The Other Woman - Request

Requested by anon:  Hi i just read your latest Sherlock x reader and loved it ! Please could I request One similar where reader meets Irene when she talking to Sherlock on his chair but the reader sees how far she can push Irene by doing things with Sherlock in front of her !!
& @fourtyninekirbygamzeegirl:  I was wondering if you could do a Sherlock fic where he and the reader are close, but Irene Adler comes back around, ticking the reader off, but they get into a competition until reader ends up in Sherlock’s bed, both pissed to the core. Well, it ends in angry smut, but they need it more than anything. 
& anon: May you do another one where Irene turns up again and Sherlock picks the reader! 

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 1,828

Warnings: Smut - unprotected, angry - and Irene being an asshole.

A/N: This took too many surprising turns. Also, I used my favourite quote from Romeo and Juliet because it was fair and necessary.


* <— If you don’t want the smut, reall until here. ;)

Sherlock was sitting on his usual seat, while (Y/N) occupied Watson’s couch. A heated debate was being held by the two, it was something about a pumpkin patch and another victim dressed in pink. They seemed to be absolutely focused on the topic, acting angry at the other’s suggestions as part of their game – yes, game – in order to keep the appearance of being focused on the victim rather than finding yet another excuse to spend time together.

“Maybe the dress was blue.” (Y/N) snapped, lifting her eyebrow.

“That doesn’t make any sense!” Sherlock exclaimed, but his fake anger was soon vanished by a smirk and a chuckle.

They’re happiness lasted two seconds more, because afterwards the typical soft moan that identified Irene’s text messages invaded the air. Sherlock and (Y/N) stared at his phone in silence. Sherlock didn’t know if he should check it, considering the kind of relationship he was hoping to achieve with (Y/N).

“Aren’t you going to read it, Sherlock?” A third voice spoke from the door. Irene was there, wearing a tiny black dress that accentuated her subtle yet classy curves.

“Irene.” Sherlock whispered.

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My last CAH post, I promise!

It was a delight playing this game with all of you (and Joking Hazard, too). I saw some posts about how my being there and having this game out was a big help with social anxiety and all that, and by way of thanking you for your kind words, I will proudly reiterate what I said at the table on Thursday night about the little vest I ought to wear at cons:


Feel free to message me/send me an Ask if there’s anything you want to talk about, fandom-wise, con-wise, or panel-wise. But if not, then I’ll see you all next year. There will be even more cards then!

(but srsly tho u can pet me)


“Let’s Draw Sherlock” Masterpost

I was sad to learn that this month’s “Let’s Draw Sherlock” is going to be the last. I loved the challenges and participated in all of them, sometimes contributing more than one artwork. Since quite a number have accumulated over the years, here’s a list of them all. Since some of them are animations and others contain bits of writing, do have a look at the original posts as listed and linked below, or browse through my #letsdrawsherlock tag for the complete list of posts including wips and sketches.

Thanks so much to the tireless admins of “Let’s Draw Sherlock” for their hard work on this wonderful, challenging and always inspiring project, and to all the other contributors whose art always delighted me.

  • March 2013: Draw the Photo 1 2
  • April/May 2013: Famous Artwork 1 2 3
  • June 2013: Song Title/Lyrics 1 2
  • July 2013: Culture Swap 1 2
  • August 2013: Movie Scenes 1 2 (animation)
  • September 2013: A Pet in 221B 1
  • October 2013: Famous Duos 1 2 3
  • November 2013: Minor Character Mini Challenge: Anderson/Anthea/Sally Donovan/Mike Stamford 1 2 3 4
  • December 2013: Gift Giving 1
  • January 2014: Sherlock’s Birthday 1
  • January 2014: Hidden Scenes 1
  • February 2014: Historical Moments 1
  • March 2014: Video Games 1 2
  • April 2014: Alternative Professions 1 2
  • May 2014: School!lock 1 2
  • June 2014: Meals 1
  • July 2014: Colour Palette Challenge 1 (animation)
  • August 2014: Alternative Fashion Styles 1 2 (animation)
  • September 2014: Characters when they think no one is looking 1
  • October 2014: Favourite AUs 1
  • November 2014: Monster Character Generator 1 2
  • December 2014: Domestic Situations 1 2
  • January 2015: Superheroes 1
  • February 2015: Sherlock and John do LDS 1

PS: Would people be interested in a fanbook of my LDS art?