxy. Her foundation was itchy. She wanted to wipe it off. She wanted to sit down. Her eyes looked huge. Her head felt heavy. Her thoughts were all short and clippy. The room was moving. She was feeling sorta funny.

“How do I look?” Harley could hear how shaky her voice sounded and tried her best to look solid.


She grabbed her water bottle off of the table and unscrewed the top—she needed an excuse to swallow. “Ya’ think?”

“Of course,” Bruce said and gave her a smile: You’re doing great. “We have about another fifteen minutes before we should start heading over to the gardens.”

It hit her hard then, surged up her throat and made the whole world all tingly. She was getting married in fifteen minutes, and now she was feeling really funny. “Sounds good.”

“Are you okay?”


Bruce let the silence grow. So did Harley. Her heart was running like crazy.

“Are you?” he said finally.


Harley was breathing faster with the shock of having said it out loud. She hadn’t meant to, but she couldn’t help it: she was sliding into a panic. Of all the days for her to get cold feet, why her wedding day? It wasn’t that she didn’t want to marry Ivy because she did want to marry Ivy. She really wanted to marry Ivy, more than anything she’d ever wanted. Ivy was the love of her life, so what was she afraid of? What was this fresh fear whirling and swirling inside of her?

She sat herself down onto floor. Everything felt too bright. The sun was reflecting off of the sparkles on her dress, dozens of little dots running up and down the walls. It gave the room a shimmery, surreal look, like something out of a fever dream. She barely noticed when Bruce sat down beside her.

He cleared his throat. “Quinn,” he paused, swallowing, “Harleen, I know that…commitment is hard, especially when… things have hurt you before. But look—sometimes you just have to look past all of that and look forward. I’m sure that it’s normal to feel not ready, but from what I’ve observed, I’d say that you are ready.”

“But what if I’m not? What if I mess this whole thing up? What then?”

“I don’t have all of the answers, but I don’t think you’re going to mess anything up. I think you’re ready. You seem healthy. You seem happy. It’s a really good look on you, Harleen.”

She glanced at him, checked to see if he was mocking her, which he wasn’t. “Ya’ really think so?”

“Yes, I do.” He wouldn’t look her in the eye, but Harley knew he meant it.

She wasn’t on speaking-terms with her father and both of Ivy’s parents were dead, so she’d asked Bruce to walk her down the aisle. Even though she was pretty sure he’d only said yes after some negotiating with Selina, Harley was still glad that he was here.

Harley looked up at him gratefully and smiled. “Thanks, Rich Boy. I needed that.”

“I’m glad I could—”

“Knock knock!” Speak of the devil… Selina Kyle opened the door without actually knocking and walked inside like she was the belle of the ball. Her dress was a pale, beige-y shade of pink that was almost glowing against her skin. Looking at her, you’d think she’d picked out the outfit herself—she owned it.

When she caught sight of Harley and Bruce on the floor, she stopped, the skirt of her dress swinging around her ankles. “Oh for fuck’s sake.”

“Hi,” Harley said shyly. Her heart was still driving over the speed limit, but her vision was returning to normal.

“I see that your ‘something blue’ is your panties. Is your ‘something borrowed’ my date?” Her tone was biting, but her eyes were sparkling and her mouth was open in a smiley Gotcha! gape.

Harley could feel herself drowning in a blush. She snapped her legs together and said, “You look nice.”

“Actually, I look like a Pepto Bismol ad campaign that tried to incorporate sex appeal, but thank you anyways, dear.” Selina set her purse down on the table and started digging through it. “I swear, you and Ivy are a match made in hell.”

“What makes ya’ say that?”

“Aha.” She pulled out something shiny, gave it a quick kiss, and brought it over to Harley. “Here, try some of this.”

“Really, Selina?”

“Put a sock in it, Bruce. Scotch works wonders on the nervous system.”

“So does deep breathing.”

She snorted. “And so does, em, meditation, and a healthy, em, balanced diet.” Her voice was reedy and mocking and sounded nothing like Bruce. “I hear that, em, praying to God can also, em, help with that, too. Alcohol is the devil’s elixir! Judgment is coming!” 

Harley grabbed the flask from her hand, took a mouthful. It was warm and tasted like dirt. She felt better already.

Bruce grinned, shaking his head. “When have I ever said anything even remotely like that?”

Selina shooed away his response and said to Harley, “Bruce doesn’t approve of my drinking. He thinks I’m a ‘bad influence.’” She met Harley’s gaze with eyes that said Puke. Then, gesturing to the flask,“I’m sorry if there isn’t much left. Ivy’s liver needed a lot of TLC.”

Harley took another swig and managed to avoid making a face. “Is she nervous, too?”  

“Don’t tell her I said this, but between you and me?” Selina gave her a wicked grin and leaned in close enough for Harley to smell the spearmint off of her breath. “She’s petrified.

Harley finished off the flask and let herself laugh. “Yeah?”

“Absolutely,” Selina said. “Now stand up. It’s almost go time.”

Harley looked uncertainly at Bruce and tried to ignore the leap of something in her stomach.

“It’s okay,” Bruce told her, soothing, rhythmic. He stood up. “You’ve got this.”

He helped Harley up to her feet and she immediately felt a little woozy. “Wow. Head rush.” Wow. Scotch.

“Alright,” Selina put her hands on Harley’s shoulders and gave them a little squeeze. “I’ve gotta go find Eddie because we’re walking in five. Try not to shit yourself, okay? It’d be a shame if you ruined such a pretty dress. You look beautiful. You’ll do great. Deep breaths. Good luck!”

Harley could hear the echo of her heels bouncing off the ceiling as she walked out the door.

“I’m totally gonna shit myself.”

“Maybe don’t do that,” said Bruce, not entirely sure whether Harley was serious.

“Easier said than done.” They began to make their way out of the building.

Harley groaned and tried to get her teeth to stop chattering. “I’m real nervous.”

“I know you are, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Just look at Ivy and everything will be fine.”

And then all too quickly they were at the door. Ivy was just beyond it, standing in the center of the garden, waiting for her. The thought grounded her like a clash of symbols, straightened her spine. This was it.


Harley took a deep breath, forcing the air to pool in her belly before letting it out. “I guess.”

She took Bruce’s hand and opened the door.

The air was instantly and utterly different, breezy and warm, little eddies spinning here and there. The floor of the garden was layers of green upon green, unrolling beneath her feet like a red carpet. Every color was leaping.  

There was a trail of white and yellow rose petals leading down the “aisle.” They were fake—Ivy wouldn’t have it any other way—but pretty. Everything was coated in a sheet of dusty sunshine, and Harley wondered if she’d ever seen a more beautiful day.  

And then she saw Ivy.

Oh, wow.

She was standing at the altar in a fitted white dress with a train that spread out over the grass below her, a crown of daffodils laced into her hair. At that moment, she made a lovely picture: the fall of copper curls and the splash of yellow, poised against the sunlight and sky behind her. She was stunning.

Harley put one foot in front of the other until they were facing each other. There was music, but she hardly heard it.  

“You’re so beautiful,” Ivy whispered to her.

Her cheeks flushed and she laughed. “You are, too.”

She couldn’t tell if it was the sun or the Scotch dancing in her belly, but she was feeling much better. She was experiencing real in flashes so vivid they made her head spin, made her forget she’d ever experienced any other sort of reality. Now that she thought about it, “wife” had a really nice ring to it.

“Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union between Harleen Francis Quinzel and Pamela Lillian Isley in marriage.” The wedding officiant was an older man with a long white beard and dimples who Harley had picked because he reminded her of Walt Whitman.

Nervous? Ivy mouthed to her.


Me too.

Ivy smiled and Harley felt her shoulders drop.

Walt Whitman switched his attention to just the two of them. “Love is patient and kind. Do not love in word or speech only; love also in deed and truth. Receive each other in sincerity, find mercy and grow old together.”

Was that from the Bible? She didn’t dare look at her mother. In retrospect, she probably should’ve gotten a rabbi.

“We will now begin the exchange of the vows,” he said pleasantly enough. Harley was just glad that he was done talking.

With a small nod, Selina handed Ivy a folded piece of paper.

Ivy took a deep breath and opened the paper, her hands trembling.  

“Before I met you, I thought I could make everything bloom. I could turn concrete to chrysanthemums, trash to tulips, ash to azalea. I could draw flowers out of thin air, like they were all tumbling out of some endless basket no one else could see. I thought I could make everything bloom, but I was wrong. While everything I touched blossomed, I didn’t. I was dried out and yellowed inside. I couldn’t flower. Then I met you. You loved and nurtured me, watered me everyday and didn’t stop when it got hard. You were the light that I needed to grow, the soil over my roots.  It was under your care that I was finally able to bloom. I am Mother Nature, but you are the true gardener.

I’m proud of the way we love each other, Harley. We had nothing to learn from but broken hearts, no one to teach us but others’ mistakes. We didn’t have good examples, so we taught ourselves how to love, how to grow. Our love is a garden that will forever be in bloom. I love you, Daffodil, and I’ll keep loving you, always, forever, come what may.”

Ivy’s eyes were covered in a beautiful soft mist, but Harley’s eyes were pouring, dragging her mascara down her cheeks. Her mind was a dazzled mess of forever. Yes, forever. Always forever. She knew that she was supposed to say her vows now, but she couldn’t wait another second before she kissed the bride. She tipped Ivy’s head towards the sky and did just that, with more warmth than her unread vows could ever hope to convey.

Always, she thought as she heard claps from the guests. Forever. Come what may.

Photobooth: Fred x Reader

Request: Hey there! I hope you’re not too busy with requests and if not I was wondering if you’d mind writing a Fred weasley oneshot please? Like maybe it’s Y/N and Fred’s wedding(after the war&lupin etc lived pls😭) and it’s all cute abd fairytale like with silly things like photo booths,fairy light&like silly carnival stalls and a really emotional Molly and a really cute George best man speech please cause Y/n is his best friend too?

Warnings: super adorableness


Originally posted by maarch-24th

“(Y/N), are you ready?” Hermione asks, standing behind me. I turn to look at my maid of honor and half smile.

“Hermione, I’m so nervous,” I say.

She giggles, “Well, I’d expect so.” She pulls me to my feet and smooths out my dress, takes my hands in hers, and looks me in the eyes. “You can do this, (Y/N).”

I nod and smile, before hugging her. I grab the bouquet from my vanity, and turn back to her. “Then let’s do this.”

He waits patiently at the end of the aisle next to Remus as the bridesmaids and groomsmen process in. As George comes to stand next to Fred, he whispers in his ear, “Just wait, mate. She looks incredible.” Little Teddy Lupin in a tiny tux brings the rings up to meet his father, followed by four-year-old Victoire, the eldest brother’s daughter, delicately tossing white rose petals along the aisle. He looks to the front row of the congregation and locks eyes with his mother, who has tears streaming down her face, but smiling nonetheless. He winks at her, and she feels the most proud of her son than she ever has. 

Fred’s grin grows even more and he looks up as (Y/N) rounds the corner in the dark, being escorted by her father. She’s framed by the lights behind her, as the fairies in the bushes try to get a better look at her, too.

Incredible was an understatement. (Y/N) looks like beauty itself, perfect from head to toe, in a magnificent white dress, and her (y/h/c) hair perfectly styled. She immediately looks down the aisle of the white tent and catches Fred’s eye, and both feel their breath hitch in their throat as their hearts leap. (Y/N) is so grateful that her father is there supporting her, because she’s shaking so badly, she feels certain she would fall over without him there. As she and her father reach the end of the aisle, he is in tears. He lifts her veil, kisses her on the cheek, and gives his beloved daughter away to the Groom. Fred takes her trembling hand in his, holding it tight and leads her to the front.

“You’re perfect,” he whispers to her.

She blushes and squeezes his hand, trembling a little less now. And then Remus begins, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered her today…”

I hear a clink to my right, drawing my attention away from Fred, as his twin stands up from the chair next to me.

“Alright, you lot! Time for my speech!” George says smiling broadly, and Fred releases my fingers, moving his to my back as I turn to look up at George. I move my hand to his knee, and rub my thumb gently back and forth on it, and he lightly traces his fingertips along my back, knowing fully well that it’s my favorite thing in the world.

“I remember the first time Fred and I met (Y/N),” George says, and I immediately blush, knowing the story he’s about to tell. “Third year at Hogwarts and Snape gives both of us detention, and we walk in, expecting it to just be the two of us, and here’s this girl in the room, too. We’d seen her around before, but Fred sits in the seat next to her and asks what she’s in for. She’d charmed all of Snape’s ink to write in changing colors of the rainbow, with sparkles and all.” I start laughing as I remember Snape’s face when he wrote my detention slip in the sparkling rainbow ink, instead of his normal black.

“I could tell right away that (Y/N) was a brilliant and charming witch. But that went out the window with the morning owl when she started dating Fred, because, let’s be honest, mate, she’s totally out of your league. And y’know, if she was gonna date one of us, I expected it to be the better looking twin,” he says, gesturing to himself. Fred and I both laugh, as well as the entire congregation. George continues telling stories about the three of us in our days at Hogwarts, filled with Fred-deprecating humor.

“But honestly, when you look at these two, all you can see is the realest of love, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to call (Y/N) my sister,” George says, looking down at me. I squeeze his hand lightly, and he finishes his speech, “To the bride and groom!”

“To the bridge and groom!” the congregation echoes, and I turn back to my husband. He’s looking at me with so much love, I feel my heart melt all over again.

The music starts playing, and he leads me to the dance floor, and he passes me off to my father, whose face is smiling but tear-stained. My father and I share a dance, and he passes me back to Fred. The music picks up a bit and Fred and I dance together, in our normal silly, excellent way.

After we share a few dances, he pulls me away. “My dad found this thing, and you need to see it,” he says, pulling me toward a little red and white striped booth with a black curtain in front of it.

I giggle as he pulls me in beside him, and there’s a large screen in front of us with our faces. He pulls out a basket of props and finds a veil, which he puts on his head, and a mustache-on-a-stick which he gives to me. I’m now laughing uncontrollably as he presses the button to take our pictures.

We exit the photo booth, and a strip of pictures is printed and he hands it to me. He’s making ridiculous faces in the first two as my face is scrunched up in laughter, the mustache-on-a-stick held in front of me. In the third he’s looking at me with such admiration and love that it’s making me blush. And in the final one, it’s a rather gorgeous shot of us as he brought me in for a kiss.

I bite my lip, tears filling my eyes as I look at the wonderful pictures (which for some reason, are not moving) that perfectly some up my love for this man. My eyes wander up to his, and he’s looking at me with the same look as he did in the third picture.

I wrap an arm around his neck and pull him close to me, and hold up the the strip. “We’re keeping this,” I say before bringing him to me for a kiss.

Jeonghan- Hannie is in shock, he’d guessed that marriage was something you wanted, but he didn’t think you’d come outright with it, “What… now?” He’d definitely want to wait a bit before marriage, not because he doesn’t love you but because he likes taking things nice and slow, and he’d want to be there with you for every second of your marriage, which he can’t do right now with his commitments to Seventeen.

Joshua- Yeeeeessss! All this boy’s dreams have just come true. He cannot wait to marry you, he’s so into it, he’ll start planning the proposal, the engagement period, the wedding. Gets so excited at the thought of spending the rest of his life with his love. Doesn’t worry about the fact that you’re both still young he knows he wants you and you want him, why wait? Can’t wait to break the news to the boys. Openly discusses your future with you, he wants an open and honest life with you.

Woozi- Fear. He’s quite traditional so he definitely wants marriage, but like Hannie, even more so, he’s a take it slow kind of guy, mostly because he’s quite shy and inexperienced. He wants to appreciate every moment of your relationship, and enjoy being with you just like you are for at least a couple of years. Also wants to be in a better financial position to support a family, and help pay for the wedding he thinks you deserve.

Dk- very like Shua cannot wait to marry you. Will probably ask you to marry him right then and there now he knows you’re on the same page. You guys would probably have a long engagement though, he just loves introducing you as his fiancé too much. He’d really enjoy the engagement period, knowing that you’d made a promise to each other to be together forever, and to have taken the next step in your relationship. I think he’d really like to see how you two grow together before you get married .

Seungkwan- One of two ways. Will either reply with, “Well of course you want to marry me,” or get really emotional that you’re so serious about him. Gets super carried away imagining the wedding, starts planning really intricate details before you’re even engaged, “So white rose petals up the aisle ok? And I think a harpist is really classy don’t you?” Will make you wait though, thinks he’s too young to be married just yet, and his mum would kill him if he ever got engaged anywhere other than Jeju.

Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Dream Wedding: All the Details
Maksim Chmerkovksiy and Peta Murgatroyd share all of the details of their magical vows exclusively with Us Weekly

It was love at first sight. Shortly after emigrating from his native Ukraine, Maksim Chmerkovskiy was visiting family friends in New York’s Long Island, when he happened to drive past Oheka Castle. “I thought it was very Gatsby-esque,” the professional ballroom dancer recalls in the new issue of Us Weekly of spying the 109,000-square-foot French-style chateau. “I remember I wanted to strive for the ability to organize a wedding in a place like that.”

When that dream came true, at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 8, the 37-year-old couldn’t keep his emotions in check. Waiting for his bride, fellow Dancing With the Stars pro Peta Murgatroyd, to join him under the lisianthus- and hydrangea-covered chuppah, the Tom Ford-clad groom started crying as soon as he heard the first strains of Tchaikovksy’s Nutcracker Suite. (The arrangement was a nod to Murgatroyd’s 16 years of ballet training, but Chmerkovksiy says he’s also a “ginormous fan.”)

When Murgatroyd’s mom, Suzanne, walked down the petal-strewn aisle carrying the couple’s 6-month-old son, Shai, “I lost it,” admitted Chmerkovskiy. But that was nothing compared to his first glimpse of Murgatroyd in an ivory, pearl-encrusted Karen Sabag Couture ball gown, cathedral-length veil and heels she purchased during their first visit to Ukraine in 2012.

“By the time she appeared, I was so emotional, I didn’t care what it looked like,” he says of his tears. (Murgatroyd cops to avoiding eye contact with dad Derek: “I would have had no makeup left!”) As alumni of the ABC reality show — including Candace Cameron Bure, Nyle DiMarco, Chmerkovskiy’s best man and bother Val and Amsale-clad bridesmaids Rumer Willis and Sharna Burgess looked on — the duo’s close friend Greg Havio led a 30-minute nondenominational ceremony that they wrote themselves. “It has both of our cultures mixed in together,” says Murgatroyd, who performed the Jewish tradition of walking around her groom seven times.

For the grand finale, the pair, whose on-off relationship spanned five years and include a dramatic onstage proposal in December 2015, exchanged self-penned vows. Chmerkovskiy admits his delivery was rocky. “People were telling me, ‘You’re going to see her walk down and you’re going to know exactly what to say,’” he says. “What they didn’t say is, ‘You’re going to see her, freeze up and forget what you wanted to say.’” But his words still touched the New Zealand native, 31.

“It was beautiful; he made me cry,” gushes Murgatroyd, who says she spoke about wanting to be with him “until we’re old in a rocking chair together.” Then, as they sealed their union with a kiss, “a giant rainbow came out,” says Chmerkovskiy. “People lost their s–t!” Echoes his bride, “I couldn’t believe it when I turned around. It was amazing — perfect timing.”

For more exclusive photos — and details on the pair’s raucous reception — pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now!