Today, 2 years ago, was when I drove out to visit AARR in Queens to adopt this precious baby who is now 4 years old!! Chapagetti is still the boss of the house who kept me company during all those stressful firsts at work, nights of tears, quiet moments, and happy giggles. I still love you even though you like your girlfriend more than me now. 😭💝


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  1. I live in Southern California.
  2. I’m finishing up community college for transfer with two AA degrees.
  3. I have a pet corn snake named Squiggly.
  4. I’ve been roleplaying for roughly 4+ years.
  5. My favorite game series’ are Megaman Zero and Dino Crisis.
  6. My favorite stones are Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite.
  7. I play MTG.
  8. I can play violin and guitar.
  9. I have a terrible sweet tooth.
  10. I’m on Team Instinct on Pokemon GO.
Get to Know Me Tag!

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Relationship Status: Single
Colors: I love sea foam green and indigo.
Pets: Manny! His birthday was on Thursday, he’s a ten-year-old golden retriever.
Chapstick or Lipstick: Lipstick
Last Song I Listened to: Bored to Death by Blink-182
Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad or the Walking Dead, or Supernatural.
First Fandom: Supernatural
Hobbies: Writing - obviously - browsing YouTube, Tumblr, painting, drawing, martial arts.

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so, as happens every year, a kitten has been dumped on me and my mother’s lawn. he’s probably about five months old, and this cat is RIDICULOUSLY sweet. he headbutts hands with all his might to receive pettings and is just so so lovable, but i have two animals and me nor my mother can afford a third set of vet bills. he hasn’t had shots or anything due to this – and he also seems to have some sort of slight sickness (an eye thing that i can’t remember what it’s called – my own cat was taken to the vet for the exact same thing, got antibiotics, and was absolutely fine.) all he needs is a vet trip and he’ll be the sweetest cat you have EVER had. we’re near forscyth county in north carolina – if you’re interested in the cat, message me and i’ll take him to you or you can come get him. we tried to take him to the local shelter, but they outright said that if you leave a sick cat there, they’ll be euthanized within 72 hours. all the no-kills in the entire state are full or just won’t take a sick cat – we have called ALL OF THEM. one even told my mom “f*ck you” and hung up on her when she asked if they could take him.

please please please take him. he needs to go to the vet and we can’t afford that. we won’t charge you a dime for taking him in, of course.

hag-o-hags  asked:

TBH I find the number of responses to your (sound, reasonable, correct) behavioral advice that are, like, outdated and harmful to dogs kind of seriously disconcerting. My family's fostered dogs since I was a kid -- in addition to our own pets -- and these "assert your dominance" training techniques were being discouraged 25 years ago. We've seen a LOT of dogs, with a LOT of psychological needs, and it's pretty clear why bully training isn't effective. Testify, basically.

Yeah, it is really frustrating to read. I’m not in the business of calling people out, but when I do it’s just really bad information they’re spreading. Even after, I still read others that say to pull the dog’s tongue or squeeze the dog’s paws.. I’m like, how can you be that disconnected from your dog’s thought process?

Pain is not a form of learning. Would you learn better by avoiding pain, or anticipating a reward? What’s a better motivator, and what will guarantee consistent results?

When you’re driving, do you still speed and avoid punishment by making sure no one sees you? What if you were rewarded with money for driving so well? Would you make a conscious effort to behave in anticipation of a reward?

All dogs are individuals, and each have their own motivational factors. Some dogs cannot be taught with positive reinforcement, but it is something you should strive for when you first have a puppy. You should not be pinning down your puppy because it is “x breed” and you just know it’s going to try to be above you in the future…

I’m not saying to only praise your dog and never provide discipline, but discipline doesn’t need to be in the form of pain. Effective discipline involves taking away something the dog desires (i.e.; I want to bark at the window so you close the blinds), that is negative punishment . Pairing positive reinforcement and negative punishment is the best way to get a dog to learn. Emphasis on learn, because there is a difference between listening and learning. A dog avoiding pain will listen when threatened, but a dog anticipating a reward will learn when rewarded.

Tldr; don’t hurt your dog, please.