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“I brought you some food. Now crawl over here and lick it out of the bowl like a good pet.”

Years of scavenging for meager portions, and yet Rey had never felt so humiliated as she did at his command, though she was sure Plutt had tried. “I’m not your pet,” she spat, ignoring the pang of hunger that went through her at the sight of food.

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Relationship Status: Idk, I’m talking to a beautiful girl so wish me luck.

Favourite Colour: Blue! I love blue, it’s so pretty.

Pets: Not at the moment, I lost my last two dogs a few years ago and I’m not ready for any at the moment.

Last Song I Listened To: I’m not sure because I was in the car but I’m 98% it was I wanna be that song by Brett Eldredge.

Favourite TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (didn’t even have to change that lol) but Dollhouse is also amazing. Ok, pretty much anything Joss Whedon.

First Fandom: Supernatural, but does it count if I was 10 and I didn’t know what a fandom was? Like my life goal was to be the girl Dean Winchester. I think I’m going pretty good so far.

Books I Am Currently Reading: I’m so bad at reading books. The last one I read was Will Grayson, Will Grayson. After that I just read so much Clexa fanfic. So much dude.

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Au where Maxie’s plan b was to actually catch groudon with the masterball he had in his hideout, but May took it. ( I mean, you think if he had something that important he would try to use it at least?)

Monday, December 1st

I hope y'all kick ass this month. finish 2014 strong. hit those end of year PR goals, show those final exams whose boss, be a fucking badass.