• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i'm crying because tilikum died as miserable as he lived in this cement tank but i can't tell you because you're a hypocrite and you actually don't care about animal cruelty so you'll probably call me crazy and change the topic to something unimportant
Why I Refuse To Support PETA

As most of you know, PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) produces lots of sexist, racist, fatphobic, and even ableist ads. Their ideologies match, unfortunately. They are incredibly unreasonable, too, and they effectively want to remove companion animals from human contact entirely.

Members of PETA have done the following to me.

  • Attempted to take my service dog’s leash
  • Threatened to take him away
  • Sent me death threats
  • Threatened to euthanize him out of “mercy”
  • Claimed that I am a “slavedriver” and “active participant in the speciesist h*l*caust” (Ah yes, please tell the romani-german-native girl that she’s basically a Nazi. Good idea.)
  • Left threatening voicemails on my phone.
  • Scared me so badly that I had to move house at one point
  • Grabbed my service dog
  • Tried to pry my hand off of my service dog’s harness
  • Threw paint on a faux fur-lined coat I was wearing (the paint got matted in my hair to the point where I had to shave my head)
  • Speaks openly on their hatred for service dog handlers.
Things people don't talk about enough

• River Phoenix in Jimmy Reardon
• River Phoenix in Running On Empty
• River Phoenix in Dark Blood
• River Phoenix in Stand By Me
• River Phoenix in Dogfight
• River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho
• River Phoenix in 7brides for 7brothers
• River Phoenix in ABC afterschool specials
• River Phoenix in it’s your move
• River Phoenix in hotel
• River Phoenix in Robert Kennedy and his times
• River Phoenix in explorers
• River Phoenix in Family Ties
• River Phoenix in Circle of Violence: a family drama
• River Phoenix in little nikita
• River Phoenix in indiana jones
• River Phoenix in the mosquito coast
• River Phoenix in i love you to death
• River Phoenix in silent tongue
• River Phoenix in sneakers
• River Phoenix in the thing called love
• River Phoenix playing piano
• River Phoenix playing guitar
• River Phoenix singing
• River Phoenix laughing
• River Phoenix acting
• River Phoenix being an amazing human being
• River Phoenix’ beauty
• River Phoenix being an icon to gay people
• River Phoenix being vegan
• River Phoenix not giving a crap about fame
• River Phoenix not wanting people to know about his drug habits bc he didn’t wanted the young fans going down that way
• River Phoenix respecting everyone
• River Phoenix in glasses
• River Phoenix his smile
• River Phoenix his eyes that held so much love
• River Phoenix love for his family, friends and fans and the earth
• River Phoenix in fucking general???????

Things people talk about too much
• River Phoenix drug overdose


Sharna’s ET Facebook live. 

She talks a little bit why she and Paul broke up at the end.