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The Chmerkovskiy’s (Part 1)

Hey Guys! So i’ve had an idea brewing for a little while to start a multi-chapter fic entitled “The Chmerkovskiy’s” that would revolved around Val and Sharna predominantly with a little bit of Maks and Peta. I was never a hardcore shipper of Maks and Peta so I’ve never written a story about them but they’re super cute so I’m down to try a little bit with this story. It’s taken me a while to start it because I had some idea of what I wanted to do but not a clear cut path, until @michellelabelle36 posted a comment the other day saying that Val and Sharna need to realize that they need to be together at Maks and Peta’s wedding. Thus came, my new story-The Chmerkovskiy’s. So here it is! The story is predominantly Chmergess and will be, but let me know if you would like more Maks and Peta or less Maks and Peta. I’m open to anything. Like/Reblog and comment! Always love reading what you guys think! 

The day had come quicker than any of them had imagined. Even though a lot of time had passed since the proposal, it seemed like Sway Miami was only yesterday. But still, their special day was long overdue. Peta, Sharna, Nicole, Witney, Lindsay and all of Peta’s bridesmaids were gathered in her pamper room preparing for the ceremony which was less than an hour away. They each were doing something different to make sure Peta was ready. She was in her gown, sitting in front of a mirror getting her hair done up and her veil put in. Sharna was a few feet behind her dressing Shai and making sure he looked neat before she handed him off to Val, who was coming to pick him up before the ceremony. The baby was wearing a blue tuxedo with a black lapel, matching the groomsmen ensemble. Sharna heard a knock on the door and picked up Shai, carrying him into the hallway. She walked out, closing the door behind her and turned to see Val, standing against the opposite wall. Sharna passed Shai over as she patted his head and straightened his bowtie one more time. She looked up to Val, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m ok. Maks, on the other hand is frickin nervous. He wants to see Peta.”

“Soon enough he will.”

“Yup. And then they will be married and we’ll be partying it up at the reception before we know it.”

“Hell yes.”

“Save a dance for me, will ya?”

Sharna looked at him. “Always.” She squeezed his arm before turning away to head back into the room.

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Team Boy Band - week 6

DWTS S24 Week 6 (Boy Bands vs Girl Groups) Recap / Review

DWTS S24 Week 6 Boybands vs. Girl Groups

Recaps [Here]

  • Nick Carter filling in for Julianne Hough. HIs score is 2nd, between Carrie Ann (1) & Len (3), Bruno last (4).
  • Maks is back with Heather
  • Team Dances (albeit quite early)

1. Simone Biles & Sasha Farber - Samba [Destiny’s Child: Survivor] (9+8+9+9=35) This was a fun dance to open the show but I have to be honest & say it wasn’t nearly their best. The timing was off at times & it was quite rushed. The turns came & went so fast, there was no time hit the bounce. I also wonder if the combat boots affected the bounce as well. I’m nervous that Simone is losing her grip on what should be a Top 2 or 3 finish. It’s definitely not for lack of talent. Hopefully she can really hit a stride soon. 

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Nick actually had the right score for this dance (8).

2. Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess - Rumba [Backstreet Boys: I Want It That Way] (8+8+7+7=30) No fire, no desire. This guy is wet cardboard. I have nothing really to say. All that chemistry the judges foamed at the mouth in the first 2 weeks, I’m still not seeing any.

3. Nancy Kerrigan & Artem Chigventsev - Paso Doble [En Vogue: Free Your Mind] (9+8+8+8=33) Yessss, Nancy, yesss. She was giving stank face, power, aggression. I’m so glad she’s seemingly come out of her shell. I was nervous in the beginning if she could do this song justice but by the end she sold me. I agree with Len the cage part was a touch too long & caused her not to start her first steps strong but the longer the dance went the better & better she got.

4. Nick Viall & Peta Murgatroyd - Jive [The Beach Boys: Fun, Fun, Fun] (7+7+7+7=28) Underscored, underappreciated, over criticized. This jive was not nearly as bad as the judges made it seem. I thought his footwork, kicks & flicks for pretty good. He does need more polish, he can get sloppy sometimes, but I love that he really uses his whole body in the dance. Compared to Week 1 he’s really improved, his performances, more energy, more rehearsed. 

I don’t get why the judges are seemingly so much harder on Nick than Bonner. Nick has consistently proven that he shows more energy & promise & is actually improving, it’s like they nitpick him to death vs. them over-blowing how good Bonner is each week.

5. Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy - Salsa [The Pussycat Dolls: When I Grow Up] (10+10+8+10=38) Finally a true showstopper routine. This girl just needs to drop Fifth Harmony & Val and go solo right now. Val is really playing it smart with his choreography, playing up to Normani’s strength’s & core fan base. Even more than Zendaya, I think Normani is really poised to become a big star post this season. I agree with Len about the lack of “obvious” salsa content but what she did do was spot on. The hip hop solo section was very indulgent of her pop start talents but genius strategy. Yeah it’ll piss of Len but it makes her look wildly better than the other celebs. Dream team.

Len’s 8 was crazy, a 9 sure but 8, nah son. 

6. David Ross & Lindsay Arnold - Argentine Tango [*NSYNC: I Want You Back] (7+8+7+7=29) David finally hit his brick wall that very celeb at some point hits. It kind of shows in these last 2 weeks. I agree with Carrie Ann, that something feels different about him. His energy isn’t the same. The AT was ok, it wasn’t the best he’s done & it’s not particularity memorable. I’m worried he might be danger soon. He looked really unsure of himself & unstable more than I’ve seen him in while. He’s gonna need a big breakthrough soon.

7. Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater - Tango [The  Four Tops: Reach Out I’ll Be There] (9+10+9+9=37) I love NFL guys like Rashad, who aren’t afraid to embrace this show & all it’s glitter & characters. Very poised focused, tango. Rashad never looks lost or confused, he’s incredibly confident & sure of himself & his chemistry with Emma. At times it was a little hectic (Hi Len!) and his frame was lost but nothing major. 

8. Heather Morris & Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Rumba [TLC: Waterfalls] (10+10+10+10=40) Killer, killer routine. Heather nailed the character & the technique. Her chemistry with Maks was scorching.  She had the hip action, the fludity & the lines. I stand by the fact that having Alan was great for Heather’s dancing to gain confidence & stage presence without Maks. Now she’s holding her own with him & I’m looking at her not him, which wasn’t the case Week 1. Hands down best dance of the night & probably of the season.

Team Boyband: Rashad & Emma, Bonner & Sharna, David & Lindsay, Nick & Peta] - SAFE (8+9+8+8=33)

I’ve always said these are hard to judge, it’s so much going on. Naturally it’s going to be messy but it was fun. I was surprised there was as much sync as there was. It was the best Bonner has looked in terms of energy, I have to say. But It really shows that all the weak links are the one guys teams, save for Rashad.

Team Girl Group: Normani & Val, Simone & Sasha, Nancy & Artem, Heather & Maks - IN JEOPARDY (8+9+8+9=34) All this dance proved is that these girls could be Top 4 right now. It didn’t have the flash of the boys, but they didn’t need it because the dancing was so tight.


It’s really a shame any of these girls are in jeopardy, they are all Top 4 material, save for Rashad taking a spot.

Simone & Sasha - SAFE

Normani & Val - SAFE

Heather & Maks -  ELIMINATED, I don’t get it. Did Heather not connect w/ viewers, did not she have a big enough fan base, did Maks’ fans not vote while he was out? I’m guessing all of the above? Welp, Sabrina Bryan & (Elizabeth Berkley, quite frankly) you have officially been dethroned of the Most Wrongful Early Elimination on DWTS. 

Nancy & Artem - SAFE

Recaps [Here]

NEXT WEEK : A Night At The Movies

What did you think of that SHOCKING ELIMINATION?

Habits of my Heart: Chapter 6

If you guys couldn’t already tell, this story is pretty much based on real-time events, but eventually I will have to change up some details to make it fit with where I’m heading. Anyways, James is back in this chapter! And if you liked Bonner and Sharna’s partnership, just a disclaimer that this is how I perceived their season together… and let’s just say that there’s a reason why I don’t give him much or any dialogue. Also! I made sure to include a small cameo from one of my favorite partners Sharna had ✌️All other chapters can be found in my tags! 

Chapter 6.
Following Peta’s advice proved to be much harder than she’d anticipated. She and Bonner worked hard on their Wreck-It-Ralph performance, and it frustrated them that the judges scores didn’t reflect that. She was happy that the producers finally seemed to have given up on the whole showmance idea. Although that didn’t stop people from wanted them to date, which was honestly some of the tamer things people wanted them to do together.

It was getting more and more difficult to hold her tongue with all the ridiculous comments she’d come across this season. It seemed that at this point, no matter what she did, there would always be someone who’d find something wrong with it. Whether it was showing too much support, showing too little support, not spending enough time in rehearsals, not liking all his posts, people saying they should have gone home weeks ago, people saying that she hasn’t been trying hard enough to be a good partner when really, none of them had any clue just how exhausted she was, trying to make this a positive experience for him. 

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Team RNB+D Season 24 Week 6 - Freestyle

Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 6: This Theme Was Crap

I hate doing stuff like this but here we go. I told y’all this week was gonna be a trainwreck. I just knew that none of these songs were going to actually work well with any of the styles (we were lucky that four of the 8 weren’t bad). It was also incredibly corny. And let me just say that this was probably the worst batch of team dances ever. And I think we have enough evidence to make a case to get the show to get rid of them. We haven’t seen a really good team dance since Team Foxing Awesome. Nick Carter was a guest judge as Julianne is somewhere in the country doing Move Beyond. And also he was in a boy band and was on the show, so why not. With all of that said, let me just try and fight my way through this. This is gonna be a tough one. So pray that I don’t throw my laptop against a wall during this recap.

Simone and Sasha- Samba (Score=35)- So I was kinda iffy on this dance. It was not great, but it was not bad. And I thought it was overscored slightly. I think technically, Simone was nearly perfect. Unfortunately, the song choice really affected the actual performance. It just wasn’t a samba song. And it really just didn’t work out. I’m surprised Sasha came up with what he did for that. Because it was rough. With all of that said, I actually think this was one of the better dances of the night. And that’s not a really good thing.

Bonner and Sharna- Rumba (Score=30)- I never realized how corny I Want It That Way was until it got separated from my childhood tonight and thrown onto this dance. I was cringing at those lyrics. Eek. I guess performance wise, Bonner did a good job. Technique and dancewise? Nope. And again, the song also didn’t really fit too well. It fit better than Survivor did for a samba, but that’s not saying much.

Nancy and Artem- Paso Doble (Score=33)- Well, this dance had the potential to be great. And it almost was. The big issue here was Nancy’s nerves. I think she put so much pressure on herself to do well because this song, Free Your Mind, kinda belongs to Mel and Maks’s paso. Those are big shoes to fill. But yeah, she got in her head and the first half of the dance really fell flat. She lost some control, her shaping wasn’t as precise as it needed to be and she was tense. I also thought the cage part was way longer than necessary. Once the second half of the dance rolled around, Nancy seemed to be more at ease, got into the character and really killed it. I thought it was good, she just psyched herself out too much.

Nick and Peta- Jive (Score=28)- To be honest, I missed about half of this dance. At this point in the show, I was over it and forgot it was still on. What I did catch was not that great. Nick was confident and he performed well, but I don’t think his technique was that good at all. I do think he probably should have gotten the same score as Bonner (or really a point or two higher than him as I thought Bonner was overscored).

Normani and Val- Salsa (Score=38)- This was an absolutely awful salsa song. Just dreadful. Just as dreadful as a samba to Survivor. But I don’t think this was actually very good at all. Because the song was so wrong, the energy was way too low for a salsa. I think Normani did everything that she was given, really well. however, she was not given much. There was such a lack of content, that it pissed me off. Val has given her content lite dances more often than not. And when Len calls him out for it and rightfully so, Val talks back? No. Shut up. This dance was full of spins and a few lifts and some arm passes. There were a few other salsa steps thrown in, but they were half assed, so I don’t count those. Normani is doing great with what she’s been given. Val is just phoning this season in and not really challenging her. This was also way overscored and should have been no more than a 35.

David and Lindsay- Argentine Tango (Score=29)- The judges were way too harsh on David. I thought that this was his best performance to date. Both in terms of technique and performance. Lindsay choreographed a great routine that David could execute well. The biggest issue was that lift that he had trouble with. I think he was nervous and never really got his footing right, which made him unsteady. But he kept Lindsay safe, and that’s all you can ask for at that point. Yeah, I enjoyed it, and it should have been straight 8s.

Rashad and Emma- Tango (Score=37)- This was amazing. I really loved this and it was the one dance that sort of saved the night for me. I think the music worked perfectly with the dance. I loved the intro and the staging. It was unfortunate that Rashad did lose a little bit of control because he went after it so much. He also lost his frame a bit. But otherwise, this was my favorite dance of the night. It deserved the score that it got, for sure.

Heather and Maks- Rumba (Score=40)- Well. I will say that this was the type of dancing that I was looking for from Heather all season long. I think this was her best dance of the season. Unfortunately, because of Heather’s background and the fact that I already was so over the night by the time she was up, I didn’t really get to appreciate the way I probably would have without the circumstances. Somewhere down the line, I might look at it again and really enjoy it. But for now, it was good and it was the best dance of the night. PS CAI conveniently missed a lift…

Team Dances

Team Boy Band (Score=33) vs. Team Girl Group (Score=34)- These dances were terrible. Now, I think Team Boy Band was way more fun and enjoyable than Team Girl Group. And they did WAY MORE DANCING. It was clear they all had a good time, even though it was far from perfect. I really enjoyed it and thought they embraced the theme of the dance and the night incredibly well. They really were like a boy band that you see at your 8 year old chlid’s elementary school. You know the boy band that performs at the talent show and everyone claps but it’s clear that only one of them knows what they’re doing? Yeah, like that. As for Team Girl Group, I was so disappointed. They had all of that talent on that team and did the least amount of dancing that I’ve ever seen done in a team dance. I was like “Wtf is this” the whole time. It was a waste of their time, my time, the show’s time and the nation’s time. I can’t even really critique it because they didn’t do much but sit and whip their hair. Maybe do a few lifts and some jive steps and that’s it. It was terrible.

Anyway, all of Team Girl Group was in jeopardy. As soon as they said that and I saw what everyone said Heather got on her rumba, her running order and the fact that she had a lift, I knew she was a goner. And she was. In a “shocking elimination” or whatever. I been telling y’all since the season started that it was going to be her though. She had “SHOCKING ELIMINATION” written all over her from the time the cast was announced. So I wasn’t shocked and was actually expecting it.

Next week, is our immunity challenge/dance off bull. I’m so excited about that. Is next week A Night at the Movies too? Idk. I just know the immunity thing. Bonner and Nick still need to be worried. I would also throw in Nancy and Normani at this point. Now that we’ve started the “shocking eliminations” we don’t know how many we’re gonna get before the finals. And I definitely see one more happening before the season ends. That’s it. Let me know your thoughts on how much this night sucked (or if you enjoyed it) and I will talk to you all soon.

anonymous asked:

I'm ok if JJ comes back, but if she doesn't I'm still ok. I will love to see Brittany as a Pro, I think she dances really well and deserves a chance to see how she does. I like Kym, I do want her to come back. If Allison leaves I won't mind AT ALL. Also I think Witney hasn't done much in the pasts seasons. And of course I want, Emma, Lindsay, Peta and SHARNA to come back.

I’m not sure how Britt teaches and/or choreographs. She’s a fabulous ensemble dancer, she just doesn’t catch my eye much…….which is why she’s good as a troupe member. She and the other Britt blend well.


DWTS Pros Perform With Andy Grammer (Open For Kelly & Michael)

skatearoo  asked:

Your latest chapter was so cute!!!! Lindsey is also one of my favorite pros. I love their friendship 😃 and Team Stop and Go Pit Crew yesss!!!! Loved that

Aww thank you so much! And yes! I love Sharna’s friendship with Lindsay, Peta, and Emma! So expect them to pop up here and there throughout the story! I like to imagine that the Team Stop and Go Pit Crew actually exists within that group 😉


DWTS Season 22 Week 9 All Access Footage

Timestamps behind the cut

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Older Z 21 visit NY and Vals female friends (Nicole) take her to a Male review. Val doesnt know he thinks they went to dinner and club until she returns to the house plastered and friendly with her hands and feelings. They are not dating still just friends. (angst not smut)

(Going to go with Chippendale’s, since it’s famous.)

Zendaya was excited about turning 21. She’d had a lot of friends demand that they be allowed to take her out to celebrate, but the female pro dancers from her season on Dancing With the Stars and Nicole had claimed it first. Apparently, Nicole had talked Peta, Cheryl, Sharna, Karina, Lindsay and Kym into her idea, because Zendaya found herself at a…

Well, the only word for it, really, was a male strip club. A classy one, but clothes were still coming off, so.

Zendaya was no longer the sixteen year old she’d been when she’d met everyone, but she wasn’t exactly not innocent, either. So she decided to hide her embarrassment by drinking the fruity drinks. By the end of the night, she had a stack of empty glasses in front of her and Nicole was having to help Zendaya stay up straight. Val had offered to have Zendaya crash at his place, where she normally stayed if they were both in the city at the same time, so Nicole was walking Zendaya into the house, trying to keep the taller girl quiet, and Zendaya was regretting wearing her spiked heels and talking to Nicole loudly.

Val shuffled downstairs, carrying a bottle of water for Zendaya already. “Did you have a good birthday celebration, Dayachka?”

Zendaya nodded exuberantly as Nicole passed her off to Val. “It was great! But I think that you’d look better without clothes than the guys tonight.”

Val started to glare at Nicole but she was already disappearing. The traitor. “How - you - why -” He finally gave up on asking the questions that were assaulting his brain all at once and just gave her water bottle. “You saw guys without their clothes on?”

Zendaya nodded, guzzling the water thirstily. “Uh-huh! But I’d rather see you without your clothes than them. I mean. They were nice looking guys. But I don’t know them.”

His brain got stuck on her saying that she’d rather see him without his clothes on. “You what?”

“I’ve thought about it, you know.” Zendaya shook her hair out of her face. “Haven’t you? I mean. When I was sixteen, I knew that we couldn’t admit how we felt. I thought maybe when I was eighteen, but then you didn’t. So I figured once I was twentyone? And now I am.” She shrugged. “So are we finally going to talk about the elephant in the room?”

Val blinked at her. “I. You. What?”

“You like me. I mean, I know I haven’t dated anyone because when I and my parents decided I could date, I’d met you and I wasn’t going to date any of the other guys I knew just because I could date. So I know I don’t have the most experience, but you do like me.” Her brow furrowed. “I’m not making all this up, am I?”

“No.” Val sighed, running his hand through his hair. “You’re not making it up.”

“Then why haven’t we talked about it yet?” Zendaya’s forehead wrinkled further.

“Because. I’m a lot older than you,” Val attempted to explain.

“So?” She gave him a look. “I don’t care. Do you really care or do you think that you should care?”

Val started to say that he cared, but then stopped. “How are you able to be this logical when you're this drunk?”

“It’s a talent,” Zendaya shrugged, leaning in closer to him. “You should show me some of your talents now.”